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  1. In more than one species, the skin passes over the eyeball without any loss of hair.

  2. Also, the value of its arched hedge against irritants dropping upon the eyeball from above; and of the arrangements for altering both axis and focus instantaneously.

  3. A blow, or even a slight pressure made upon the side of the eyeball with the finger, makes an impression of light in the darkest room, and, under favourable circumstances, this may become intense.

  4. Upon dissecting the eyeball from the orbit, it appears nearly round.

  5. This bar is darker than the other external portions of the eyeball and has its edges darker still.

  6. The back portion of the eyeball being cut off, one lens is found.

  7. The eyeball is placed, immediately after excision, unopened, in Mueller's Fluid for about three weeks, light being carefully excluded.

  8. It is remarkable that movements of the eyeball itself, i.

  9. Tschermak is inclined to give the eyeball movements of the frontal region the significance of reflex movements which carry the visual field in various directions in answer to demands made by sensory data derived from touch, &c.

  10. But a mere sense of discomfort would probably suffice to lead to the associated habit of protecting the eyeball by the contraction of the surrounding muscles.

  11. Whence comes it that a blow on the eyeball gives me a fleeting impression of light?

  12. Ram paused, eyeball to eyeball with Brad, whose eyes had gone cold.

  13. Just as well we didn't push too hard and force an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation.

  14. He went to sleep and slept untill morning, and all that remained on the eyeball was a small white spot in the center which disappeared after a day or two, and his sight was not in the least impaired.

  15. She was taken at once to a physician who ordered her to be taken without delay to a specialist to have the eyeball removed.

  16. Somehow in their actions one boy accidently stuck the tine of the pitchfork right into the eyeball of the other boy.

  17. The part of the eyeball which is usually white was yellow with them, softened somewhat by luxuriant eyelashes of abnormal length.

  18. Eyes wide apart and widely expanded, so that the entire circle of the iris was exposed, although the eyeball itself was not à fleur de tête, but rather sunk into excessively spacious orbital cavities in the skull.

  19. In other words, the front of the eyeball is not regularly spherical, but bulges out along a certain line or meridian, while the curvature is flattened or normal in the other meridian.

  20. In the farsighted or hyperopic eye, the eyeball is usually too short for the rays to be properly focused on the sensitive nerve area in the back of the eye.

  21. Inflammation of this membrane is more commonly limited to that portion covering the inner surfaces of the lids, but may extend to the eyeball when the eye becomes "bloodshot" and the condition more serious.

  22. For instance, if two imaginary lines were drawn, one vertically, and the other horizontally across the front of the eyeball intersecting in the center of the pupil, they would represent the principal meridians, the vertical and the horizontal.

  23. But the eye is adaptable to change of focus through the action of a certain muscle, situated within the eyeball about the lens, which controls to a considerable extent the shape of the lens.

  24. The redness may extend to the eyeball and give it a bloodshot appearance.

  25. Foreign bodies are most frequently lodged on the under surface of the upper lid, although the surface of the eyeball and the inner aspect of the lower lid should also be carefully inspected.

  26. In the nearsighted eye the eyeball is too long for parallel rays entering the eye to be focused upon the retina; they are bent, instead, to a point in front of the retina, and then diverge making the vision blurred.

  27. The curvature of the eyeball in the astigmatic eye is greater in one meridian than in the opposite.

  28. There are six muscles attached to the outside of the eyeball which pull it in various directions, and so enable each eye to be directed upon a common point, otherwise objects will appear double.

  29. Up and down Runs arrowy fire, while earthly forms combine To throb the secret forth; a touch divine-- And the sealed eyeball owns the mystic rod; Visibly through his garden walketh God.

  30. See now, how like the sire's Each eyeball fiercely fires!

  31. Do not try to force it on the eyeballs, but if the lids open so much as to let it in, allow it to lubricate the eyeball also.

  32. Various affections of the eyeball muscles cause this.

  33. When inflammation has gone on for some time on the eyeball itself, portions of whitish matter form on the glassy surface and soon interfere with the sight.

  34. When the eyeball is cut or pierced, if the cut be deep or large, a surgeon must deal with it.

  35. Where the eyeball has an unnatural shortness this same action manifests itself by headaches, chorea, nausea, dyspepsia, and ultimately a prematurely breaking down of health.

