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cults; cultu; cultum; cultura; cultural; culture; cultured; cultures; culturist; culturists
  1. Thus culturally he is of little or no importance.

  2. Rather, it is the acknowledgment of a very complex reality, of a biologically and culturally modified human being facing apparent choices difficult, if not impossible, to harmonize.

  3. Purely pictorial signs, as in Chinese and Japanese writing, relate to the structure of language, and are culturally significant.

  4. The distinct ways these languages convey contents frequently contradict the culturally acknowledged condition of the book, and are a cause of concern to people who are the products of (or adherents to) a civilization based on books.

  5. Aesthetic structuring, culturally rooted and technologically supported, affects the efficiency of designed items.

  6. Such agents are endowed with rules of reproduction, movement, fair trade, and can even be culturally identified.

  7. Somewhat nearer in miles but culturally more distant from Hispano penitente experience was mortification practiced by Indians in New Spain.

  8. Despite this evidence, historians of the Spanish Southwest have suggested geographically and culturally remote sources for the penitentes.

  9. The Diegueno in the coast mountains and on the coast were culturally similar to the Shoshonean Luiseno, with whom they are generally included as the present Mission Indians.

  10. The former inhabited the Great Basin, and are culturally entirely distinct from those of Southern California, of whom alone is there any considerable knowledge extant as regards religion.

  11. Culturally as well, the Jews were to be separated from the Russian people.

  12. The New Market point has been found to differ in flaking as well as culturally from the Randolph type.

  13. Surface collections from more or less culturally isolated sites were also of value in determining cultural associations.

  14. It is a defining war - not only militarily (the future of NATO) but also culturally (the identity of the future global market).

  15. Thus the Kosovo war will be continued by the Kosovars themselves because they, too, are culturally split along the same inflamed lines (Liberal versus Non-liberal).

  16. This book, GURPS Cyberpunk, would reek of culturally on-line authenticity.

  17. But it is certainly culturally different, because this is the area of telephonic cyberspace reserved for the police and emergency services.

  18. During that period it has transformed economically, politically and culturally backward portions of Europe and Asia into one of the most advanced areas on the planet.

  19. From a position of political supremacy and cultural ascendancy Egyptian influence weakened politically, economically, ideologically and culturally until the year of the Persian Conquest, 525 B.

  20. Economically and culturally they remain dependent on their former European masters.

  21. The tribe was also culturally uniform, but not necessarily distinct from its neighbors in this respect.

  22. They are surrounded on three sides by Yukian peoples and consequently resemble culturally the peoples of Central California rather than those of Northwestern California.

  23. Bacteria of the paratyphoid enteritidis group that are culturally alike but agglutinatively dissimilar can, when taken in with the food, give rise to identical clinical symptoms in man.

  24. In other food poisoning outbreaks a bacillus is found which is culturally similar to the Gaertner bacillus, but refuses to agglutinate with the Gaertner bacillus serum.

  25. Culturally this period was that of the gradual infiltration of Western civilization into the Far East; it was recognized in China that it was necessary to learn from the West.

  26. He himself had had a Chinese education, and he attracted Chinese to his court; he protected the Buddhists; and he tried in every way to make the whole country culturally Chinese.

  27. Culturally they had taken over many things from the foreigners, beginning with music and the style of their clothing, in which they had entirely adopted the northern pattern, and including other elements of daily life.

  28. He himself had a Chinese education, and he attracted Chinese to his court; he protected the Buddhists; and he tried in every way to make the whole country culturally Chinese.

  29. Great Britain and Japan, though ethnically and culturally appendages of the nearby mainland, were large enough, aided by the dividing sea, to maintain political autonomy.

  30. The Serbs and Hungarians aspired to ethnically and culturally homogenous states and were willing to apply violence towards the achievement of this goal either by forced assimilation of minorities or by their expulsion or worse.

  31. They envisaged a federation of politically, culturally and religiously autonomous entities.

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