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Example sentences for "deputes"

Lexicographically close words:
depuis; deputation; deputations; depute; deputed; deputie; deputies; deputing; deputize; deputized
  1. Belief is the antithesis of reason; reason is rationality; religious belief is clearly mental abnormality.

  2. From the time that the ideas of the later Greek philosophers had been forgotten until the present time, man has floundered in a sea of supernaturalism.

  3. Mántri or Bopáti, deputes another to act for him in a law-suit: the person so deputed has no authority to produce of his having been so.

  4. Hína wang, where a person whom another deputes to act for him, in any law-suit, is deficient in what is required of him.

  5. A feudal prince must go and welcome his wife, but the Emperor simply deputes one of his appanage dukes to do it for him.

  6. If the Emperor gives a daughter or a sister in marriage, he deputes a ruling prince of the Ki surname to "manage" the affair; hence to this day the only name for an imperial princess is "a publicly managed one.

  7. The chief warder deputes details to the principal warders of divisions, who in their turn confide them to the warders of wards, who again leave the carrying out to the turnkeys of flights.

  8. Their gratitude, for such a boundless debt, Deputes their suffering brothers to receive!

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