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Example sentences for "combating"

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  1. This book carries on the work of combating British ignorance of Irish affairs and the effects of that ignorance in a manner which seems to me singularly effective.

  2. He has gained insight into the way of combating his tics, and his self-confidence is on the up grade.

  3. It was about to give over combating them, and to seek compensation through the conquest of Canada!

  4. And almost would it make a clot of gore of my heart to be combating with thee!

  5. By sundown every sufferer in the place had been removed, the nurses were duly instructed in their duties and installed, and the real combating of the disease had commenced.

  6. School procedures should reflect the available legal means for combating drug use.

  7. I am too ill at present, my dear, to think of combating with this dreadful man; and of flying from this horrid house!

  8. I believe that we ought to have recourse to very homely remedies indeed for combating shyness.

  9. It is generally quite useless to think of removing the fear by combating the particular fancy; the affected centre, whatever it is, only turns feverishly to some other similar anxiety.

  10. The best years and the best energies of Sarpi's life were spent, as is well known, in combating the arrogance of Rome, and in founding the relations of State to Church upon a basis of sound common sense and equity.

  11. The best energies of Paolo Sarpi were devoted to combating the main position of ecclesiastical supremacy.

  12. Cherry-growers, in common with all fruit-growers, find the lime and sulphur solution the most effective spray in combating this insect.

  13. Jarring the beetles from the trees, a method employed by plum-growers, is quite too expensive and ineffective for the cherry-grower and poisoning with an arsenate is the only practical means of combating the pest.

  14. Lastly, better care of orchards and better means of combating insects and fungi have increased the yields during the last decade.

  15. It is important to be able to distinguish in wormy cherries the grub of the curculio from the cherry fruit maggot in order to know and understand the nature of the two enemies in combating them.

  16. Steam alone was effective in combating these sea-wolves.

  17. He appeared to have become animated with a portion of that courage, with which in the field of battle the flaming eyes of Galeana had more than once inspired him--while combating under the aegis of the marshal's death-dealing lance.

  18. But this calamity did not prevent him from making a journey to Alais in January 1869, for the express purpose of combating the criticisms to which his labours had been subjected.

  19. While drawing up his report the idea occurred to him of trying to persuade Pasteur to undertake researches as to the best means of combating the epidemic.

  20. The small village communities arrange their own police, but there is no official means of combating the more serious offences short of a military expedition.

  21. This viceroy adopted an effective method of combating the contempt with which the army was regarded by the literati.

  22. Hahnemann had observed in his studies and hospital practice that the prevalent systems of medicine were founded on the rational principle of combating effects by striking at morbid causes.

  23. She was silent a moment, standing with bent head, her instinct to be fair, to play the game, combating the revulsion of feeling with which the knowledge of Garth's act of cowardice had filled her.

  24. And so, too, among those who are combating on horseback, that knight is very well painted who is pinning to the ground with his lance the head of his enemy, whom he has hurled backwards from his horse, all dismayed.

  25. Beside this story there is seen another, wherein, a fierce battle being contested between the Saint and the pagans, many angels in armour are combating to the end that he may be victorious.

  26. In this you think you are combating prejudice, but you are at war with nature.

  27. From that time we have been combating only with the other arm of our naval power; the right arm of England I admit; but which struck almost unresisted with blows that could never reach the heart of the hostile mischief.

  28. It will not be the weaker, but much the stronger, for combating both together.

  29. The bishops and the abbots had the same rights as the seigneurs, even to the extent of donning armor and combating in person if they so willed.

  30. It has been estimated that one-half of the total effort of one-third of the race is expended in combating conditions against which no successful effort is possible.

  31. The sophism which I am here combating will not stand the test of progression, which is the touchstone of principles.

  32. The sophism which I am now combating has its root in the infinite divisibility which belongs to value, as it does to matter.

  33. Gerontologists refer to combating the aging process as "squaring the curve.

  34. Though it might be wisest to begin combating the aging process at age 19, practically speaking, no one is going to start spending substantial money on food supplements until they actually notice significant lost function.

  35. They had, indeed, been called into being by the necessity of combating the intellectual doubts and controversies of the south of France.

  36. The lack of all facilities for combating it makes it an ever present menace.

  37. There is very little use in combating fire under such circumstances, and perhaps long experience has contributed to the apathy with which such disasters are treated.

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