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  1. The chambered bodies are of various forms.

  2. The chambered shells called ammonites and belemnites, which are so characteristic of the period preceding the cretaceous, in like manner die with it.

  3. Chambered long barrows are most frequent in Wiltshire, though they do occur in other counties, as, for example, Buckinghamshire, where the famous Cave of Wayland the Smith is certainly the remains of a barrow of this kind.

  4. In Derbyshire and Staffordshire a type of chambered mound does occur, but it seems uncertain from the description given whether it is round or elongated.

  5. The majority date from the dawn of this latter period, though some of the chambered cairns of Ireland seem to belong to the iron age.

  6. In the second type of chambered barrow there is no central corridor, but chambers are built in opposite pairs on the outside edge of the mound and opening outwards (Fig.

  7. Wayland the Smith's Cave was probably a three-chambered corridor-tomb covered with a mound.

  8. To the long barrows of England answer in part at least the chambered cairns of Caithness and the Orkneys.

  9. Among the megalithic monuments of our islands the chambered barrows hold an important place.

  10. It is a single-chambered shell, very different from that of the Pearly Nautilus.

  11. The same motion of the chambered receiver causes the divisions between the tubes and the chambered receiver to pass under and sustain the balls in the magazine.

  12. Upon the barrel of this tubular part the chambered receptacles are received and revolve.

  13. The rim of the chambered receiver l l is to be turned round to allow the balls to escape through m m, as already described in the charging with powder.

  14. The dotted lines t t show the plan of the openings in the bottom plate of the chamber a, the chambered receiver being shown in the position in which those openings are covered.

  15. The chambered receptacle is restored to its place by means of a spring of any suitable form.

  16. These tubes are also open at their lower ends, so that the balls may pass from them into a chambered receptacle, l l, similar to that for the powder.

  17. From this chambered receptacle they are to fall into the chambers of the receiver when the lower end of the flask, Fig.

  18. The advantage in retaining a two-chambered legislature.

  19. In the first place the city council was simplified and made a one-chambered council consisting of nineteen aldermen.

  20. The government of Maryland was carried on by a governor and a two-chambered legislature.

  21. The return to the two-chambered legislature of the charter.

  22. First, in the board of aldermen and the common council we had a two-chambered legislature.

  23. Then there was the two-chambered legislature, of which the lower house was the same institution after the Revolution that it had been before.

  24. This system of two-chambered legislatures is probably retained chiefly through a spirit of conservatism, because it is what we are used to.

  25. The ordinance created a territorial government with governor and two-chambered legislature, courts, magistrates, and militia.

  26. The Rhizopoda usually adhere together within a multi-chambered calcareous shell, out of which they protrude mucous filaments, and are therefore the antetypes of the Corals or Polyps.

  27. Although the Earl of Northumberland that was Star-Chambered was by his own declaration no papist, he was looked up to by the English Roman Catholics as their natural leader.

  28. B] In "Beowulf" a chambered tumulus is described, in the recesses of which were treasures watched over for three hundred years by a dragon.

  29. The chambered tumulus at Luckington is spoken of as the Giant's Caves, and that at Nempnet in Somersetshire as the Fairy's Toot.

  30. What thought must have been in the mind of those who gave the chambered nautilus this name?

  31. Much of his verse is in lighter vein, but of the serious, surest in their hold upon his readers are "The Last Leaf" and "The Chambered Nautilus.

  32. As already intimated, the palace stood on the terrace buttressed by the Tower of Isaac Angelus and the chambered wall to the north of the tower, where the Mosque of Aivas Effendi is now found.

  33. Beyond this chambered wall there is a double line of fortifications.

  34. These chambered mounds are situated in the eastern part of Clay County, Missouri, and form a large group on both sides of the Missouri River.

  35. The walls of the chambered passages were about 2 feet thick, vertical, and well made of stones, which were evenly laid without clay or mortar of any kind.

  36. A large mound near the chambered mounds was also opened, but in this no chambers were found.

  37. Paris basin, almost entirely made up of many-chambered microscopic shells.

  38. The tube which runs through the partitions of chambered cephalopod shells.

  39. The bore of a gun; the turning chambered breech of a revolver.

  40. An extensive order of rhizopods which generally have a chambered calcareous shell formed by several united zooids.

  41. A pistol or other firearm which can be fired six times without reloading especially, a six-chambered revolver.

  42. The thin chambered shell attached to the anterior end of a belemnite.

  43. A term formerly applied to a short piece of chambered ordnance.

  44. The twigs have cream-colored chambered pith and leaf-scars without downy pads above.

  45. The twigs have chocolate-brown chambered pith and bear obliquely blunt winter buds somewhat flattened, brownish and hairy.

  46. Revolvers are sometimes chambered for the .

  47. The Colt is furnished only in one length of barrel, 6 inches, but chambered for any of the rim-fire cartridges, and the .

  48. The Smith & Wesson is supplied chambered only for the S.

  49. Occasionally single-shot pistols are chambered for this cartridge.

  50. A few of these arms have been made up as breech-loaders, with a tip-up action similar to the Stevens, but operated by a side lever under the hammer and chambered for the .

  51. Here are great stone circles in numbers, not standing alone like so many others, but encompassing still stranger monuments; chambered pyramids of boulders, to which we shall later return.

  52. The chambered cromlech of Lisbellaw in Fermanagh has like markings; they are too similar to be quite independent, yet almost too simple to contain a recorded thought.

  53. Here also stands a chambered cromlech of four huge flat blocks roofed over like the cromlech under Slieve Callan across the Shannon mouth.

  54. The adoption of the Paixhans long-chambered guns, designed to throw heavy shells horizontally as well as at a slight elevation and as easily as solid shot, was attended with great results.

  55. At this time, and, indeed, for several years after, he was not aware that any person before himself had ever conceived the idea of a fire-arm with a rotating chambered breech.

  56. At the close of The Chambered Nautilus, Oliver Wendell Holmes sings: "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll!

  57. The humorous poems like The One-Hoss Shay, How the Old Horse Won the Bet, and such beautiful poems as The Chambered Nautilus and The Last Leaf always appeal to young folks.

  58. Cap'n Ira, now looking, himself, at the old seven-chambered revolver as though he had never seen it before.

  59. Another improvement consists in the addition to the chambered breech, d, of a projecting tube, which prevents the spindle on which it turns from becoming foul; and there is also a safety bolt added, as a protection against accidental firing.

  60. The plan of making the mere action of drawing the trigger turn the chambered breech and pull back the hammer, as originally contrived by Mr. Adams, required so much force to pull the trigger as to interfere materially with the accuracy of aim.

  61. There was danger, also, in that mode of turning the chambered breech, arising from premature firing.

  62. There were six chambers in the breech, which was turned round by a winch, and, when the six were fired, there was an arrangement by which the chambered breech could be removed, and another loaded one substituted for it.

  63. The annexed woodcuts show the figure of this Revolver, with the working parts round the lock exposed to view, together with the shape of the revolving chambered breech.

  64. As, however, local tradition alleges that it leads to the chambered mound, the name may be correct enough.

  65. The following questions are suggested by peculiarities in these specimens of chambered tumuli--Were they intended to be occupied by the living, or as sepulchres for the dead?

  66. It may be that every chambered mound already opened had long had its real nature foretold by the voice of local tradition.

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