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appendice; appendices; appendicitis; appendicular; appending; appends; appened; appens; apperceive; apperceived
  1. In the Appendix to Blair's Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian Macqueen is mentioned as one of his authorities for his statements.

  2. A brief memoir of Mr. Carre is given in Forbes's Life of Beattie, Appendix Z.

  3. To which is added, an Appendix concerning the Descent of the Soul of Christ into Hell, while his Body lay in the Grave.

  4. Macbain in appendix to reprint of Skene's Highlanders of Scotland (Stirling, 1902); A.

  5. Le Braz gives a useful list of other manuscripts in the bibliographical appendix to his Theatre celtique.

  6. Lhuyd's Archaeologica Britannica (1707) contains a grammar of the language as spoken in his day, and a Sketch of Cornish Grammar is to be found as an appendix to Norris's Ancient Cornish Drama.

  7. Rice Holmes in an appendix to his Caesar's Invasion of Britain (London, 1907).

  8. For a description of these volumes see Appendix A.

  9. The petition is printed in the Appendix to St. Albans Chron.

  10. List of captains printed in Appendix to Gesta, 276.

  11. These are described in detail in Appendix A.

  12. The retinues are taken from the muster-roll of Henry's army printed in the Appendix to the Gesta (pp.

  13. See Stevenson's Letters and Papers, Appendix to Introduction, 1.

  14. This dedication is printed in Appendix IV.

  15. Appendix A, "The Growth of Free Industry and Enterprise," pp.

  16. The Man versus the State," Appendix to Social Statics.

  17. Geographical Appendix for remarks on the exaggerated ideas as to the size of this island.

  18. Before proceeding with the journal of Gallego, it is necessary for me to remark that I have relegated to an appendix much of that which is of interest to the geographical student.

  19. Geographical Appendix for further information on this subject.

  20. This memoir is given by Fleurieu in the appendix of his work.

  21. Geographical Appendix which refers to Gallego's observations of latitude in this group.

  22. In the Geographical Appendix reference is made to the discrepancies in the distances and latitudes of Gallego.

  23. With regard to the French translation, professing to be a monody on Lally Tollendal, and to be found in the Appendix to his Memoirs, it was only a clever hoax from the ready pen of Father Prout, and first appears in Bentley's Miscellany.

  24. Palgrave has given this extract in the Appendix to his Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth, p.

  25. The caecum hangs downward vertically and the appendix arises from the funnel-shaped apex of the pouch.

  26. The crescentic curve of the caecum is only slightly marked; the appendix arises from the most pendent part of the pouch and hangs downward (schema, Fig.

  27. The appendix is erected vertically behind the caecum and ascending colon and closely attached to the dorsal wall of the large intestine.

  28. Examples of this peritoneal relation of the appendix in an infant are shown in Figs.

  29. Martin, in a recent examination of the vascular supply of caecum and appendix in one hundred subjects, found it to obtain in six instances.

  30. The caecum and appendix are in contact with the dorsal prerenal parietal peritoneum.

  31. The caecum and appendix of man and of the anthropoid apes can be regarded as a reduction form of this type (Fig.

  32. In considering the anatomy of the human caecum and vermiform appendix many structural conditions are encountered which can only be correctly appreciated in the light of the physiology of the digestive tract.

  33. Adult human subject with non-rotated caecum, the ileum entering large intestine from the right and behind, and the appendix placed to the right of the ascending colon.

  34. The position of the appendix is variant and abnormal, as e.

  35. Appendix V to the Ohio Valley Historical Series, edition of Bouquet’s Expedition (Cincinnati, 1868).

  36. In the appendix was a list of the historical manuscripts, originals and copies, which are now on deposit in Harvard College Library.

  37. These are enumerated in the appendix of The Calendar of the Sparks MSS.

  38. Lubbock, who, with Tylor, holds the converse of this proposition, answered Whately in an appendix to his Origin of Civilization, which was originally given as a paper at the Dundee meeting of the British Association.

  39. Nott had in the interval since his previous book furnished an appendix on the unity or plurality of Races to the English transl.

  40. Becher’s Trip to Mexico (London, 1880) has an appendix on the ancient races.

  41. He enumerates in New York about 250 defensive structures, beside burial mounds and in his appendix describes those in New Hampshire and some in Pennsylvania.

  42. The appendix of this work has a good general summary of the Ethnography and Philology of America, by A.

  43. So far this gospel makes no reference to appearances in Galilee; but in the appendix (chapter xxi.

  44. Appendix Books of Reference on the Life of Jesus 1.

  45. This appendix will indicate the extent of my indebtedness to others.

  46. An Appendix is added to furnish references to the wide literature of the subject for the aid of those who wish to study it more extensively and technically; also to discuss some questions of detail which could not be considered in the text.

  47. Appendix Index of Names and Subjects Index of Biblical References Map of Palestine Part I Preparatory I The Historical Situation 1.

  48. I shall give the gross assessment for five years, as I find it in the Appendix to the Second Report of your committee.

  49. The appendix contains a copy of the working plan followed by the U.

  50. Appendix I: Method of determining the effect of the rate of application of load on the strength of timber, pp.

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