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  1. Again, as God will bring out of the book of his remembrance, whatever hath passed from thee against him; so also will he then bring forth by the same book, all things and carriages of his towards thee.

  2. But when they come to divine worship, especially to pray, by their words and carriages there, one would almost judge them to be angels in heaven.

  3. Children's unlawful carriages to their parents is a great house iniquity; yea, and a common one too.

  4. Lastly, And can any imagine, but that all these carriages of thy godly parents, will be to thee the increase of thy torments in hell, if thou die in thy sins notwithstanding?

  5. I learnt to go on in the paths of sin by the carriages of professing parents.

  6. He that suffereth for righteousness' sake has many that are weak to strengthen by his sweet carriages under the cross, wherefore he had need to exceed in virtue.

  7. Finding too, that the portage would be at all events too long to enable us to carry the boats on our shoulders, six men were set to work to make wheels for carriages to transport them.

  8. On their return the axletrees and carriages were repaired, and the baggage, conveyed on the shoulders of the party across Willow run which had fallen as low as three feet.

  9. The carriages being then taken over, a load of baggage was carried to the six-mile stake, deposited there, and the carriages brought back.

  10. And here also comes thundering down the avenue all the goodly old carriages containing our expected kinsfolk.

  11. Here servants are to await their masters, and spectators may remain until their carriages are summoned.

  12. Visitors who enter by the pavilion reserved for carriages pass through a hallway where ticket offices are situated.

  13. Did you know that there were three other carriages there, in addition to yours?

  14. Then came a detachment of cavalry preceded by trumpets, and bands on horseback followed the carriages and ended the procession.

  15. In the little village of Courcelles, the Emperor met the last courier, who preceded by only a few moments the carriages of the Empress; and as it was raining in torrents, his Majesty took shelter on the porch of the village church.

  16. Those persons with carriages could not use them, as the press was so great that it was almost impossible to move.

  17. The road from Strasburg was soon filled with carriages conveying to Brannan.

  18. The rejoicings over the baptism were followed by a fete given by the Emperor in the private park of Saint-Cloud, and from early in the morning the road from Paris to Saint-Cloud was covered with carriages and men on foot.

  19. When it was time to return to Paris the carriages were missing, as the coachmen, thinking that the fete would last till daylight, had prudently thought that they would not take the trouble to wait all night.

  20. But horses and carriages are always dangerous.

  21. The air was chill as we left the little boat cabin; the streets were dirty; there was a confusion of people seeking carriages or porters or baggage or custom; then suddenly I felt as if I had lighted on a tower of strength, for Dr.

  22. Benches and chairs are likewise occupied by the idle, chiefly old gentlemen, in front of the coffee-houses, especially in the Corso, where they are amused by the continual movement of carriages and pedestrians.

  23. There were one or two first-class through carriages on it, which, for a French railway, were unusually empty.

  24. I could distinguish carriages and pedestrians coming and going on the chaussée between the promontory and Monte Carlo, but I was far too high for any sound to reach me.

  25. Sometimes it is a boating party; at other times they drive in carriages to the spot agreed upon.

  26. Most of the open cars were empty, barring occasional gun carriages on the way home for repairs; in the closed freight cars lay a few wounded first line men, a half a dozen male nurses, and some privates on furlough.

  27. The carriages go out towards Chapultepec on one side and return on the other, during the popular hours for driving, leaving the central portion of the roadway exclusively for equestrians.

  28. It surpasses in elegance and cost any royal vehicle to be seen in Europe, not excepting the magnificent carriages in the royal stables of Vienna and St. Petersburg.

  29. Where these ruinous structures which pass for public carriages originally came from is a conundrum; but there can be no possible doubt as to their antiquity.

  30. The waves seemed to splash in harmonious accompaniment; the lights were flickering, the carriages rolling under the faint starlight.

  31. I almost felt as though I were in a dream, as the moving kaleidoscope of horses and carriages and foot-passengers passed before my eyes.

  32. Late on a night in the middle of Brumaire, Bonaparte came to Talleyrand's house to arrange details of the coup d'état, when the noise of carriages stopping outside caused them to pale with fear that their plans were discovered.

  33. The door of the carriages will soon be opened, and a glimpse will be had of pates de Perigord, the wonders of Strasburg, the delicacies of d'Achard, and all that the best laboratories produce that is transportable.

  34. We might return to the island, and use the two guns with carriages there.

  35. But Christy was unwilling to throw the two without carriages overboard, for the water in this locality was so clear that they could have been seen at a depth of two or three fathoms.

  36. The two guns that were provided with carriages were mounted, and placed on the forecastle.

  37. Footnote: It is true that, according to the law of the case as established by legal precedents, all carriages were required to give way before royal equipages, and therefore before the mail as one of them.

  38. There was an impression upon the public mind, natural enough from the continually augmenting velocity of the mail, but quite erroneous, that an outside seat on this class of carriages was a post of danger.

  39. But the crowds attending at a railway station have as little unity as running water, and own as many centres as there are separate carriages in the train.

  40. Well then, the first thing I have to do is to get you settled in these carriages the right way.

  41. He allotted and regulated her life to suit his own convenience, it is true; but he bought her handsome dresses, and took her with him in hired carriages when he drove about the strange cities.

  42. True that the mild and useful sheep rather than the stately stag browses on that greensward, and few carriages roll along the winding gravel road that leads to the house.

  43. It is not difficult of ascent, as the mountain road built by the surveyors is considered practicable for carriages nearly or quite to the top.

  44. You had first to make your way through a skirmishing line of hack-drivers and of boys eager to carry your luggage; then came the solid battalion of citizen idlers, and behind these was a reserve of carriages and carts.

  45. After the spasm of activity caused by the arrival of the train--when it seemed for the moment to rub its eyes and brisk up a little, carriages and pedestrians having mysteriously disappeared somewhere--the old town dozed again.

  46. But we were squeezed so tight, and the wooden third-class carriages were so hard, that it was almost more uncomfortable to be asleep than to be awake.

  47. At the latter place the doors of all our carriages were thrown violently open, and a Prussian officer shouted in a raucous voice "Heraus.

  48. At the next station we stopped for a long time, and then the doors of the carriages were opened and we were each given a bowl of soup.

  49. The front wagons were, I believe, full of either wounded or prisoners, as only a few carriages were reserved for us.

  50. On the night of the 9th of June a string of royal carriages drew up before the old castle of Hohenschwangau.

  51. Arrived there, he ordered two carriages to be got ready and to await further orders.

  52. An immense concourse of people, cavalcade and carriages innumerable, passed by here to-day.

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