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  1. The course of this bile in life is from the liver to the gall bladder, which acts as the reservoir, into the cystic duct and then into the common bile duct and into the cavity of the duodenum (first section of the small intestines).

  2. After leaving the body of the pancreas, it unites with the common bile duct of the liver where it empties into the duodenum (first section of the small intestines after leaving the stomach).

  3. The upper half of the duodenum is in the epigastric region and the lower half is in the umbilical region.

  4. The duodenum is shaped like a horseshoe, the opening being directed toward the left.

  5. The duodenum has received its name from being about equal in length to the breadth of twelve fingers (ten inches).

  6. The arteries supplying the duodenum are the pyloric and the pancreatic duodenal branch of the superior mesenteric.

  7. The pancreatic duct and the bile duct empty into the duodenum at its middle portion.

  8. They are largest and most numerous in the duodenum and jejunum, and become fewer and smaller in the ileum.

  9. The stomach is held in place by the attachment of the esophagus to the diaphragm and the fixation of the duodenum to the front of the vertebral column.

  10. In acute cases the stomach is the viscus most affected; but in chronic cases the whole alimentary canal is found inflamed and ulcerated, particularly the duodenum and rectum.

  11. The pylorus is mostly contracted; while the inner coat of the duodenum and small intestines presents a similar appearance, in a less degree, to that of the stomach.

  12. Those of the duodenum were remarkably so.

  13. If, however, the materials are small in quantity and mingled with natural food, and if the duodenum contains chyme, the dog was probably not rabid.

  14. In further confirmation of this may be stated the fact that there is no want of bile in the duodenum and feces.

  15. Ammonium Iodide: in catarrh of duodenum and biliary ducts, in the early stage of cirrhosis, in the malarial cachexia; efficacy increased by the addition of arsenic.

  16. Alkaline mineral waters in catarrh of duodenum or bile-ducts.

  17. Hydrastis: when chronic gastric catarrh is present, in chronic catarrh of the duodenum and bile-ducts, with inspissation of the bile and gallstones.

  18. The duodenum proceeded from the depression marking the lesser arch of the organ midway between the cardiac orifice and the right extremity.

  19. In the Museum of St. George's Hospital, London, are masses of hair and string taken from the stomach and duodenum of a girl of ten.

  20. At the postmortem there was found a defect in the diaphragm on the left side, permitting herniation of the stomach and first part of the duodenum into the left pleural cavity.

  21. Hinder reports the rupture of the duodenum by a violent kick.

  22. I have also sometimes noticed, that the duodenum contained the coffee ground matter, and the intestines, coagulated blood.

  23. This duct at last enters the duodenum in company with the common bile duct.

  24. Combined with the bile, this juice acts upon the large drops of fat which pass from the stomach into the duodenum and emulsifies them.

  25. Showing the Relations of the Duodenum and Other Intestinal Organs.

  26. In the duodenum and other divisions of the small intestines, as Zenker and Heller have shown, the embryos undergo transformation, casting their skins, and growing with great rapidity.

  27. Dr Grenet sent the duodenum and a portion of the jejunum of an hypoæmic corpse to Le Roy de Méricourt, who compared the Anchylostomes with Davaine’s description, and recognised them as examples of A.

  28. I stated at the time that these entozoa were identical with certain flukes previously obtained from the duodenum and biliary ducts of an Indian elephant, and which, though carefully preserved in the Boston Museum, U.

  29. The duodenum itself was crowded with worms, their numbers somewhat decreasing downwards.

  30. Brewer has also given a case where the duodenum was perforated by bots.

  31. Busk in the duodenum of a Lascar who died at the Seamen’s Hospital, 1843.

  32. From the duodenum are developed the two large glands that we have already mentioned--the liver and pancreas.

  33. The two glands pour their secretions, the bile and pancreatic juice, close together into the duodenum (i).

  34. At the lower end of the gastric sac is developed the valve that separates it from the duodenum (the pylorus, Figure 2.

  35. From this arrangement it results that at this period the original outgrowth from the duodenum serves as a receptacle into which each ductule of the embryonic gland opens separately.

  36. By stage L the original outgrowth from the gut has become elongated longitudinally, but transversely compressed: at the same time its opening into the duodenum has become somewhat narrowed.

  37. The proximal part of the duodenum and the terminal part of the intestine are represented as cut open, the former to shew the pyloric valve and the apertures of the pyloric caeca and bile duct, and the latter to shew the spiral valve.

  38. The liver arises during stage I as a ventral outgrowth from the duodenum immediately in front of the opening of the umbilical canal (duct of the yolk-sack) into the intestine.

  39. We have first noticed the pyloric caeca arising as outgrowths of the duodenum in larvae of about three weeks old, and they become rapidly longer and more prominent (Plate 40, fig.

  40. Its opening into the duodenum is provided with a very distinct pyloric valve (py.

  41. Longitudinal section through portions of the stomach, liver, and duodenum of an embryo about a month after hatching, to shew the relations of the pancreas (p) to the surrounding parts.

  42. The content of the intestine in prosecretin decreases from the duodenum down, so that one is unable to demonstrate any prosecretin in the last 2-1/2 feet of the ileum.

