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Example sentences for "appendices"

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appendage; appendages; appendant; appended; appendice; appendicitis; appendicular; appending; appendix; appends
  1. Further corrections in text and glossary have been made, and some additional new readings and suggestions will be found in two brief appendices at the back of the book.

  2. Lucien Foulet has brought together all the extant letters concerning the period, which he has collated with scrupulous exactitude and to which he has added a series of valuable appendices upon various obscure and disputed points.

  3. But, though the elaborate erudition of the notes and appendices might have surprised him, it would not have put him to shame.

  4. From these two histories, Edward Granville Browne prepared a version of the proc├Ęs-verbal of that infamous tribunal for the Appendices to his translation of A Traveller's Narrative.

  5. Besides this, there is much new matter to be inserted and some corrections to be made from the appendices of the three German volumes.

  6. See Chapters cclxxvi to cclxxxix; also Appendices N and W.

  7. See Chapters lxvi to lxix; also Appendices H and I.

  8. See Chapters lvii to lxv; also Appendices E, F, and G.

  9. The illustrations have been reproduced with the greatest care, and the book, in addition to its adventurous interest, contains appendices of great scientific value.

  10. The voluminous appendices are of extreme value.

  11. With notes and appendices by Charles Sanford Terry, Litt.

  12. The Appendices of the volume contain variant readings of movements elsewhere contained in it, and of the first, third, and sixth Preludes and Fugues in the second part of the "Well-tempered Clavier.

  13. A dichotomized key is provided to aid in identification of stranded cetaceans and appendices describe how and to whom to report data on live and dead cetaceans.

  14. For both types of data, blank data forms located after the appendices may be photocopied in bulk for use in the field.

  15. In this country the percentage of normal appendices removed because of vague abdominal pains is much larger.

  16. In appendices there are added some suggestions for the outfitting of the laboratory, and a list of the equipment each student should have.

  17. Two Appendices to "Die Thatsachen in der Wahrnehmung," entitled: II.

  18. The two Appendices last mentioned are popularizings and expansions of the article in Mind, Vol.

  19. The appendices contain material which the authors have found advantageous to have easily accessible to each student.

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