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Example sentences for "hinders"

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hindered; hinderers; hindereth; hindering; hindermost; hindleg; hindlegs; hindmost; hindquarters; hindrance
  1. Industry the power of the burgher, which hinders the Jewish nation must be paralyzed even as agriculture.

  2. Industry, the power of the burgher, which hinders the Jewish nation, must be paralyzed even as agriculture.

  3. It hinders all progress in the knowledge of Scripture, and mars the integrity of Christian walk and testimony.

  4. If a future volition is so without all necessity, that nothing hinders but it may not be, then the proposition which asserts its future existence is so uncertain, that nothing hinders but that the truth of it may entirely fail.

  5. What hinders me is insuperable: I will tell it at a little length.

  6. One most discouraging thing hinders me--we have no news yet from George--so that I cannot with any confidence continue the Letter I have been preparing for him.

  7. Suppose we begin by looking about us, and making clear to our minds just what this state of things is, which, because it hinders culture, many deem so unsatisfactory.

  8. I, unhappy Bellmour, what hinders thee from making thyself known and acknowledged for what thou art?

  9. What hinders thee from boldly asserting thy just and natural rights; and from defying the usurper who detains them from thee?

  10. For," cried I, "what hinders That graving turns Printing?

  11. Do I seek what heals all harm, Nay, hinders the harm at first, Saves earth?

  12. O Christ, what hinders that I kill her quick?

  13. Most grateful shall we now be, talking least Of gratitude--indeed of anything That hinders what yourself must need to say To Charles.

  14. Since angel would not say this simple truth, What hinders that my heart relieve itself, Milsand, who makest warm my wintry world, And wise my heaven, if there we consort too?

  15. And then, though after-life to please me now Must have no likeness to the past, what hinders Reward from springing out of toil, as changed As bursts the flower from earth and root and stalk?

  16. A cuff on the brow does good: The feel of it hinders a worm inside which bores at the brain for food.

  17. Curse on thy scandalous age, Which hinders me to rush upon thy throat, And tear the root up of that cursed bramble!

  18. Were I that thief, the doer of such wrongs As you upbraid me with, what hinders me, But I might send her back to you with contumely, And court my fortune where she would be kinder?

  19. A true artist, even if he possesses only a limited creative capacity, which hinders him from producing great works in certain spheres of art, should still keep the highest aim in view.

  20. The pursuit of the unattainable hinders him from his real business--to write plays in the accepted form.

  21. Naturally the question of marriage arose at once, and, if nothing hinders it, our wedding is to take place in the summer.

  22. But nothing hinders my passionate love of my own land.

  23. A newly cut pen is somewhat rough at times and cuts into the stone, thus gathering powder that hinders the work.

  24. But when the moisture which hinders a complete union and greater penetration has dried, the color begins to penetrate deeper into the stone and to fill its pores.

  25. Whatever tends as a harmonious means to the realization of an end is advantageous, but that is disadvantageous which, by contradicting its idea, hinders or destroys it.

  26. That is useful which serves us as a means for the realization of a rational purpose; injurious, if it hinders such realization.

  27. These exhortations are directed chiefly against the dullness of spirit which hinders progressive moral insight into the genius of the New Covenant (v.

  28. What hinders this sketch from being a kind of preliminary illumination of matter?

  29. If reason separate sense-things from the numbers they contain, nothing hinders us then from attributing to these numbers the same differences (as to the numbers composed of unities).

  30. Servitude displeases us, not because it deprives us of the liberty to do evil, but because it hinders us going towards our own, from ensuing our own good, forced as we are to work at the good of someone else.

  31. But what hinders the qualified things from being called such by mere nomenclature, as homonyms, and not because of a single (all-sufficient) reason?

  32. Just as actualization is outside of time, nothing hinders movement from having begun outside of time, and time from being connected with movement only because the movement has a certain duration.

  33. Nothing hinders the characteristic of all these things (in life, intelligence and idea) from being the form of Good, but this form exists at different degrees in each of them.

  34. By these words he hinders us from admitting that the sun is anything else than fire.

  35. Then, nothing hinders there being in essence some anterior, and other posterior parts, both simple and compound ones (which would be impossible for the One in itself).

