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Example sentences for "hundred gulden"

  • If you want to win a couple of hundred gulden from me, I had better pay them now; but to sit the whole night gambling and drinking, no, thank you.

  • The bank has advanced me two months' salary, of which I inclose a hundred gulden, with the request that you would be good enough to pay it over to the landlord of The White Ship at Pancsova.

  • When he opened it he was surprised to find money in it--a hundred gulden note.

  • He already owed Frau Franzka nearly five hundred gulden, and Mizka could not understand why her aunt would go on lending to him.

  • He often drove to Goerz, where he consorted with the officers, and 'twas said that he had sometimes lost at play more than a hundred gulden in one evening.

  • With the watch there was also a bank-note for a hundred gulden.

  • Is it true that, for one experiment only, he burned a brilliant belonging to Countess Theudelinde which was worth eight hundred gulden?

  • During Siegi's illness Fritz borrowed a hundred gulden from a former friend.

  • In the meanwhile he lived upon--debt, and could not comprehend why professional usurers should need so much urging to induce them to lend him, the probable heir of Schneeburg, a paltry couple of hundred gulden.

  • Before night he had a situation in the office of a tramway company, at a hundred gulden a month.

  • Duke Christoph of Wuertemberg especially, who had previously been favourably disposed towards me, recalled this year the pension of a hundred gulden which he had given me.

  • Sometimes they paid part of the money for the cloth; but whenever they gave a hundred gulden, they straightway bought to the amount of two hundred or more.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
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