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exemple; exemples; exempli; exemplification; exemplifications; exemplifies; exemplify; exemplifying; exemplo; exemplum
  1. The process can be exemplified by a limited analogy: In order to explore in depth the experience embodied in Homer's texts, one needs a knowledge of ancient Greek.

  2. Even today, designers and engineers are educated according to an ideal of literacy that is expected to reflect in their work the rationality exemplified in the literate use of language.

  3. Integration is probably best exemplified by the metaphor of the global village of teleconnections and tele-viewing, of Internet and World Wide Web interactions.

  4. This truth of position, however, was disregarded by many a later geographer, till we reach a type of map, about the end of the century, which is exemplified in that given by Campanius in 1702.

  5. The reader will find interest in various local antiquarian quests, as exemplified in J.

  6. This is exemplified in his Cain and Abel, in the cathedral of Pisa, where he has introduced a landscape, that of itself would do honour to any painter.

  7. Shakespeare's boldness in metaphors is pretty strongly exemplified in some of the forecited passages; but he has instances of still greater boldness.

  8. Here, then, we have a trustworthy exhibit of the Poet's moral principles; here we are left in no doubt as to what moral traits of character he in heart approved, whether his own moral character exemplified them or not.

  9. My Lord Bacon has composed an express treatise in proof of this, entitled, The Wisdom of the Ancients; where the reader may see several particular fictions exemplified and explained with great clearness, judgment, and learning.

  10. In the pelargonium, and in some other plants, variegation is generally accompanied by some degree of dwarfing, as is well exemplified in the "Dandy" pelargonium.

  11. The knowledge may, so to speak, be there, but is in abeyance, a condition which is palpably exemplified in a drunken man.

  12. The development of a century is exemplified in the "snapshot" of the present time.

  13. The consequences of such accidents are often serious and are exemplified in the terrible conflagration in Chicago in 1871, when Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern and started a fire which burned the city.

  14. These various principles of lighting are readily exemplified in the lighting of the home, which is discussed in another chapter.

  15. The characteristics of creeds are distinctly different and these are to some extent exemplified by the lines of the architecture of their churches.

  16. As solicitous for the interests and as intent on the happiness of others, as if her own heart had not been wrung with anguish, and oppressed with care, she exemplified the unselfishness of true charity.

  17. He was as familiar with Boccaccio's poetic method, as exemplified in the Teseide, as with his prose, as exemplified at much greater length in the Decameron, for he borrowed from them both.

  18. But the ethical treatment of the short-story, as exemplified in these monkish fables, handicapped its progress and circumscribed its field of endeavor.

  19. Such a gruesome and terrible goddess is exemplified by the Norse Hel, or, widely remote from her in time and space, by the Babylonian Ereksigal.

  20. In this event we shall find that the lowest stage is unquestionably exemplified in the Australian region, as well as by some of the Melanesian peoples.

  21. This is exemplified by Herder's phrase, Erziehung zur Humanitaet (education to humanity).

  22. This is exemplified in Polynesia, where we find a rich theogony alongside of cults that have not advanced essentially beyond the stage of totemic magic beliefs.

  23. This idea of sacrificing parts of one's own body is also exemplified in the self-emasculation practised by the Russian sect of Skopzi even in our own Christian age.

  24. Thus, the external decoration of the body reached its highest perfection in the artistic dot-patterns exemplified in the tattooing of the Polynesians.

  25. Nevertheless, the religious legend, as exemplified also in the mythological versions of the life of Jesus, represents an offshoot of the hero saga, springing up at those times when the religious impulses are dominant.

  26. Between them and the gods proper there are intermediate beings, just as there are between heroes and gods, those of the latter sort being exemplified particularly by such heroes as have been exalted into deities.

  27. In this way, higher forms of soul cult were developed, as exemplified by the ancient mysteries and by the related secret cults of other peoples.

  28. This is exemplified even by the natives of Australia, who are armed with spear and shield.

  29. This is exemplified even in the age of deity beliefs, for a sanctuary acquires increasing sacredness with age.

  30. All these remarks are even more strongly exemplified by the beautiful country which lies between Pentelicus and Hymettus, and which is now covered with forest and brushwood.

  31. He was well acquainted, for example, with the clinical practice of the Dublin school, as exemplified in the works of Graves and Stokes.

  32. He attended the American Presbyterian church and in his life exemplified his Christian faith.

  33. He was a student of the classics, and all these things had influence to make him a noble-minded man, whose life exemplified the high principles which constituted the basis of his character.

  34. Browne held membership with the Masonic fraternity and in his life exemplified the beneficent spirit of the craft.

  35. On all sides may be seen splendid evidences of his handiwork as exemplified in some of the most beautiful and substantial structures of Montreal.

  36. He was also a member of the American Presbyterian church and his life exemplified his belief.

  37. In the pulpit he enforced religion; in his conduct he exemplified it.

  38. Her affection survived his honor, and through all his subsequent career she exemplified the character of a true woman's love, which often "Clings like ivy to a worthless thing.

  39. The last-named class of design is well exemplified by the bottle in Plate 10, one of the four pieces of Medici porcelain belonging to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

  40. This style is exemplified by the sumptuous vases in the Jones Bequest at South Kensington.

  41. This type is perfectly exemplified by a fine dish in the series at South Kensington brought together by the Japanese Government in 1876.

  42. The beauty and dignity of this ware is well exemplified by the two quadrangular vases at South Kensington, formerly in Dr.

  43. This is well exemplified by a large jardinière with rococo ormolu mounting, also in the Fitzhenry gift.

  44. One of the finest forms made by Duesbury is exemplified by the vase in the Jones Bequest shown in Plate 26.

  45. The extreme tenacity of life possessed by the Crocodile is well exemplified by an incident which occurred in Ceylon.

  46. This diversity of spirit in similar forms is very curious, and is strongly exemplified by the semi-wild Asses of Quito.

  47. We find that this legend is exemplified by the oft-recurring symbol of the "Pelican feeding its young" in ecclesiastical art, as an emblem of Divine love.

  48. Nowhere is the curious unexpectedness of London houses better exemplified than in the building known as Sir John Soane's Museum, on the north side of the square called Lincoln's Inn Fields.

  49. And here is more than ever exemplified the great truth, that the most beautiful objects lose in effect in proportion to the unsuitableness of their immediate surroundings.

  50. The same type of geological architecture is exemplified by the Hetch Hetchy a few miles to the north and by the canyons of the San Joaquin, Kings and Kern to the south.

  51. They are exceptionally interesting and all well attended, for in them the most eminent scientific authorities interpret the natural history, folklore, geology and other subjects exemplified by the Yosemite region.

  52. Sahara behind it, tend to divert trade to the west of the district--a fact which is exemplified by the final survival of Berenice (mod.

  53. The same pre-potency of the variety was still more markedly exemplified in the progeny of two of the other children, Marie and George.

  54. The farcical element is strikingly exemplified in Amph.

  55. The surface of the water in the supersaturated soil is known as the "water-table" and is exemplified in water standing in a well.

  56. The edition of 1854 was entitled The Dealings of God, Man, and the Devil as exemplified in the Life, Experience and Travels of Lorenzo Dow.

  57. The theory of the Platonic Socrates, that the same man ought to be the best tragic and the best comic poet, was among the Greeks never exemplified in practice.

  58. It may be distinguished from the draining of land on a large scale which is exemplified in the reclamation of the English Fens (see FENS).

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exemplified" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.