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Example sentences for "hastes"

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hasten; hastened; hasteneth; hastening; hastens; hasteth; hastie; hastilie; hastily; hastiness
  1. But while She hastes from that dread light in which she saw The fates, to common day, lo!

  2. Oft stumbling o'er the benches the old man hastes To reach his boy, and finds him breathing still.

  3. Again the royal streamers play, To glory Edward hastes away; Adieu, ye happy silvan bowers, Where pleasure's sprightly throng await!

  4. Hastes hither from Lethean banks along: She sweeps the gloom, and rushing on the sight, Spreads o'er the kindling scene propitious light.

  5. From these injurious realms below The sire of nations hastes to go.

  6. I see the lank and ghastly spectres sweep Along the burning length of yon arcades; And I see Satan stalk athwart the plain; He hastes along the burning soil of Hell.

  7. Many a lengthy reach we've rowed, Still the sparrow on the spray Hastes to usher in the day With her simple stanza'd ode.

  8. Far off Acestes, wondering, from a height The coming of their friendly ships descries, And hastes to meet them.

  9. Him with speeches fair AEneas hails, and hastes his errand to declare.

  10. To Tyrian Carthage hastes the princely boy, Prompt at the summons of his sire divine, My prime solicitude, my chiefest joy, Fraught with brave store of gifts, saved from the flames of Troy.

  11. The Dardan chief, though fain his friends to mourn, And pressed with thoughts of burial, hastes to pay His vows, as victor, with the rising morn.

  12. Back hastes AEneas to his friends, and they Straight to Caieta steer, and anchor in her bay.

  13. Pleased to wear the crown, A forum good Acestes hastes to frame, And laws to gathered senators proclaim.

  14. He stops, and from Achates hastes to seize His chance-brought arms, the arrows and the bow, The branching antlers smites, and lays the leader low.

  15. So, borne upon her bow Of myriad hues, unseen, the maiden hastes below.

  16. Before my face it lays down my despairs, And hastes me on unto a sudden death; Now tempting me to drown myself in tears, And then in sighing to give up my breath.

  17. XXVI The silly bird that hastes unto the net, And flutters to and fro till she be taken, Doth look some food or succour there to get, But loseth life, so much is she mistaken.

  18. At his presence nature shakes; Earth, affrighted, hastes to flee; Solid mountains melt like wax; What will then become of thee?

  19. Eumaeus, thus encouraged, hastes to bring The strifeful bow and gives it to the king.

  20. Venus hastes to do his bidding; and at their sire’s behest there join her Pallas and Diana whose bent bow affrights all Maenalus’ slopes.

  21. Now Pallas unveils the Gorgon’s head, Diana strings her bow and hastes to help.

  22. And there a dusty rider hastes to tell of flowing blood, Of troops a-field, of war abroad, and many a desperate deed.

  23. Hearing his shout, Duke Naimes hastes up, and brings The charger Tecendur for Carle the great To mount.

  24. Hastes to the front the nephew of Marsile, Goading the mule that bears him, with a staff.

  25. To her Latona hastes with tender care; Whom Hermes viewing, thus declines the war: "How shall I face the dame, who gives delight To him whose thunders blacken heaven with night?

  26. With eyes averted Hector hastes to turn The lots of fight and shakes the brazen urn.

  27. In this dissembled form, she hastes to bring The unwelcome message to the Phrygian king.

  28. If yet Antilochus survives the fight, Let him to great Achilles’ ear convey The fatal news"—Atrides hastes away.

  29. Thither hastes David to his destined prey, Honour and noble danger lead the way.

  30. Swift here the fliers and pursuers seem; The frighted fish swim from their Adice, The dogs pursue the deer, he the fleet stream, And that hastes too to the Adriatic sea.

  31. The while Time hastes The eastward streaming of Napoleon's host, As soon we see.

  32. Thus hastes the moment when the double fleet Of Villeneuve and of Ganteaume should appear.

  33. GODOY hastes to a jib-door concealed by sham bookshelves, presses the spring of it, returns, kisses her, and then slips out.

  34. From morning tasks of mending soals The cobler hastes away; At three returns, and tells to Kate The business of the day.

  35. This said, he straight forsook his silent grove, Trimming his looks which passion did untrim, And hastes to find the object of his love.

  36. The fairy clocks strike their inaudible hour In field and woodland, and each punctual flower Bows at the signal an obedient head And hastes to bed.

  37. The larch has donned its rosy plumes, And hastes its emerald beads to string.

  38. The larch has donned its rosy plumes, And hastes its emerald beads to string: The warblers now are on the wing.

  39. Nature with beauteous tints illumes The fields and groves of budding Spring, Loud voices from afar to bring; And my glad Muse its song resumes-- The larch has donned its rosy plumes, And hastes its emerald beads to string.

  40. Where hastes the blood-stained M[ae]nad, headlong driven By angry love?

  41. The city is amaz'd, for Sylla hastes To enter Rome with fury, sword and fire.

  42. The bear, the boar, dares not abide my sight, But hastes away to save themselves by flight.

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