  36. How will you bear," she writes to her, "the crosses that God will send you in the course of your life if a Norman or a Picard accent hinders you, or a man disgusts you because he is not as sublime as Racine?

  37. For nothing hinders us from saying so, even if the universe is administered according to definite periods [of revolution].

  38. But if anything in thy own disposition gives thee pain, who hinders thee from correcting thy opinion?

  39. And it is in thy power also; or say, who hinders thee?

  40. Who then hinders thee from casting it away?

  41. This specification or limitation of the question hinders the disputers from wandering away from the precise point of inquiry.

  42. Whatever hinders or impedes The action of the nobler will.

  43. Defn: One who hinders progress; one who obstructs business, as in a legislative body.

  44. That which hinders the approach of two bodies when they are moving one toward another, I call solidity.

  45. Defn: One who obscures; one who prevents enlightenment or hinders the progress of knowledge and wisdom.

  46. Defn: That which impedes or hinders progress, motion, activity, or effect.

  47. This objection hinders not but that the heroic action of some commander .

  48. What hinders younger brothers, being fathers of families, from having the same right Locke.

  49. When she sees him dead, having uttered what the clamour hinders from reaching my ears, she falls upon the weapon that has pierced him, and as she dies, embraces her husband.

  50. The specific gravity of the pitch hinders it from mingling thoroughly with the varnish, though it even remain so long upon the fire as to be evaporated to considerable thickness.

  51. It prevents that absorption of water, by which common tiles are rendered liable to crumble into dust, hinders the shivering of tiles, and gives to red bricks a soft lustre, by which their appearance is much improved.

  52. When too much is taken at meals, especially at dinner, it hinders digestion.

  53. If the method of funding destroys more old capital, it, at the same time, hinders less the accumulation or acquisition of new capital, than that of defraying the public expense by a revenue raised within the year.

  54. As it hinders the one from working at what he thinks proper, so it hinders the others from employing whom they think proper.

  55. He must have all the knowledge, in short, that is necessary for a great merchant, which nothing hinders him from becoming but the want of a sufficient capital.

  56. The monopoly raises the rate of profit, but it hinders the sum of profit from rising so high as it otherwise would do.

  57. This tax, therefore, not only hinders the stock which accumulates upon the land from being employed in its improvement, but drives away all other stock from it.

  58. It hinders our own workmen from furnishing their goods for so small a quantity of silver as they otherwise might do, and enables the Dutch to furnish theirs for a smaller.

  59. It hinders the working of the living machine.

  60. Foods containing starch should be well insalivated by thorough mastication before any tart foods are introduced into the stomach, as acid hinders the digestion of starch.

  61. Now sin does not further satisfaction, but hinders it, as has been said.

  62. But nothing hinders the same thing being signified by divers sensible things: thus in Holy Scripture God is signified metaphorically, sometimes by a stone (2 Kings 22:2; Zech.

  63. Baptism, by the grace which it bestows, removes not only past sins, but hinders the commission of future sins.

  64. Whether Food or Drink Taken Beforehand Hinders the Receiving of This Sacrament?

  65. Wherefore it is manifest that insincerity hinders the effect of Baptism.

  66. The power of the devil in so far as he hinders man from obtaining glory, is expelled from man by the baptismal ablution; but in so far as he hinders man from receiving the sacrament, his power is cast out by the exorcisms.

  67. Whether the Seminal Loss That Occurs During Sleep Hinders Anyone from Receiving This Sacrament?

  68. So, then, one must judge from its cause whether such bodily defilement of necessity hinders the receiving of this sacrament.

  69. However, nothing hinders certain others from being called mediators, in some respect, between God and man, forasmuch as they cooperate in uniting men to God, dispositively or ministerially.

  70. But if there be various causes specifically diverse, it seems that in consequence the relations differ in species: wherefore nothing hinders several such relations being in the same subject.

  71. Even in the usual sense it is true that a fear of any phenomenon hinders one from estimating it rightly; that a race-prejudice prevents one from looking into a man's soul.

  72. All that hinders one from hearing the voice of the spirit must be boldly conquered.

  73. It discourages and hinders the practice of goodness.

  74. It robs him of that reputation which is the just reward of goodness, and chief support in the practice of it; it often hinders him in undertaking a laudable deed; and keeps those from him or sets those against him who would be his friends.

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