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Example sentences for "ermine"

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  1. He wears his ermine and his velvet cap of presence.

  2. You cannot make a noble friend a much more acceptable present than a fine ermine skin; and many a baron has pledged lands to the Jews merely to satisfy his wife's taste for miniver, a superior form of marten.

  3. The direct purchase of relics is somewhat sacrilegious, but you can present a king, duke, or great ecclesiastic with a good relic just as you give him some hawks or ermine skins--as a reward for favors past or expected.

  4. The ermine of Anne of Brittany adorns the lintel of Folgo√ęt, to which she added a tower, after her visit in 1505.

  5. Royalty responded generously as the sculpture shows; at the transept's portals are to be seen the porcupine of Louis XII, the ermine of Anne of Brittany, and the salamander of Francis I.

  6. Like a white hawk his ship skimmed lightly across the heaving waters, and like a white ermine coursing he rode across the boundless open plain.

  7. At these words the witch bride put forth her spells again and turned her bridegroom into a little ermine and began to frighten him.

  8. He half turned, his hand at his sword, but the man in the ermine robe hissed an urgent warning: 'Stay!

  9. The man in ermine reeled as if from some let-down of extreme tension.

  10. That fool weasel or ermine was in the trap this morning.

  11. There was enough ermine in sight to make a beginning on a judge's robe, but only for a few seconds.

  12. A few pokes with the axe handle brought out a more than snow-white ermine with a black-tipped tail.

  13. She smiled at the picture of herself draped in a sheet and crowned with her own braids:--an ermine cloak and a crown of gold adorning a queen!

  14. He never forgot the ermine which he wore.

  15. When the spotless ermine of the judicial robe fell on John Jay, it touched nothing less spotless than itself.

  16. His thick, dirty shoes have left their mark on the ermine hearth-rug.

  17. On the white marble mantlepiece, from beneath which the fire throws ruddy beams on the ermine carpet, is the usual basket filled with a bush of red camellias, in the midst of their shining green leaves.

  18. Cruelly hurt and offended, she was about to reproach him with his conduct, when she perceived the dagger, which he had thrown down upon the ermine carpet.

  19. Then the Hindoo, placing himself on the ermine carpet at the feet of Mdlle.

  20. When she opened the ivory door, and placed her little naked foot, in its white satin slipper, upon the ermine carpet, Adrienne was dazzlingly beautiful.

  21. Ermine crept into a hole which was not quite large enough, so the end of his tail stuck out.

  22. That is why Ermine is white with a black tip to his tail.

  23. Lolling in snow, like kings in ermine coats, the gilt-crowned bottles lie.

  24. An hour they sat in council; At length the Mayor broke silence: "For a guilder I'd my ermine gown sell, I wish I were a mile hence!

  25. White weasel or ermine are found in Canada and the New England States as well as all other states bordering on Canada, but rarely farther south.

  26. In the sections where weasel turn white (then called ermine by many), trappers have a good guide.

  27. It was the dumb and dignified rebuke of Propriety in an ermine tippet, to Vice made manifest in the infamy of rags.

  28. Poppy Grace, arrived on her errand (for which she had attired herself in a red dress and ermine tippet), had mounted guard over the unconscious poet.

  29. The coronation robe of the Scottish monarch was fairly a counterpart to that which our king wears when he goes to the Parliament-house,--just so full and cumbersome, and set out with ermine and pearls.

  30. XLVII Of sable and of ermine many a robe was there, And many a sparkling bracelet o'er silken raiment fair The wrists and arms encircled of many a lady gay.

  31. IX And coverlets in order were laid of ermine white, And others of dark sable, whereunder every knight Should pass the hours in slumber e'en to the dawning day.

  32. The robes are trimmed with ermine and are confined at the waist by jeweled buckles.

  33. Flowing sleeves trimmed with ermine took the place of the tight ones with broad lace cuffs that had formerly been the style in England, and a robe confined at the waist by a girdle and jeweled buckle took the place of the stiff, tight bodice.

  34. The ermine coat, drooping half off her arms and back, fell to the ground and left her bare-shouldered and with heaving breast.

  35. Mrs. O'Rane was standing on the threshold in a black dress with an ermine coat open at the neck, an artificial pink rose in her hair and a cluster of them at her waist.

  36. Because I put on an ermine cloak, I imagine that I am a queen.

  37. Has she not evoked all the marvellous imagination of the little ones in these words: "Because I put on an ermine cloak, I imagine that I am a queen"?

  38. He has had no share in the lofty ideals of statecraft, nor the spotless ermine of the judiciary.

  39. That, for instance, of the ermine collar embroidered with emeralds.

  40. It is one of my most valued treasures--an ermine collar studded with emeralds.

  41. It has cost us a rough voyage and a winter in the Arctic Regions, if it doesn't cost us more yet, to put that ermine fringe on our jumpers.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "ermine" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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