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Example sentences for "highlands"

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  1. I once, when in business in Liverpool, printed a Scottish Gaelic Prayer-Book for Father Campbell, one of the Jesuit priests of that city, for use among the Catholic congregations in the highlands and islands of Scotland.

  2. Highlands of Scotland, the Gaelic spoken there, 187.

  3. I have not been in the Highlands for years; it will be grand to see the heather and the grouse again.

  4. It is lovely rather than beautiful, and is a sort of gentle prelude, in the minor key, to the coming glories and intenser charms of Loch Ard and the true Highlands beyond.

  5. Redcoats, fleeing from the wrath of the angry Washington and his Jersey Blues, marched swiftly past on their way to the Highlands and the refuge of New York.

  6. The advance to the Raritan was speedily abandoned, the route to the Highlands was at once chosen, and it was decided that the army should march by the way of Monmouth Court House.

  7. In the Late Pleistocene and Recent, pulcher moved back across the central Guatemalan highlands occupying its present range in northern Middle America.

  8. Herpetofauna of the southeast highlands of Guatemala.

  9. Possibly the types were obtained from as far away as the Motagua Valley or the southeastern highlands of Guatemala, both of which areas Hague is known to have visited.

  10. He had traveled through the Highlands of Scotland, up and down the Rhine, had ascended Mont Blanc, and stood on the Campagna in Rome.

  11. The Highlands lie to the south, the Berkshire Hills and Green Mountains to the east, and the Adirondacks to the north.

  12. Next morning we sighted the deep blue waters of the Bay, and the shallow brown waters of the Bayside crested with foam by a furious norther, that had powdered the far Ronda highlands with snow.

  13. Most soothing to the eye is the cool green-grown patio after the prospect of the hot and barren highlands which back the Palm-City.

  14. If the valleys were lakes, and the hills clothed with verdure, Syria would be only a repetition of the highlands of Scotland.

  15. The Parmelia saxatilis and Parmelia omphalodes, are largely used in the Highlands and West Ireland, for dyeing brown of all shades.

  16. Found in the Scotch Highlands and Islands, growing on rocks; used for the manufacture of Cudbear in Leith and Glasgow.

  17. Alum and copperas have been known in the Highlands long ages.

  18. Those which have been in use in the Highlands are most of them good dyes.

  19. A Record of Scenery and Sport in the Highlands of Scotland.

  20. In that region and in the highlands the climate is fairly healthy for Europeans and the heat somewhat less than on the coast.

  21. The Highlands were filled, by the Union, with exasperation and dispeace which could not soon subside.

  22. Elam was itself a translation of the Accadian Numma, under which the Accadians included the whole of the highlands which bounded the plain of Babylonia on its eastern side.

  23. Their origin must be sought in the highlands of Kappadokia, and from hence they descended into the regions of the south, at that time occupied by Semitic Arameans.

  24. The front windows of our house command a noble view of the Hudson, while on the east and south the Highlands are within rifle-shot.

  25. Even before the dawn began to brighten over the dreaded Highlands which their ruthless enemies were already climbing, Phebe was flying, bare-headed, across the fields to their nearest neighbor.

  26. The Indian names of several of the streams, brooks, mountains and rocks of Florida, are also the same which are given to similar objects, in the highlands of Scotland.

  27. In the Highlands we believe more than most people do.

  28. She shall go to some remote place in the Highlands and she shall not be allowed to remember that there is a war in the world.

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