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  1. The rookeries of the Murres and Cormorants were on the sides of steep cliffs overhanging the sea.

  2. Cormorants To these examples we may add that of the cormorants.

  3. A possible explanation of this phenomenon may be found in the comparatively easy conditions under which cormorants live in New Zealand.

  4. The land of Great Britain is held by the nobility and the princely cormorants of trade, who exact rental which cannot be paid from the produce of the soil, so usurious is it, or who turn the rich acres into pleasure grounds and pasturages.

  5. But the one great question at the root of the agitation is the monopoly of the land by the "nobility" and the successful cormorants of trade, and the consequent pressure of population upon the enforced circumscription of production.

  6. I therefore have not a grain of sympathy for the greedy cormorants who invested their money in the so-called Confederate Government.

  7. The great employers of labor, the cormorants of competition, know through what hideous injustice they enrich themselves; but speak to them of fair play, and they flout you from their presence.

  8. But if you simply have common humanity, clothed in the awful majesty of a just cause, you appeal in vain to the cormorants of trade, the harpies of law, or the demagogues of power.

  9. Great predatory birds like cormorants thronged the beach opposite the cave, she could see them going in and out of the cave and she could hear them quarrelling in there in the darkness.

  10. At a dizzy height above her cormorants had their nests, they seemed angry about something as they clanged and flew, shooting out into the sky and wheeling back again in an aimless manner.

  11. Cormorants are rather gregarious, keeping together in small groups when fishing, migrating often in great flocks, and in the breeding season gathering in immense numbers on certain rocky cliffs or islets.

  12. The news came to us suddenly, yesterday, and Douglas and I are left now to screen ye from the robbers and cormorants of the world!

  13. The pseudo-Prince was glad to often steal out alone to the headland overlooking Rozel Pier, and there watch the French luggers beating to seaward sailing like fierce cormorants along the wild coast of St. Malo.

  14. Black cormorants going upwind flapped heavily by us just above the water, their necks stretched out.

  15. Below them were broad pads of lotus and water lilies; with alligators like barnacled logs, and cormorants swimming about, and bright-eyed waterfowl.

  16. For instance, two of us bird-men once visited the west nesting of Baird Cormorants on Flattop, to obtain photographs.

  17. All this, mind you, in a trice, before we were sufficiently out of range for the Cormorants to reach their nests again, altho they were hastening toward them.

  18. This is the signal for all the cormorants (Indians), inside the ring, to commence quacking and dancing and using their arms in imitation of wings, keeping up a continual flapping.

  19. The cormorants perceive the approach of the wolf, and a general quacking and flapping takes place, each one rushing to his nest to secure his food.

  20. He was not more than the boat's length distant when he dived suddenly and the cormorants flapped aloft.

  21. Think how the seeming accident of a fallen sail saved the child from the cormorants and other birds--how a chance sea fell into the boat and kept her alive--how mere idle curiosity on my part impelled me to swim out and investigate matters.

  22. The gulls, screeching their fright, or it might be interest, kept close to the water, and the cormorants sailed in circles aloof.

  23. So the shark, like many a human congener of higher intellect, had only missed his opportunity by being too precipitate, whilst the cormorants and gulls, eyeing him ominously, did not know what they had lost.

  24. And there's a couple of cormorants perched on the gunwale.

  25. The Gulsgoatony or Rasher of Cormorants and Ravenous Feeders.

  26. Aedituus indeed told us that they fed on nothing but fish, like the herns and cormorants of the world, and that they were a fifth kind of cucullati newly stamped.

  27. The cooling mechanisms of double-crested cormorants are better than in the more northerly distributed pelagic cormorant, Phalacrocorax pelagicus (Lasiewski and Snyder 1969).

  28. Of the Pelecaniformes, the very successful, worldwide cormorants (Phalacrocorax spp.

  29. The men in almost all reports were said to have worn bird-skin parkas; puffins and guillemots appear to have been preferred, but cormorants were sometimes used.

  30. Pelagic and red-faced cormorants nest from Amak to Attu on nearly every island.

  31. Pelagic cormorants occupy isolated, small colonies, but they also nest with kittiwakes and murres and are often found with red-faced cormorants.

  32. Red-faced cormorants tend to nest in colonies mixed with kittiwakes and murres, but pure colonies also occur.

  33. The problem was further compounded by the "invisibility" of the ubiquitous cormorants referred to earlier.

  34. At that moment the cormorants were coming down the glittering lake to their roost.

  35. The cormorants roosted there; and they must be hungry, for the lake had been too windy for fishing this long while.

  36. The cackling of the "old wives" that covered the bay filled me with delight, and thousands of Gulls and Cormorants seemed as if anxious to pilot us into Head Harbor Bay, where we anchored for the night.

  37. Myriads of Cormorants covered the face of the waters, and over it Fish-Crows innumerable were already arriving from their distant roosts.

  38. We soon after took a small bark of ten tons, laden with guana, or cormorants dung, and having also some dried fish, which lay within a mile of Arica.

  39. But I do not think the Cormorants noticed any of these things.

  40. The Cormorants heartily wished he would go away, and they kept their eyes open and watched him, for fear he would spy the fish they had carefully hidden in the wet grass, for the Bittern also lives on fish.

  41. In a far-off country, on a summer day, it chanced that two Cormorants stood on a great rock, lazily dozing.

  42. Illustration] Our two Cormorants opened their eyes when they heard a slight splashing in the water.

  43. Neither the Hoopoe nor Pelican had ever before seen him, but the Cormorants knew him very well.

  44. And although his nests were usually on loftier crags than theirs, they were quite neighborly, especially as they did not chase the same prey, the Cormorants drawing theirs from the sea, and the Falcons finding theirs in the air.

  45. So the Cormorants winked and blinked, and thought how different the Bittern looked when on the alert for his prey, or calling his mate.

  46. The Falcon, too, lazily spread out his large wings, and soared majestically up into the air, leaving the Pelican and Cormorants to discuss their family affairs and their dinner in peace.

  47. He greeted his cousin Cormorants cordially, but, ruffling up the crest of curled feathers on his head, and shaking his half-folded wings angrily, he looked askance at the Bittern.

  48. For these Cormorants had come to this spot to meet their cousin the Pelican to consult with him on some family matters.

  49. Why, men had some pet Cormorants that they had trained to catch fish for them!

  50. Together they watched the diving cormorants and the wading buffalo.

  51. The small craft of the fishermen with suspended nets or with roosting, crowding cormorants clustered here and there along the channel-way.

  52. Fishermen sat patiently watching their cormorants or lowering and lifting their nets.

  53. Pelicans live in flocks; they and the cormorants sometimes help one another to get a living.

  54. The cormorants are the best divers, so the pelicans arrange themselves in a large circle at some great distance from the land, and flap their great wings on the surface of the water, while the cormorants dive beneath.

  55. Illustration: Farallon Cormorants and White Pelicans on a Government Bird Reservation in southern Oregon.

  56. On a lonely island in Pamlico Sound I once got some fishermen to cover me with sand and sea-shells, and in that way managed to get a close view of {17} the large flocks of Cormorants that came there to roost every night.

  57. Farallone Cormorants and White Pelicans on a Government Bird Reservation .

  58. His task was to keep Miss Leslie supplied with fresh eggs and each day to kill as many of the boobies and cormorants as he could skin and split for drying.

  59. All the year round the gulls fill the air with their cries, and cormorants and shags skim the water and dive beneath its surface.

  60. All cormorants are voracious (is not their very name a by-word for greed?

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