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Example sentences for "crippling"

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crinolines; criollo; cripple; crippled; cripples; crire; cris; crisco; crise; crises
  1. West supreme commander, which had had the experience of having to defeat two referenda aimed at crippling their form of insurance.

  2. Farragut had passed the forts after crippling them so badly that they surrendered a few days later.

  3. At the same time he ordered a column to move from Chattanooga eastward toward Lynchburg, destroying the railroad as it marched and thus additionally hemming Lee in and crippling him.

  4. But these continued to belch out destruction in spite of any crippling that had been done to them, and for a time the fleet suffered terribly.

  5. But she had done effective work before she perished, crippling one enemy so that she surrendered to the Oneida, driving another ashore, and exploding a shell in the boiler of a third.

  6. Upon this iron front the Germans spent themselves in fruitless attacks, incurring crippling losses.

  7. It was probably with the idea of crippling this base, from which her pursuers were radiating, that the Emden made her raid here.

  8. The idea of escape, the thought of crippling the magician's power over her forever--in the stress of this, she grew cold.

  9. The leader gained the home-tree as Charter shot, crippling the second--the male.

  10. Paula could understand now the crippling magnetism the bird felt.

  11. Vivid terrors of some dreadful crippling accident hurried her steps into running.

  12. Distressing and crippling as are the effects of rheumatism upon the joints and tendons, its most deadly and permanent damage is wrought upon the heart.

  13. Drake's announcement was a roaring cannonade that blew the mast poles off the Spanish ship, crippling her like a bird with wings broken.

  14. There was to be no more crippling of trade for lack of ships.

  15. The French rear with its commander-in-chief had been watching the incidents narrated: the crippling of the Intrepid, the consequent disorder in the British rear, and the increasing distance between it and the van.

  16. But again in the end, the divorce thus introduced between the physical and the spiritual led to the crippling of both.

  17. Had it rested with me, I should have chosen for my daughter a husband who was entirely free from those same crippling disabilities.

  18. It was he indeed, who encumbered a fine estate with a large and crippling mortgage.

  19. The Squires will have to give up certain luxuries, such as a season in London, foreign travel, and crippling allowances to idle sons.

  20. I never knew till this morning that there was a crippling mortgage on this property.

  21. Hotham's very indifference and lethargy, while crippling his enterprise, increased his independence.

  22. As a means of crippling Gibbons, the New York authorities at one time determined to arrest Vanderbilt and his crew; but the wary captain was too cunning for them.

  23. They were marked by the embargo, the crippling of our commerce by the hostility of England and France, and the second war with Great Britain, in all of which there was much to dis-hearten a beginner, even if he escaped positive loss.

  24. An advance of the enemy towards Richmond will be prevented by vigorously following his rear, and crippling and arresting his progress.

  25. But no one is more helpless against the encroachments of employers than the man who lives from hand to mouth, whose necessities press ever hard upon him, crippling him and crippling those {110} with whom he competes in the open market.

  26. The Laws of the Indies" abound with edicts for the purpose of limiting and crippling colonial commerce and industry, wherever it was imagined that it might be prejudicial to the protected industries of Spain.

  27. This was done, not for the purpose of crippling American commerce, but either to increase English revenue or to inflict injury on foreign rivals or enemies.

  28. Besides crippling our own resources, and paralyzing the whole commercial interest of the United States, a craven spirit was thus manifested on the part of our rulers, which exposed us to insults and outrages from the belligerent powers.

  29. In short, it will free our lives from the crippling influence of negative moods and critical attitudes.

  30. There is only one way to save the child from such crippling concepts as these: that is to hold up to him the challenge of life at its best and noblest, to show him the effects of religion at work.

  31. Mary has been sitting in this wheel chair for almost three years, since a crippling disease twisted her limbs.

  32. We shall send it to a small island, and we shall see whether they wish to taste the death, the strangulation and crippling and suffering, the destruction of sanity that shall be the lot of those islanders.

  33. Witch would pay for the expensive operation needed to make a little girl walk again after a crippling disease several years before.

  34. We will now take a view of occurrences on the right and left of Burgoyne, and show the effect of Schuyler's measures, poorly seconded as they were in crippling and straitening the invading army.

  35. Goaded on by the instigations of the tories, and alarmed by the energetic measures of the whigs, General Gage now resolved to deal the latter a crippling blow.

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