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Example sentences for "admonishing"

Lexicographically close words:
admodum; admonish; admonished; admonishes; admonisheth; admonition; admonitions; admonitory; adnate; adnexed
  1. So that I cannot conceive, since their sin and judgment was so conspicuous, that my admonishing the world thereof should turn to their detriment.

  2. It was the voice of the Great Spirit of the four winds speaking from the clouds and admonishing them that the time of corn planting was at hand.

  3. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts unto God.

  4. And so--"teaching and admonishing one another" is the outcome of it.

  5. Admonishing every man and teaching every man in all wisdom.

  6. The teaching and admonishing is here regarded as being effected by means of song.

  7. The teaching of morality and the admonishing of the evil and the end of sin are essential parts of preaching Christ.

  8. When the sick man spoke of his health and strength, Nick replied with admonishing seriousness: "I'd be just such a lookin' thing as you are if I stayed indoors like you do.

  9. They flout the air in sportive flight, their instinct admonishing them that the two parties are hostile, and likely to spill each other's blood.

  10. Clancy lays hold of the hound, and draws it against his knees, by speech and gesture admonishing it to remain silent.

  11. Uncle Lance was with us and in the height of his glory, in one breath bragging on Enrique and Pasquale, and admonishing and cautioning Theodore and myself in the next.

  12. Tipsily admonishing the horse in Spanish to behave himself, he vaulted into the saddle and clouted his mount over the head with his hat.

  13. Admonishing Miss Hardwick to keep a steady aim, Doctor Bimble pocketed his own weapon and took out his watch.

  14. Admonishing Miss Hardwick to keep an eye on the gang, he walked toward the farther wall.

  15. Opera to-night,' she answered my inquiries for him, admonishing me by her tone that I ought not to be behindhand in knowing his regal rules and habits.

  16. My father in admonishing her had done it tenderly, I was sure.

  17. We talked much of Captain Welsh, and the sedate practical irony of his imprisoning one like Edbury to discipline him on high seas, as well as the singular situation of the couple of culprits under his admonishing regimen, and the tragic end.

  18. At that time, namely, the Master admonishing his relations, said, “My lords!

  19. He died preaching to and admonishing the friars.

  20. He then ordered Zaliah to kill Balaam, admonishing him, however, to be sure not to kill him through the holy name of God, as it does not befit so great a sinner to meet his death in such a way.

  21. He then bade the tribes come to him, and from his hand receive the scrolls of the Torah, admonishing the men and women separately to obey the Torah and its commands.

  22. Mrs. Ryder colored faintly in protest, and Driscoll cast an admonishing glance at Nevins, but Father Algarcife laughed good-naturedly, a humorous gleam in his eyes.

  23. Mariana raised her finger, with an admonishing shake of the head.

  24. At once Abraham left off from Isaac, who returned to life, revived by the heavenly voice admonishing Abraham not to slaughter his son.

  25. After having spoken these and similar words, admonishing his father to mend his ways and refrain from worshipping idols, he leapt up before Terah, took the hatchet from the big idol, broke it therewith, and ran away.

  26. Three minutes later a figure like a scarecrow was admonishing a bewildered sergeant, while his hands plucked feverishly at a horse's bridle.

  27. He heard her voice below, admonishing McGuffog.

  28. Then he read some verses from one of their inspired books, admonishing to a good life; and also a brief homily from one of Christian Metz's inspired utterances.

  29. That our generals had been compelled to issue orders admonishing us against such conduct, was itself a humiliation.

  30. Whether this accident had anything to do with admonishing General Sherman of the impracticability of holding with so small a force so long a line of railway parallel to the enemy's front of operations, my informant does not pretend to judge.

  31. Then our custodians separated us again, and for a couple of hours they exercised us in the prison yard, showing us in what order we should proceed to the scaffold, and admonishing us as to our behavior when we had come there.

  32. Now and then we caught the voice of Nunez, cool and collected as usual, but very fierce and determined; and once the pale face of Frey Bartolomeo appeared, and we heard him admonishing the overseers to lay on with their whips.

  33. I remember of writing him two copious letters, one on the necessity of keeping up the draft, the other admonishing him to hasten his Proclamation of Emancipation.

  34. Teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts unto the Lord.

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