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Example sentences for "cantankerous"

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  1. But what else can such a cantankerous man as you expect?

  2. Yes, Thomas, you are an extremely cantankerous man to work with--I know that to my cost.

  3. And as Nicholas expressed it to himself: 'Cantankerous chap Roger--always was!

  4. If he won he invariably found an excuse to retire with his gains, and if he lost he became cantankerous and offensive in his remarks.

  5. He was cantankerous old Preacher Drumright's right hand at all times, and Drumright was safe always to approve him.

  6. The church-going element of the region stood before this somewhat cantankerous old man in the attitude of confessed offenders.

  7. Perhaps it was a good thing that her cantankerous old uncle had betaken himself off.

  8. But he had recovered his good temper, and even apologized to Blanche for having felt so much put out by the action of a cantankerous old man.

  9. He was a double-engined, high-speed pacificist, because he was the kind of cantankerous fellow who must always be in a minority.

  10. Blenkiron's instructions were that we two should live humbly and keep our eyes and ears open, for we were outside suspicion--the cantankerous lame Boer and his loutish servant from Arosa.

  11. But I suppose the centipede poison and the kicking I had given him had upset the one--he was always a cantankerous sort--and he persuaded the other.

  12. It took me some time to learn how unforgiving and cantankerous an extinct bird can be.

  13. They are mostly sunk fathoms deep in blackest ignorance, and characterised by most cantankerous perversity, now rapidly merging, as the bill proceeds, into insolent bumptiousness.

  14. The ominous face of the sick man frightened him, and the smell of iodoform and the snuffling, cantankerous voice disgusted him.

  15. One day a celebrated advocate was arguing before him, when, to express his contempt of what he was saying, the cantankerous old curmudgeon of a Judge pointed with one forefinger to one of his ears, and with the other to the opposite one.

  16. Because the cantankerous old toad who owns her will never let her get married.

  17. She'd be as happy as the day is long, might she dwell with them, and had that cantankerous dolt off her hands for good.

  18. So the Justice took up his abode at Primrose Croft, and the cantankerous toads did not venture near.

  19. And they be as cantankerous toads, every one of 'em, as ever jumped in a brook.

  20. From that moment forth, I was aware that my Cantankerous Old Lady's malign eye was inexorably fixed upon me every time I went within speaking distance of Mr. Tillington.

  21. I began to feel like a globe-trotter already; the Cantankerous Old Lady was the thin end of the wedge--the first rung of the ladder!

  22. It was clean and comfortable; but the Cantankerous Old Lady made the porter mop the floor, and fidgeted and worried till we slid out of the station.

  23. A faint red spot rose quaintly in the centre of the Cantankerous Old Lady's sallow cheek.

  24. When we reached Cologne, the Cantankerous Old Lady overwhelmed me with the warmth of her thanks and praises.

  25. I met the Cantankerous Old Lady at Charing Cross, by appointment, and proceeded to take charge of her luggage and tickets.

  26. For between you and me, a moah cantankerous spiteful acidulated old cough-drop than the poor deah soul it 'ud be difficult to hit upon.

  27. Why not start for Schlangenbad with the Cantankerous Old Lady?

  28. My dear child,' the Cantankerous Old Lady broke out, 'what nonsense you do talk!

  29. The cantankerous old lady knitted her brows in a familiar fashion.

  30. As he made this dutiful remark he went stamping to the window, and at the same moment the cantankerous tack came out, and the aged parent went over on his back with the carpet up to his chin.

  31. Have you seen the cantankerous spot where we fit?

  32. I guess we'll have to go on usin' force, now that this cantankerous cuss have obliged us to begin.

  33. It's mine; and if I was measly and cantankerous I'd prob'ly order you to take your schooner outer my harbour at once.

  34. I’ll go out and tell Lord Newstead that you are a cantankerous brute.

  35. I never knew such a cantankerous fellow as you are.

  36. I should have thought that rooms in this house, even with the society of a cantankerous old woman, would have been tolerated for a time.

  37. I found it growing on me day by day, a jealous regard for her, the pity that becomes a sort of cantankerous affection.

  38. An author, as I conceive it, must be his own most uneasy, captious, cantankerous critic.

  39. Meanwhile, what with his cantankerous brothers, with Polish ambitions and German ill-will, Bohemia was having a sorry time.

  40. His nervous system suffered cruelly from the skirling of the abominable fowl; but even that was to be dreaded less than a summons and a prosecution and a deadly feud with his neighbour, who was a drunken, quarrelsome, cantankerous shoemaker.

  41. I reckon your son is all right," said Jarvis, "an' if he gits cantankerous we kin just pitch him overboard into the Kentucky.

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