  43. The acid and soap in the duodenum produce secretion; there is no necessary correspondence between the action of a substance in the intestine and that obtained by injection after boiling mucosa with it.

  44. It is well established that acid chyme in the duodenum is the normal stimulus to the secretion of pancreatic juice.

  45. This consisted in the giving of tartaric acid in thick keratin capsules, the acid not being liberated until the duodenum was reached, where it provoked the formation of secretin.

  46. Ulcer of the duodenum is usually in males and may follow large superficial burns.

  47. The duodenum is not a U-shaped loop, but makes one together with the stomach; the pancreas lies between it and the stomach, and is more compact than the rabbit's.

  48. The duodenum and ileum together form the small intestine; and the ileum is dilated at its distal end into a thick-walled sacculus rotundus (s.

  49. A short cylindroidal form of cell makes up columnar epithelium, seen typically in the cells covering the villi of the duodenum (Figure V.

  50. In the preceding chapters we have mentioned some of the most common cases of retention of excreta in the rectum, sigmoid cavity, colon, cecum, duodenum and stomach, and how the consequent foul conditions often resulted in diarrhea.

  51. The pancreas excretes quite as much fluid into the duodenum as its larger neighbor, and is, therefore, no mean organ.

  52. The duodenum and mesoduodenum are free and can be turned toward the median line.

  53. The caudal layer continues over the caudal surface of the body of the gland and transverse portion of the duodenum into the parietal peritoneum and the free mesentery of the jejuno-ileum.

  54. In the calf the pancreatic duct opens into the duodenum 15' beyond the bile-duct and 3' beyond the pylorus.

  55. In this case the duodenum was coiled twice upon itself and adherent to the prerenal parietal peritoneum.

  56. Subsequently, after the fourth month, while the right surface of the mesoduodenum and descending duodenum adhere to the parietal peritoneum, the peritoneal investment of the first portion or hepatic angle remains free.

  57. The result of this anchoring of duodenum and mesoduodenum is to bring the margin of the foramen further to the right and to bury the hepatic artery still further from view.

  58. The mesentery lacked the usual attachment to the dorsal abdominal wall and its root was represented by the interval between the duodenum and the transverse colon.

  59. Schematic representation of peritoneum in fixation of descending duodenum and formation of transverse colon and mesocolon.

  60. The termination of the duodenum (1) and the bend in the colon (2) mark the two points at which in the primitive schema (Fig.

  61. The caudal layer of the transverse mesocolon, the right leaf of the mesentery and the secondary parietal peritoneum investing the ventral surface of the transverse duodenum all meet at this point.

  62. Into the duodenum also the overlying liver empties its secretion of bile from the median-placed gall-bladder.

  63. From the duodenum the small intestine or ileum extends with many convolutions to its exit through the cloacal aperture.

  64. The penalties were realized in painful digestion, with the duodenum the chiefest of protesting voices.

  65. The only disease found was stricture of the duodenum close to the entrance of the gall-duct, so that a probe passed down the latter entered the duodenum immediately below the constriction.

  66. In the remaining 19 cases the appearance of the duodenum and jejunum was not recorded, so that it was probably normal.

  67. When the duodenum is the part affected by extension from the pylorus, the symptoms are indistinguishable from ordinary pyloric cancer.

  68. At the autopsy gangrenous inflammation of the duodenum was found, which ended abruptly twelve inches from the pylorus.

  69. The adhesion of the gall-bladder or common duct to the duodenum or colon may be direct, exudations uniting {1075} the two parts without the intervention of an abscess cavity, or such a sac or cavity may be interposed.

  70. Icterus, clay-colored stools, and bile in the urine show that the catarrh is in the duodenum and involves the opening of the common bile-duct.

  71. Senator says that when not an accidental complication due to a catarrh of the duodenum it may result from compression of the biliary capillaries by the overloaded blood-vessels and enlarged gland-cells of the liver.

  72. An ulcer situated at the duodenal end of the common duct and extending into the {1084} duodenum may also in the process of healing so contract as to render the orifice impermeable to bile.

  73. Thus, Legg has seen a liver markedly cirrhotic in a case where a small cancer of the duodenum completely obstructed the flow of bile into the intestine.

  74. The lower orifice of the stomach, with which the duodenum connects.

  75. The duodenum 12, 13, Ducts through which the bile and pancreatic fluid pass into it.

  76. Undoubtedly since the revolt of the duodenum her grip of him had sensibly tightened.

  77. The unseen, unfelt, sinister duodenum no longer mysteriously deranged his whole engine.

  78. He knew that it was the disturbed duodenum that caused him to yawn, and that also gave him a dry mouth and a peculiar taste therein.

  79. The opening of the common duct in the duodenum was natural, but no hepatic duct could be found joining the pancreatic.

  80. The chyme must pass into the duodenum and other portions of intestine beyond the stomach, and be retained there for some time, before it will form perfect chyle.

  81. For, suppose the chyme to be perfect, though even this may be mere pulp, rather than chyme, and suppose it pass quietly along into the duodenum and other small intestines.

  82. A double ligature should be passed round the oesophagus, and also round the duodenum a few inches below the pylorus.

  83. Stomach and duodenum reddened, with deposits of sulphur.

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