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Example sentences for "combatants"

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comaunded; comaundement; comb; combat; combatant; combate; combated; combating; combative; combativeness
  1. Wars against Arian peoples had been represented as holy wars, for which the combatants would be rewarded by Heaven.

  2. He beheld these great combatants doing battle before the eyes of the nation, and engrossing its whole regards.

  3. The nine combatants rushed upon each other with fury, and the battle ended in the utter discomfiture of the cardinal's guards, one of whom was slain and three badly wounded.

  4. Jussac, commander of the guards, had seen the combatants in a position which could not be mistaken.

  5. At tournaments the combatants usually bore the title of Knights of the Swan, Dragon, Star, or whatever charge was most conspicuous in their arms.

  6. Frequently one of the combatants was knocked down with a single blow; and one gigantic fellow hit his adversary so severely that he drove the skin entirely off his forehead.

  7. The combatants were drawn up face to face, each side ranged in rank four deep.

  8. The conflict generally ends in one of the combatants losing his tail, which is often devoured by the victor.

  9. Their battles are at times desperate; "for these puny combatants fasten tight on each other for several seconds, tumbling over and over again, until their strength appears completely exhausted.

  10. Groups of hundreds of non-combatants were hurrying off from the beleaguered insurgent capital.

  11. The attitude of the thoroughbred native non-combatants was glum silence born of fear.

  12. The battle raged for three hours, the combatants being finally within fifty yards of each other.

  13. This artillery duel was the zacuska to prepare the combatants for the piece de resistance on the morrow.

  14. We repeat here that, what with men and women, the Captain had sixty-two combatants around him.

  15. The number of combatants amounted to sixty-two, including the females.

  16. Not forgetful of the usual courtesies, the combatants bowed and took off their coats and vests.

  17. The combatants were about equal in youth, height and build; in skill they were unfairly matched.

  18. The women are placed in the rear, ready to excite the combatants by their cries and applause, and are themselves protected by the foot-soldiers who form the reserve.

  19. In an affair of nif (self-love), the pretty women who accompany the expedition to animate the combatants are entitled to a share of the spoils.

  20. Slowly and solemnly the combatants came out from their cells on to the scene of action; tall and powerful forms, mostly fair-haired, for the greater number were northerners by birth.

  21. Stealthily, like panthers waiting to spring, the combatants went towards each other; each was watching for an unprotected spot in his antagonist, while trying to expose himself as little as possible.

  22. Now both combatants threw their arms about one another and struggled for supremacy.

  23. Frank stepped forward and called both combatants to him.

  24. The crippled Spaniards, unable to manœuvre, had to put before the wind, and the combatants were parted.

  25. And the combatants of the Vrishni and Andhaka races burst into exclamations of Oh!

  26. And, O king of mighty arms, beholding Salwa on that beautiful car of his, the combatants of Dwaraka wavered with fear!

  27. The sounds that in consequence of those mighty combatants pressing each other's hands, were frightful and resembled the sounds of splintering bamboos.

  28. And enraged with each other the combatants pierced each other with their arrows, uttering loud roars like unto two powerful lions!

  29. And, O thou of mighty arms, the combatants were all specially gratified with allowances and wages, and rations, and weapons, and dresses!

  30. And amongst the combatants there was none who was not paid in gold, and none who was not paid at all, and none who was not somehow obliged, and none who was not of tried valour!

  31. And Nakula too, sword in hand, jumping out of his chariot, scattered in a moment, like a tiller sowing seeds, the heads of the combatants fighting in the rear.

  32. The dress of the combatants varied according to the rank of the individual.

  33. The feelings of the woman overcame those of the heroine, and Constance shrieked for help, when she beheld the combatants fairly engaged in a feud where the shedding of blood appeared inevitable.

  34. Even the invention of gunpowder did not separate the combatants permanently, for although it was possible to hurl missiles at a great distance, cannon were so slow in their action that the enemy could rush them between shots.

  35. At the battle of Ohod, we read that the combatants amused themselves with throwing stones.

  36. Waistcoats cut out of the Kiswah still make the combatants invulnerable in battle, and are considered presents fit for princes.

  37. I shall hence forth promiscuously employ the word Vánar to denote those monkeys, those fierce combatants of Ráma’s army.

  38. A fierce struggle ensued: the buckets were dropped, and the combatants "clinched" hand to hand.

  39. The musicians were sent home and the two chief combatants taken to the lock-up.

  40. The branch cracked and bent with our united weight; but we were anxious enough had it not done so, for we were now fully exposed to the sight of the combatants below.

  41. They had usually never been within ten miles of the front, for only combatants are allowed in the line.

  42. There are other reasons why combatants should do the stretcher-bearing which do not need elaborating.

  43. The preparations were all made, it is said, for an engagement, but a violent storm came on, so violent as to drive the combatants back to their respective camps.

  44. Two or three pairs of combatants were allowed to fight.

  45. Such a body of combatants covered, of course, a large extent of ground, and the conflict that ensued was one of the most terrible scenes of the many that Hannibal assisted in enacting.

  46. It seemed as if the combatants gladly availed themselves of the chance opportunity of becoming united again in the common brotherhood of man, even for but a fleeting moment, by the spirit of good-humour and hilarity.

  47. The weather was so intensely hot that the combatants were parched with thirst.

  48. Such amenities between combatants are very ancient--the Greeks and Trojans used to exchange presents and courtesies, in the intervals of fighting--and the early stages of this war seemed to afford a promise that they would be revived.

  49. Many touching stories might be told of the sympathy which unites the combatants when they find themselves lying side by side, wounded and helpless, in shell holes and copses, or on the open plain after an engagement.

  50. Indeed, there were in all only about half a dozen dead bodies left on the battle-field when the combatants departed to the sound of the "big bell" which announced the closing of the city gates.

  51. The combatants generally fight with their fists, but, like the French, are much given to use their knees and feet as well in the contest.

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