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Example sentences for "grownup"

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growls; growly; grown; grownd; growne; grownups; grows; growth; growths; groyne
  1. The grownup straightened away from the fence, preparing to walk off.

  2. He always forgot right away, but this grownup was confident and young and strong-looking, and meant something when he talked, not like most grownups.

  3. And the grownup who says that he never has had it, at some time in his life, that Mr. Grownup has not done any deer hunting, or that Mr. Grownup lies.

  4. Marjorie looked in amazement at the child who talked in such grownup fashion.

  5. Marjorie found a square just like Ethel's, and bought it with a decidedly grownup feeling.

  6. Well, I shall be grownup in two years' time.

  7. She staid there two hours--a fact that might have occasioned some remark but that the vestryman was married, and had a family of grownup daughters.

  8. Perhaps he was too grownup in his manners.

  9. Still, he was not quite so grownup at eighteen as when he first came to Grandwich; and thereby hangs a tale.

  10. Rosa Stevenson's grownup sister is going away next month to be a missionary!

  11. Wherever childhood found us we played, and out of our environment and often in spite of it, lived in a delightful world of our own into which no grownup ever really entered.

  12. In a dull, inert way I suppose all of us, the grownup people, glimpsed some of its beauty.

  13. Then the father sickened, and all the grownup persons had died almost together, save the mother, and had been taken away the night before last.

  14. Father, mother, two grownup sons, and one or two daughters--evidently by a former marriage.

  15. The same arrangement reappears in many a picture intended for grownup persons.

  16. So far, we have spent our time in rediscovering, in the diversions of the grownup man, those mechanical combinations which amused him as a child.

  17. All the way Petya had been preparing himself to behave with Denisov as befitted a grownup man and an officer--without hinting at their previous acquaintance.

  18. Pleased to meet you," he said, just like grownup folks.

  19. And waited quite patiently while Andy came down the stairs slowly all the way like a grownup and not two feet on the same step like a baby.

  20. Don't let Andy lose his windbreaker," she warned in an almost grownup manner.

  21. She seemed to be insinuating that she was more grownup than Jerry, even though they were twins.

  22. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grownup" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.