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Example sentences for "huffy"

Lexicographically close words:
hues; huff; huffed; huffing; huffs; hug; huge; hugely; hugeness; hugenesse
  1. He kept this up so long that finally I got huffy and asked him what the trouble was.

  2. He saw that I was getting huffy so he pulled in his horns and said: "We can take you to Scotland in pretty good shape for twenty-seven dollars.

  3. Tubbs and Huffy left the sinking ship last night" Later on: "Three desertions.

  4. Jex and Fluke have returned to their iniquitous allegiance, with six or eight others of lesser calibre, and it is reported and believed that Tubbs and Huffy are ready to go back.

  5. Josiah came in pretty soon, and when I told him about it he acted real huffy and agreed with Jane Olive, and resented the idee of a Home for Fallen Men.

  6. Nobody would mind whether one were huffy or not," continue I; "they would only laugh at one.

  7. Marks won't part with one of them; she is quite huffy if we propose to give them away.

  8. Oh, that is all very well," replied Everard, in rather a huffy voice.

  9. Now see here, young man, I won't have you speaking to me in that huffy way!

  10. Myron was huffy about being removed and every one who spoke to him discovered the fact.

  11. Of course, he was huffy in a perfectly gentlemanly way.

  12. The ground floor of the house of Alison the Huffy is closed.

  13. The Tavern of Alison the Huffy 10 Chapter 2.

  14. Responding to the redoubled calls of the traveler, Alison the Huffy ran out with her maid and said in bitter-sweet voice: "Here I am, Sir.

  15. That morning the dame seemed to be in a particular huffy mood, judging by her rumpling brows, her brusque motions, and her sharp and cross words.

  16. Then, of course, she must turn quite huffy and cross, and go down without speaking; for some people never can bear to be joked themselves, even when their sole delight consists in tormenting other people.

  17. And then, after all, can you blame him for getting so huffy when he believed we were trying to pry into his terrible secret?

  18. In acting or recitations, could you be glad to take a minor part to help on the whole, or would you be huffy and cross-grained because your powers were not brought to the front?

  19. How huffy you will be to your best friend!

  20. We parted huffy and short, and I'll own up I was going to be very nasty.

  21. If I'd not been so proud and so huffy I'd have kept you.

  22. Thank God you're not the sort to get huffy about it, and want me dancing attendance on you.

  23. And if you make me do things I'll get huffy with you and try to deceive you.

  24. He was consequently very short and huffy with these inquisitive ones, and when he was no longer present they would shake their heads and declare that "poor old Peter had got it in the neck.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "huffy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aggravated; annoyed; bearish; cantankerous; churlish; crabbed; cranky; cross; crusty; cussed; disagreeable; exasperated; excitable; fractious; fretful; huffy; indignant; irascible; irritable; irritated; mean; miffed; moody; nettled; ornery; passionate; peeved; peevish; perverse; petulant; piqued; proud; provoked; querulous; snappish; snappy; spiteful; splenetic; temperamental; testy; ugly; vexed; waspish