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Example sentences for "huffing"

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huere; huertas; hues; huff; huffed; huffs; huffy; hug; huge; hugely
  1. Some of these men have won names which will always be honored in our history.

  2. Gesner was a silly old man, baculo innixus, amongst all those huffing cardinals, swelling bishops that flourished in his time, and rode on foot-clothes.

  3. Sometimes when our Husbands are out of the way, Pray tell me what huffing young Gallants will stay, If that a fine Delicate Wife were not there?

  4. This huffing Fencer, fierce and Stout, to Gloucester City did repair, And for a Sign he then hung out a Sword of grand Defiance there; The which a Farmer did espy, as he by Chance was passing by.

  5. But, do you know, he had scarcely gone into his house and closed the door when the dreadful huffing and puffing started just outside his house!

  6. I shook with fear and could scarcely keep from crying out when he started jumping at the door and huffing and puffing!

  7. A moment later, he was galloping through the larches and low juniper that fringed the Mesas above the Rim Rock trail, the mule huff-huffing to the fore snatching mouthfuls on the run.

  8. Yet, this is frequently done; and to prevent the cheese from huffing and crawling it is proposed by some to make the curd so dry and sour in the beginning that heat will not soften it.

  9. This shows that certain chemical changes have taken place, freeing the curd of the gases generated by this process, and prevents any huffing of the cheese on the shelf in the curing room.

  10. That huffing medium, words, (Which in the modern Tamburlaines quite sway Our shamed souls from their bias) in your play We scarce attend to.

  11. Instead of huffing a player may ask the opponent to retract his move and to make the capture.

  12. The method of capturing men and the rule concerning the huffing of a man unquestionably point to the Spanish game, while the board, the diagonal move of the men and the idea of crowning a man are taken from Chess.

  13. Line: 2009 huffing waste] 'Pretentious prodigality', as Bellama was a rich pensioner.

  14. The professor was huffing back at her, rather mildly.

  15. It was one of the best jobs of well-verbalized huffing she'd heard, even from the professor.

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    Other words:
    asthmatic; nasal; panting; puffing; pulmonary; sniffy; snoring; snuffy; stertorous; wheezing