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Example sentences for "busier"

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bushwhackers; bushwhacking; bushy; busie; busied; busies; busiest; busily; busines; business
  1. He is busier at some seasons than at others, with fewer chances for friendship.

  2. Life is not busier here than elsewhere; time is not swifter, but more enjoyable, because so much of life is left unfinished and time is thrown so much more into the future.

  3. He seems to be a busier person than Lady Elizabeth.

  4. I used to see them about the place from time to time, busy enough, no douht, but really no busier than I was; and as they were not much interested in me they had no reason to complain that I was not much interested in them.

  5. Wilford's letter had been delayed so that the morrow was the day appointed for his coming, and never sure was there a busier afternoon at the farmhouse than the one which followed the receipt of the letter.

  6. The lapsing decades have expanded the pretty and busy factory-village he found into a prettier and busier factory-city without materially changing its prevailing air.

  7. The crowded steamers stop at the landing on their way up and down; and a busier scene than is presented on the wharf daily could not easily be found.

  8. When he was listening to common talk, he was in the habit of looking over his spectacles; if he lifted his head so as to look through them at the person talking, he was busier with that person's thoughts than with his words.

  9. In busier periods of the year these bills disappear, and the houses swarm with legislators.

  10. She needs to be kept busy--busier than she is.

  11. There was a fine open view across the busy river to the busier city.

  12. Our Paris Committees, of the Sixty Districts, are busier than ever; it is now too clear, the Paris Elections will be late.

  13. Never has been a busier man than he, Yet busier than he was, he seemed to be.

  14. We be busier than a paralized man with the cooties.

  15. Well a dog with two sets of flees isn't any busier than said tick.

  16. In the meantime Bertha was busier than ever, busier than she would have been if she had had the doggie at home.

  17. Well, you know you looked busier than I; but you weren't really," I said.

  18. Poor Bettie, indeed, was busier than ever because Miss Rossitor, the Domestic Science teacher, whose classes were temporarily housed in the Methodist kitchen, discovered that Bettie could draw.

  19. They are keepers of shops of all varieties, busy scavengers of second-hand articles; busier than we know, with thread and needle in clothing and sweat shops.

  20. Directly under the Law, from Magdalen Point to St. Fort, where begin the narrows and the busier part of Dundee, the line of arches of the new Tay Bridge spans the Firth.

  21. Still busier were the awful days on which fresh consignments of sick and wounded arrived from the Crimea.

  22. We grew busier and busier at "The Haven" as the days went by.

  23. He was leaving him alone, on his Jericho Road, here, but that was only because the Father needed him for a busier highway, where thieves were crueller and more numerous.

  24. As the time for leaving approached, Roderick grew busier every day.

  25. Surely there never was a gayer, busier place than San Francisco at night.

  26. From the Mary Ann Sacramento looked even busier than San Francisco.

  27. All deference and homage was paid, and the hoary old salt never had a busier day--eight thousand four hundred New Zealanders paying their tribute according to their respective popularity with His Majesty's attendants.

  28. The chaplains never had a busier day, searching for identity discs, and reading the burial service.

  29. No busier part of Rome could be found than this, but we have no time to proceed further in this direction.

  30. These buildings, which were naturally to be found in the busier streets and more thickly inhabited quarters, were not, however, the habitations most typical of the romanized world.

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