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Example sentences for "floundered"

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  1. We sank half-way to our knees in the swampy ground, and the horses floundered so that one or two of the officers were thrown, and all were obliged to dismount.

  2. On we splashed, waded, and floundered along roads cut up by troops in advance until the mud in many places reached the depth of ten inches.

  3. In another few moments Nasmyth was beating a suspended iron sheet, and while its clangour broke through the roar of the river the men floundered towards him over the shingle.

  4. Nasmyth reassured her upon this point, and floundered down to the beach, where he carefully laid out to dry the little block of sulphur matches that he carried.

  5. But they pushed on, Waynefleet riding when it was possible, while Nasmyth plodded beside the horse's head, until a cloud of whirling snow broke upon them as they floundered through a belt of thinner Bush.

  6. Gordon, who was acquainted with the action of giant-powder, had no desire to stay, and they floundered as fast as possible over the driftwood and masses of shattered rock until Nasmyth drew his companion behind a towering fir.

  7. They floundered knee-deep through withered timothy, which is not a natural grass.

  8. He sprang down from the stone as another sea came in, and floundered ashore waist-deep with it, after which he set his dripping companion down upon the beach.

  9. Nasmyth staggered to his feet, and, while Gordon grasped his shoulder, floundered over the log staging laid athwart the fall and back to the shanty.

  10. Then he floundered ashore, dripping, with the gleaming trout, which he laid at her feet.

  11. Gordon, who greeted Wheeler, floundered away, and Wheeler sat down in the dryest spot he could find, while Nasmyth grasped the handle of the machine.

  12. He floundered in effort and rolled into it, crying lowly as his torso doubled limply and he sprawled on his back.

  13. Bobby ran forward, brandishing a club, and drove them back as they floundered in the sagging wire, heedless of barbs, eyes protruding with want of the drink that dilated nostrils told them was near.

  14. For the next hour every man, from the Lieutenant and Sergeant-Major down, sweated and hauled and slid and floundered in slippery mud and water, dragging gun after gun out of its pit and back a half-dozen yards clear.

  15. Once more they crouched in a shell-hole while a dozen men floundered along the trench.

  16. After a little while, either the toast or the tea appeared to act on Plank as a lingual laxative, for he began suddenly to talk, which is characteristic of bashful men; and Siward gravely helped him on when he floundered and turned shy.

  17. I could prevent him he had floundered on deck.

  18. Looking to the right she could see that Mrs. Carbuncle had only just floundered through the hedge.

  19. Morgan, knowing well the horse he rode, dropped him into the brook, floundered and half swam through the mud and water, and scrambled out safely on the other side.

  20. With safety a matter of inches he floundered on the verge, entangled by vines and grasses, tugging madly at his hip.

  21. But when he came up again the unfortunate larrikin loosed shriek after bubbling shriek and floundered madly for shore, all else forgotten in his dominant terror.

  22. We had no lamps; and as the horses stumbled and floundered through this place, towards the distant speck of dying light, it seemed interminable.

  23. The Texan floundered about, rocking the boat somewhat.

  24. Fitts kicked and floundered and then rolled over on his stomach, lifting himself to his hands and knees.

  25. Harry ran, or floundered along the line, telling the men to lie close where they were.

  26. So he got his men out and told them about it all, and they floundered on.

  27. A lieutenant of artillery floundered his horse straight down the hill with as little concern as if it were level ground.

  28. He found Mr. McKay still on the kitchen porch, and floundered into his task.

  29. Shorty floundered off a turn of the trail into deep snow, and raised his voice in blessing of the date of the week and month and year.

  30. At each footstep they slipped back; if they trod upon a slab of rock it slid from beneath their feet; the mules floundered and sent down cascades of loose stones upon those behind.

  31. Hundreds floundered to an awful end in front of the British lines.

  32. The remainder flung their coats across the wires and floundered over into the German trenches.

  33. This was the danger now as Phil and Max floundered all but helplessly in snow up to their necks.

  34. Extricated by the tall ringleader, he floundered back to the ledge while his two companions plunged on to capture Phil and Max.

  35. With his usual generous way of taking burdens on his shoulders, Bob had really hoped to attract the bear; indeed, with this idea in view, he had even made more noise than was necessary, as he floundered along through the bushes.

  36. Once they heard a crash, as some frightened wild animal floundered through the bushes ahead.

  37. Then as they floundered about, he heard the distant, muffled bellow of a big ship's foghorn.

  38. By the time he floundered through the cloud, his antagonists would be back in their relative positions, again, the one directly above his tail plane, the other slightly behind him to the right.

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