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Example sentences for "accorded"

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accoont; accord; accordance; accordant; accorde; accordeon; accorder; accordeth; accordin; according
  1. Of course this obedience was a matter of courtesy that could not well be refused, and yet it was accorded with a feeling so painful that it would scarcely have been asked had the torture been foreseen.

  2. One hundred dollars in money was all that she asked of her guardian for these preparations, and that sum was accorded without hesitation or comment.

  3. It belongs to another part of this work to enquire what he meant by Religion and Christianity, and how far his interpretations accorded with, or how far they departed from, the traditional creed of Christendom.

  4. The clergy of Leinster are accorded a similar liberty.

  5. The title was actually accorded to him by so rigid a papalist as St. Bernard.

  6. Another attraction in the court-room that morning was a Chinese gentleman, richly clad in his national costume, who entered with the judge, and was accorded the honor of a seat on the bench.

  7. Naval employment was grudgingly accorded to him; but it was thought wiser to give him work abroad than to suffer under his free speech at home.

  8. Only near the end of his life, when a worthy Emperor and honest ministers succeeded to power, was any recompence accorded to him.

  9. He had an obvious opportunity for leadership accorded to him when international action against property was demanded.

  10. The triumphant strain elevated his high hopes, the tender tone accorded with his emotions.

  11. The silence and solemnity of the scene made him conscious, by the contrast, of his own agitated existence; the desolation of the beautiful ruin accorded with his own crushed and beautiful hopes.

  12. And, as he was by no means fondest of the women whose behavior accorded best with his notions of propriety, he found, without at once acknowledging to himself, that the change was not in all respects a change for the worse.

  13. She invited her visitor to enter, and led the way to the circular drawing-room, the strange decorations of which exactly accorded with Mrs. Skene's ideas of aristocratic splendor.

  14. My advent was like a cloud that foretells a storm, and drove Mesdemoiselles away, when they had accorded me a greeting that contained scant graciousness.

  15. Yvonne accorded me the faintest, the coldest, inclination of her head, whilst her cheeks assumed a colour that was unwonted.

  16. Rights of citizenship are accorded to the small shopkeeper, artisan, lodger, agricultural labourer, and to the illiterate who knows no difference between one party and the other, either as to tendencies or methods of government.

  17. It ill accorded with what they wrote him from the front as Devers's story.

  18. He might not be able to feed or clothe them, and the agent at Sheridan might say he had no authority to help, but they would at least be getting as much comfort as was accorded them at Ogallalla, and less abuse.

  19. Then, as Devers had been in close arrest much over seven days, he demanded "extended limits," which were readily accorded him.

  20. When we got down to civilization we were accorded an ovation; especially was this the case at Minneapolis, where the whole city turned out to bid us welcome.

  21. Their white brethren under like circumstances are accorded religious privileges.

  22. And, sir, if ye may have them accorded to you without battle, it shall be more profitable and honorable than to adventure this noble chivalry.

  23. Sir, I say not this to mock you; for all that be on our party, that saw every man's deeds, are plainly accorded by true sentence to give you the prize and chaplet.

  24. White with terror, the queen took to horse, and, surrounded by her knights and soldiers, fled from London with a haste that illy accorded with the stately and deliberate pride with which she had recently entered that turbulent capital.

  25. The Jews will leave as honored friends, and if some of them return, they will receive the same favorable welcome and treatment at the hands of civilized nations as is accorded to all foreign visitors.

  26. Internally there were changes which were to react on the Spanish colonial dominions, wherefore a correspondingly greater space must be accorded peninsula history than directly to the wars in Europe.

  27. But in general I believe that Professor Chapman sees modern Spain correctly, and does us justice in many things in which it is not frequent that we are accorded that consideration.

  28. Attempts were made to encourage agriculture, but the spirit of legislative interference and the superior importance accorded the grazing industry were not conducive to progress.

  29. All enjoyed the same lenient treatment as that accorded in Castile and Aragon,--with a beginning of restrictive measures at the end of the period.

  30. The most favored subject-matter illustrates a pronounced trait in Arabic character, for amorous themes of an immoral order accorded best with Arabic taste.

  31. This appears also from the cold reception accorded Arthur Lee, the American representative, who at about this time arrived in Spain, but was not received by the Spanish court.

  32. The father was recognized as the master of the family, although the wife and children gained certain financial and personal rights which had not formerly been accorded them.

  33. Our grandparents earned a renown more than local by crossing the Atlantic to view England and the Continent, while our fathers and mothers exploring distant Russia and the Nile were accorded marked consideration.

  34. Among the Hasidim, a title popularly accorded to more or less learned individuals distinguished for their piety, and credited with supernatural powers of healing, divination, etc.

  35. A title accorded to men distinguished for learning and authorized to teach the Law.

  36. Yet in this detail is the accuracy of the representation justified, for though the time has come, the hand by which retribution is accorded shall never be observed.

  37. Few were the words of greeting which Tung Fel accorded even to the most venerable of those who awaited him.

  38. In ancient times grace was accorded to the beaten combatant on condition of his kneeling down before his conqueror and bleating like a sheep (mibàrarèoka), in confession of his weakness.

  39. The claim to the possession of the largest bell was formerly made by the Chinese, but the palm is usually accorded to the Great Bell of Moscow, which measures 19 ft.

  40. A ripe, royal welcome was accorded the Roosevelt and the members of the expedition.

  41. The respect paid to him, the homage accorded to his great achievements and his great name, were not merely soothing to his personal vanity--they served to bring him closer to those historic scenes in which he had moved.

  42. Bombay was to be granted to her in the East Indies; and perhaps most important of all--the privilege of free trade to the Portuguese colonies in Brazil and the East Indies was to be accorded to her.

  43. Governor Edmund Randolph, with his tall figure, handsome face, and dignified manner, made an excellent impression in the position accorded to him of nominal leader of the Virginia delegation.

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    allowed; given; granted; gratuitous; providential