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Example sentences for "busied"

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bushwhacker; bushwhackers; bushwhacking; bushy; busie; busier; busies; busiest; busily; busines
  1. But Cato himself was busied all the night and the greatest part of the following day in assisting the rest in making their escape and helping those who wanted his aid.

  2. The peasants were busied in winnowing their corn; or, mounted upon the elms and poplars, gathering the rich clusters from the vines that hang streaming in braids from one branch to another.

  3. Many will be busied in taking away from a thing, which will grow in proportion as it is diminished.

  4. As the troops marched up, the pioneers busied themselves with filling the small circular trenches where tents had formerly stood; and, when the review was over, the whole surface had been trodden by hoof and foot as level as a bowling-green.

  5. The wind seemed alone to be busied in tossing the French steamers at sea and keeping the mail late, in which it succeeded very effectually, so that our letters were behind time with the greatest regularity.

  6. Wanda and Dart were alone in the big living room while Mrs. Leland was busied with Julia in making preparations within the house for the siege of winter.

  7. Lettice had seated herself opposite her father and busied herself pulling off her long suede gloves.

  8. I could not see what they were doing, nor the clear form of them, nor recognise the black objects they were busied upon.

  9. The second handling-machine was now completed, and was busied in serving one of the novel contrivances the big machine had brought.

  10. So many people were abroad everywhere, busied in a thousand activities, that it seemed incredible that any great proportion of the population could have been slain.

  11. I busied myself for an hour or two with arranging my things in my chamber, drawers, and wardrobe, in the order wherein I should wish to leave them during a brief absence.

  12. I now busied myself in preparations: the fortnight passed rapidly.

  13. But I would not be lachrymose: I dashed off the salt drops, and busied myself with preparing breakfast.

  14. With a quick step I entered the counting-room, where, notwithstanding the earliness of the hour, I found the clerk, busied as usual at his desk.

  15. I worked in the field; Winifred busied herself with the dairy.

  16. All day long I busied myself with my farm, and thus kept my mind employed.

  17. And all to pass in a little moment, and we to be to the Gorge side, and busied very eager to the climb.

  18. Even Mr. Wilberforce, busied with the wrongs of distant races, had remarkably low and narrow views concerning the lower orders of his own country, as he called them.

  19. The boys then busied themselves watching the boats ply to and fro on the broad St. Lawrence.

  20. They busied themselves about the camp, finally opening out their sleeping bags and lying down on them.

  21. The boys all received letters and busied themselves reading them and writing others.

  22. This was agreed on, and until the hour set, the boys busied themselves around their tents, helped to clear up more of the beach or watched the guides as they worked on the landing.

  23. Bob, Pud, and Bill stood around watching the guides and the two men as they busied themselves about the fire.

  24. She busied herself with her books, and tried to look unconcerned when the scholars came back.

  25. While Mr. Hallam and Tom were setting up the tents--and it took a long time--the two girls busied themselves unpacking the baggage.

  26. Alec busied himself like a trained nurse, he took off my boots, gave me some brandy, washed the blood from my head and hands, and then without my knowledge gave me a sleeping draught from my medicine chest.

  27. For a time, they busied themselves with washing their hands.

  28. Tai-yü, however, did not heed him in the least, but busied herself cutting out what she had to do.

  29. Next, she busied herself a little with needlework, in company with Tzu Chuan.

  30. And as I replaced them on the shelf and noted that not one was missing, I busied myself mentally with the sore problem of how the agent of this little practical joke had gained access to my room, and then escaped again.

  31. Until he should come they stayed where they were; but at the same time, hearing that the enemy’s fleet was no great way off, they busied themselves with preparations for a sea-fight.

  32. The king, then, and the main body of the Macedonian army, remained in Corinth, busied with these practisings and preparations for taking the sea.

  33. Thus the Consul and Senate were busied with these and other preparations for the campaign; and Servilius, having received his instructions from the Consuls, carried them out in every particular.

  34. He committed the task of bringing over the army to Hasdrubal;[183] while he himself crossed at once, and busied himself in receiving the ambassadors who arrived from the neighbouring districts.

  35. The young aviator then busied himself about the machine.

  36. After he had spent some time in the painting school he came to the conclusion that art was insufficient as a medium for expressing his thoughts, and he lived now on nothing, while he busied himself by reflecting on the questions of the time.

  37. There was so much nature among these men who busied themselves with art.

  38. They certainly busied themselves with facts, but these were rather trifles than great questions.

  39. In the whirling blizzard, without protection of timber, one place was as good as another to camp, and while the Indian busied himself with the dogs Connie proceeded to dig a trench in the snow.

  40. The dog food was running low, so armed with ice chisels and axes they went out on to the snow-covered lake and busied themselves in setting their whitefish nets through the ice.

  41. During my hours of freedom from rehearsals I busied myself in writing an overture for Roma.

  42. A young woman, dressed in black, and of genteel appearance, but the expression of whose features Julienne did not altogether like, was sitting by the window busied with her crotchet-needles.

  43. The grateful creature knew where it was kept; and while the Indians were busied examining the rifles and other objects more interesting to them, had carried it off unobserved.

  44. It wis a gorgeous banquet," ruminated Mac, as he busied himself with the sleigh and made fast thereon various little sacks appropriated from the tent.

  45. Ten minutes later our tent was fixed and our camp fire blazing brightly; and Stewart, with a lugubrious countenance, busied himself preparing the last of our hoarded stores.

  46. Captain Benson was still busied with his log when the steamship from New Zealand arrived to take the shipwrecked men away.

  47. Schlyter, the tailor, an occasional companion, was busied cutting and sewing a hundred uniforms for a war-ship's crew.

  48. Brooke, who was busied an hour or two a day at poems and letters, and was physically active most of the time, spoke of this with me.

  49. When the monthly mail between America and Australasia was in, few packs of cards were sold, for every one was busied with letters and orders for goods.

  50. His vahine was very stout, half blind from cataracts, but ever busied about her household and her guests.

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