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Example sentences for "glassed"

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glaring; glaringly; glas; glass; glasse; glasses; glassful; glassfuls; glasshouse; glassie
  1. From her tall casement toward the lawn; A prospect of a wide extent Glassed in her eyes and hateful shown.

  2. Oh, could I gaze once more into large eyes Whose liquid depths glassed domes of molten stars, And see them as they glowed when Morning danced O'er scattered flowers from the rosy hills That lined the orient skies beneath one star!

  3. Or through the dank, dim Springtide's night Green minstrels of the marshlands tune Their hoarse lyres in the pale twilight, Hailing the sickle of the moon From flag-thronged pools that glassed her lune?

  4. The bright night brightened into dawn; The shadows down the mountain passed; And tree and shrub and sloping lawn, With bending, beaded beauty glassed In myriad suns the sun that shone!

  5. Nor storied stream of Morning-Land; The heavens are glassed in Merrimac,-- What more could Jordan render back?

  6. He sought the vale of Eltzbach His burdened soul to free, Where the foot-hills of the Eifel Are glassed in Laachersee.

  7. After printing, the flesh side is sponged with a weak milk solution, lightly glassed and dried, when the grain is sponged with weak linseed mucilage, almost dried, and brushed by machine.

  8. Either of these is brushed well into the flesh side, which is then glassed up by means of a thick slab of glass, the smooth rounded edges being used with a slicking motion, and the goods are hung up to dry.

  9. They are again brushed, seasoned and glassed by machine.

  10. They are glassed whilst drying out, and then stained twice and glassed again.

  11. This is spread evenly over the flesh and glassed in.

  12. The butts are blacked after stuffing with lamp black and oil, glassed well and buck-tallowed on the grain.

  13. The goods are heavily glassed during the finishing.

  14. The figure was upon the angle of a wall, glassed just where two canals met at her feet.

  15. A wooden bridge spanned the canal, glassed perfectly in the still water, and somebody's wash, hung out to dry at one end of the rustic railing, blended acceptably in the quaint harmony of the picture.

  16. I've had it glassed in for to-morrow night.

  17. The two smal sides of the oblong chest cut in the upper part in pointed shape, have two glassed frames, and form a two-sided roof.

  18. The glassed frames are divided by cross pieces from 4 to 5 centimetre wide, extending from the upper to the lower edge, from 7 to 8 centim├Ętres apart.

  19. Immediately, everybody is up and out on to the station, and another motor car, full of soldiers, comes dashing in under the great glassed roofs.

  20. In the centre of the unit's structure hung a flat, dark-glassed panel, and when Brook pushed some buttons, writing began to appear across it.

  21. Then the screen went blank and immediately a drone came from the cabinet, and more writing was printing out onto the black-glassed panel.

  22. It hurt him to see that eye-glassed plausible young man dancing with Margaret.

  23. A plump, handsome, eye-glassed woman with fine fresh colouring, a clear skin that old man Minick called appetizing, and a great coil of smooth dark hair.

  24. A tall, thin, eye-glassed young man who worked in the offices of the Okoochee Oil and Refining Company, believed in Okoochee, and wanted to marry Maxine.

  25. The glassed spaces of the observation platform were small defense against the subtle penetration of the winter night.

  26. The wild azalea filled the glassed sunroom of the Tollivers with a faint echo of the glory of the distant mountain.

  27. Her bright black eyes were piercing enough, but it seemed to Maida that the round-glassed spectacles, through which she examined them all, were even more so.

  28. Back of the counter a series of shelves, glassed in by sliding doors, ran the whole length of the wall and nearly to the ceiling.

  29. Not only were his eyes averted from mine, but they were glassed to an uncanny degree.

  30. The glassed eyes were those of one hypnotized.

  31. At the side of the house a porch has been thrown out which can be glassed in as a living-room or sun-parlor during the winter and used as an out-of-door veranda during the summer months.

  32. The upper portions of the old cupboards that were in the house have been glassed in.

  33. At one side a closet was glassed in, while in either corner cosy, built-in settles give an inglenook effect that is very interesting.

  34. They are placed on either side of the entrance door, which is glassed in the upper portion.

  35. Once inaugurated, the eye-glassed Mazarin understood that it would be Governor Obstinate's earliest care to invite Senator Hanway into his Cabinet as Secretary of the Treasury.

  36. Senator Hanway showed the eye-glassed Mazarin of party how, upon his own withdrawal, he, Senator Hanway, might put Speaker Frost in his place and endow him with the major share of what had been his own elements of strength.

  37. The eye-glassed Mazarin thereupon represented that it would be much better if Speaker Frost were to remain undisturbed in his House autocracy.

  38. Senator Hanway was impressed by the hint of the eye-glassed Mazarin.

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