  36. The first symptom of failing sight is a hyper-secretion of tears, burning of the eyelids, loss of eyelashes, and congestion either of the eyelids or the eyeball proper.

  37. A child under this age runs many risks of injury to the eyeball by accident to the glasses, and to cut the eye with glass is a very serious affair.

  38. The eyeball is smaller than in the Caucasian, but when we examine the interior we find the same distribution of the blood vessels and same shape of the optic nerves.

  39. In the captive the various muscles which support and control the eyeball seem to relax and thicken, and the ball protrudes far beyond its normal plane, showing a circle of white all around the iris, and bulging out in a most unnatural way.

  40. Ordinarily no portion of the white eyeball is visible, but the broad black band surrounding the iris, and a corner patch of white, is frequently shown by the turning of the eye.

  41. The lids are firmly drawn around the ball, the opening is so small that the white portion of the eyeball is entirely covered, and the whole form and appearance of the organ is as shapely and as pleasing in expression as the eye of a deer.

  42. Fracture of the anterior fossa is often accompanied by extravasation of blood into the orbit, pushing forward the eyeball and infiltrating the conjunctiva (sub-conjunctival ecchymosis).

  43. Injuries in which the outer coat of the eyeball is ruptured may be further subdivided into two groups according to whether or not a foreign body is lodged in the globe.

  44. The eyeball may be infected and destructive panophthalmitis result.

  45. In either case the eyeball is protruded, and the cornea is exposed to irritation and may become inflamed and ulcerated.

  46. In purifying wounds of the orbit, and in extracting foreign bodies, great care is necessary to avoid injury of the eyeball or of its muscles or nerves.

  47. Malignant Disease of Left Maxilla, which displaced the eyeball and caused double vision.

  48. The movements of the eyeball are restricted in a varying degree, and ptosis often results from paralysis of the levator palpebræ superioris.

  49. The eye on the affected side cannot be closed, and on making the attempt the eyeball rolls upwards and outwards.

  50. The eyeball is liable to be displaced upward, and if the ethmoid cells are invaded, it is also pushed outward; the palate may be depressed and the cheek projected (Figs.

  51. The palpebral fissure is smaller than its fellow, and the eyeball sinks into the orbit.

  52. The eyeball always remains intact and the prognosis is always favorable (Vogel).

  53. The lids soon swell enormously and the eyeball is exposed with difficulty.

  54. The transparent part of the coat of the eyeball which covers the iris and pupil and admits light to the interior.

  55. A luminous impression produced through excitation of the retina by some cause other than the impingement upon it of rays of light, as by pressure upon the eyeball when the lids are closed.

  56. The protrusion of the eyeball so that the eyelids will not cover it, in consequence of disease.

  57. The cover of the eye; that portion of movable skin with which an animal covers or uncovers the eyeball at pleasure.

  58. Situated above the choroid; -- applied to the layer of the choroid coat of the eyeball next to the sclerotic.

  59. An abnormal dryness of the eyeball produced usually by long-continued inflammation and subsequent atrophy of the conjunctiva.

  60. The eyeball rolled nimbly out of the path of the kick.

  61. Les laid the eyeball on the table and walked away.

  62. The eyeball rolled from the smooth, level table, bounced twice when it hit the floor, then rolled along, six inches behind him.

  63. Yet they are not conducive to it in the highest possible degree; for each muscle acts only once unless the examination be repeated; and in case of its repetition, the momentum of the eyeball is destroyed in stopping and reversing its motion.

  64. When your friend has experimented with the whiskey "straight" and diluted, deliver to him this little lecture: "One drop of pure whiskey on your eyeball makes it hard to use the eye.

  65. The eyeball will become inflamed, and sight for a moment will be difficult.

  66. Here are two pictures of the human eyeball (Figs.

  67. From these drawings we see that the eyeball is round; it only looks oval, because it is seen through the oval slit of the eyelids.

  68. Lastly, the nerves of the retina all meet in a bundle, called the optic nerve, and passing out of the eyeball at a point on, go to the brain.

  69. I have drawn a dotted line c round the lens and the paper on the diagram to represent the eyeball in which the image of the candle-flame would be on the retina instead of on the piece of paper.

  70. It is in the back part of your eyeball and is made of many very sensitive nerve endings.

  71. But thou art silent, And from thine eyeball flames contemptuous anger.

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