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Example sentences for "glaringly"

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glans; glare; glared; glares; glaring; glas; glass; glasse; glassed; glasses
  1. Moreover, the type, although not glaringly Norse, corresponded in its general outline to Storm's description.

  2. The whole edifice, instead of asserting itself glaringly as a product of human art, blended with soft gradations into the surrounding landscape.

  3. All the time the sepoys are endeavoring to make themselves understood, every Afghan present regards my face with the keenest scrutiny; so glaringly evident are their suspicions that the situation becomes too much for my gravity.

  4. But in the corridors that followed the suite, there stood, opposite to each window, a heavy tripod, bearing a brazier of fire, that projected its rays through the tinted glass and so glaringly illumined the room.

  5. It is sometimes spoken of as a thing glaringly unjust to the other nations of the ancient world, that the Father of all should have chosen Israel only to be the recipient of His special favours.

  6. In the light of this revelation, the sin and folly of Israel in dishonouring the One only God, by associating Him with idols and their symbols, becomes glaringly visible.

  7. The details of the unfaithfulness of Israel--the proofs that she belongs to others and not to Iahvah--are glaringly obvious; contradiction is impossible.

  8. Here is the stuff of which the whole incident was made: there is nothing material beyond the facts stated which illustrate very glaringly the manner in which a strong Power acts towards a weak one.

  9. It would be wearisome to analyse a dispute which belongs to the peculiar atmosphere of Peking diplomacy; but the vast difficulties of making even a simple decision in China were glaringly illustrated by this matter.

  10. Thea, however, had counselled patience, threatening him with dire disillusion, if he went seeking his wonderland at that glaringly unpoetic time of day.

  11. Looking back now, the thing seemed glaringly obvious; but, through the opalescent mist of his own dreams, he had seen Dyán in one relation only.

  12. The remedy was so simple, the evil so great and so glaringly evident that the only possible explanation of its continued existence was that the majority of his fellow workers were devoid of the power of reasoning.

  13. The causes of poverty were so glaringly evident that he marvelled that any rational being should fail to perceive them; but at the same time he found it very difficult to define them himself.

  14. This mistaken laudation has done more to glaringly parade Burke's many failings than more modest and judicious praise would have done.

  15. I should say he was glaringly good myself.

  16. Really, if this is being glaringly good, I must confess that the glare does not dazzle me.

  17. While there is an enormous exaggeration in these words, they nevertheless glaringly characterize the ideas of the science of which Paulsen is the mouthpiece.

  18. This small number is glaringly emphasized by the considerable, even disquieting, number of college lecturers of Jewish extraction.

  19. It proclaimed glaringly to the eyes of all men what the Teutonic thing is, what it means to the world.

  20. All this which is now commonplace has become more glaringly evident to us onlookers because of the lamentable failure of England and Russia especially to meet the requirements of the new business.

  21. And there was a crick in the back of his neck and his errand was glaringly a fool's errand.

  22. Chokingly the dust rose about them, and glaringly the gold of the burning sands beat back the glare of the down-pouring sun.

  23. This, in fact, is the danger of the specialist novel generally: though perhaps it does not show quite so glaringly in other cases.

  24. The lesson is not so glaringly obvious in the Vicar of Wakefield, because this is a novel, and a very delightful one.

  25. Was it devilry or merely additional caution which prompted Murray to pen that forged will so glaringly in Percival's favour?

  26. Had not the court been deterred by the critical condition of public affairs, it might with perfect propriety have retained its jurisdiction and decided in favor of McCardle, since the Act of March 27 was glaringly unjust as to him.

  27. Diodorus (xiii, 2) assert that this testimony was glaringly false, since on the night in question it was new moon.

  28. This was described by the supporters of the bill as being more glaringly inconsistent with the principle of the bill than any of those which had been adopted.

  29. If there was any one expense which stood out glaringly above another in her list of luxuries it was kid gloves.

  30. What is so glaringly inappropriate about it if they really believe the Bible?

  31. Thence he inquired his way; hence he afterwards issued in garments glaringly new and ill fitting.

  32. No matter how glaringly absurd, how palpably erroneous, or how demonstrably false an opinion or doctrine is shown to be, they cannot see it, but will still continue to hug it to their bosoms as a divinely-revealed truth.

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