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duos; duoviri; dupe; duped; dupery; duping; duple; duplex; duplicate; duplicated
  1. The dupes of Father John no longer believed in his miraculous powers.

  2. It is needless to say that these platitudes find dupes by thousands and hundreds of thousands.

  3. Hence this lamentable outbreak of sentimentalism, which has rendered socialism so insipid to positive minds, and which, spreading the absurdest delusions, makes so many fresh dupes every day.

  4. The people do not want virtue, but are the dupes of pretended patriots.

  5. They will be the dupes of those who have more knowledge & intercourse.

  6. It need not be repeated--its counterpart may be found by the score in any city where legalized thieving like Weston's scheme ever dupes the credulous, and is as common as the annals of simple drunks.

  7. Think of the thousands of dupes still anxious to buy fairy tales and pay money for them!

  8. Even if these dupes win twice or thrice, it only results in a greater exultation, and the end is the same--they lose.

  9. Of those who were to be the dupes of this precious pair a word will now be said.

  10. The republicans, still the dupes of their own illusions, flattered themselves with the hope of introducing a federal government into France.

  11. I haven't been able to discover the author of it, but just a moment ago I talked with one of the poor dupes who are paid to carry it out, and I wasn't able to dissuade him.

  12. I abominate all criminal actions and refuse any kind of participation in them, pitying with all my heart the dupes who have allowed themselves to be deceived.

  13. I have opposed the whole, adhering to the constitution, and to the objects of the confederacy, and scorning the ephemeral popularity which a venal system of plunder could purchase from the victims, or the dupes of a false and sordid policy.

  14. Eyes like hers--if there had not been the miserable dupes of girls!

  15. The Reverend Aubrey is evidently an experienced hand, for his dupes are most judiciously selected, being entirely maiden ladies of independent means and advanced Evangelical views.

  16. Dashall, "these fellows are smoking us; and, in the midst of my instructions to guard you against the abuses of the Metropolis, we have ourselves become the dupes of an impostor.

  17. These were only a few of the noble and distinguished dupes of Joanna Stephens.

  18. His old dupes remained staunch adherents to him, and every day brought fresh converts to their body.

  19. The often-repeated tales of this vanished alchemy may startle the incredulous; but the dupes and the knaves have been so numerous that we cannot distinguish between them.

  20. It is amusing to observe how men willingly become the dupes of their fancies, by affecting to discover motives and analogies, the most unconnected imaginable with the objects themselves.

  21. There they became the dupes of the declamations of the crafty and licentious Abbés, and writers of every denomination.

  22. Andreas even offered to initiate Raymond into these rascally manoeuvres, and to work with him so as to gull the dupes of "Sainte Pelagie.

  23. May it not happen, that the losers and the winners, the dupes as well as the rogues, may regard him as their common enemy?

  24. It is only one individual, already half perverted, who will avail himself of the knowledge I impart, to learn to cheat, while hundreds of dupes will have been put on their guard.

  25. His dupes are as numerous as they are varied; he finds them anywhere and everywhere.

  26. Reckoning on the weakness of human nature, these men knew, that the number of dupes in the world is without limit, and that they will never fail you, if you only know how to profit by the weakness of the human heart.

  27. At the end of the evening, after all the dupes had departed, the Greeks placed what they had gained on a table, and shared it equally.

  28. If men can be dupes of their imagination, if their senses are deceivers, why would you have me believe in the miracles which made an impression upon the deceiving senses of our ancestors?

  29. If these seas bring me spices, riches, and useless things, do they not destroy a multitude of mortals who are dupes enough to go after them?

  30. From generation to generation, men are the dupes of words; and it is painful to observe, that so many of our species are most tenacious of those opinions which they have formed with the least consideration.

  31. The People have ever been the dupes of extremes.

  32. They fell into a trap made, were dupes themselves, and the Church and State the victims.

  33. I have found there, for instance, the Day of the Dupes related precisely as my father has related it to me, and several other curious things not less exact.

  34. This, I assure you is but a fair specimen of the misleading character of Mr. Turner's book and an example of the teaching by which people are made the dupes of the Anti-Opium Society.

  35. He was one of those whose hearts are the dupes of their imaginations, and who are hurried through life by the most despotic volition.

  36. Several dupes of the Land League, for various outrages, were sentenced to punishment varying from one year's hard labour to seven years' penal servitude.

  37. It is ridiculous that we are diplomatists, and doctors, and considerate people: there are no dupes like these.

  38. The persons who believe they possess this intuition are dupes of an illusion.

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