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Example sentences for "chilblains"

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  1. Chilblains are troublesome, painful, and their yearly recurrence is often very annoying.

  2. I fear it brings chilblains on its wings.

  3. My hands are so covered with chilblains that I can hardly use a pen--my feet ditto.

  4. Walked out to the lake, and coquetted with this disagreeable weather, whereby I catch chilblains in my fingers and cold in my head.

  5. She had such dreadfully sore chilblains on her feet and on her hands too.

  6. And before my chilblains got bad, I didn't think anything could be duller or drearier than the way we were going on.

  7. For though Lady Emma was not sympathising by temperament, she was not indifferent to annoyances, and that chilblains should be described by any stronger term she would have thought an exaggeration.

  8. But to-day the walk in the fresh invigorating air had given the two elder sisters a satisfactory appetite, in which, chilblains notwithstanding, Eira was seldom deficient.

  9. I dare say my not walking makes my circulation worse, but then again the chilblains make walking, for the time being, simply impossible.

  10. The skin of a boy’s thumbs had been badly broken by chilblains associated with some skin disease.

  11. Rub the chilblains with the mixture and dry it in, then wrap up in linen.

  12. To avoid chilblains on the feet it is necessary to observe three rules: 1.

  13. Bathe the chilblains in strong alum water, as hot as it can be borne.

  14. When indications of the chilblains first present themselves, take vinegar three ounces and camphorated spirits of wine one ounce; mix and rub on the parts affected.

  15. Alice Chick has chilblains in winter, then she gets a cruel, bad hand.

  16. They have to stop the spindles so often, and it wounds them, and Nancy gets chilblains in the winter, so it's simply horrid for her.

  17. A good wash for hands or feet affected with chilblains is sulphurous acid, three parts; glycerine, one part, and water one part.

  18. When the chilblains vesicate, ulcerate or slough, it is better to omit the aconite and apply the other components of the liniment without it.

  19. Those liable to chilblains should take open-air exercise, nourishing food, cod-liver oil, and tonics.

  20. Ulcerated Chilblains on Fingers of a Child.

  21. Chilblains are met with chiefly on the fingers and toes in children and anæmic girls.

  22. Or, chilblains in every stage, whether of simple inflammation or open ulcer, may always he successfully treated by Goulard's extract, used pure or applied on lint twice a day.

  23. So I think I'll go there and ask her whether she thinks me a fool or a man over wise, for again playing with heat and cold which have given me chilblains already?

  24. True, we usually recommend rubbing chilblains with snow, but unfortunately a woman's heart is somewhat more delicately organized than the sturdy extremities.

  25. Chilblains may be mitigated by taking the tincture of this Agaric, and by applying some of the stronger tincture on cotton wool over the swollen and itching parts alt night.

  26. Unbroken chilblains may be readily cured by rubbing them once a day with a piece of sponge saturated with the tincture of Capsicum until a strong tingling is induced.

  27. Chaps, galls, excoriations, and chilblains are varieties of this disease produced by cold, excessive moisture, or friction.

  28. Their circulation is languid, and they are very generally attacked with chilblains during inclement weather.

  29. An excellent application to chilblains before they break.

  30. They had gone about a mile when Matilda declared that her feet hurt her, that her chilblains were worse than ever, and that she wished to go home.

  31. Fancy driving in an open conveyance in the month of December; my chilblains will get much worse from this biting, frosty air.

  32. But it is not essential that the body be exposed to the freezing temperature or be frozen at all, in order that some harm may result, for chilblains often follow when the temperature has not been lower than 40° F.

  33. Chilblains represent the mildest morbid effect of cold on the body.

  34. It was fourteen days before Miss Nippett's chilblains were sufficiently healed to allow her to take her place at "Poulter's" piano.

  35. The woman with the chilblains led the way to a door in a corner of the cloak-room, which Mavis had not noticed before.

  36. When Chilblains seem to be nourished by some Fault in the Temperament or Humours, the Consideration of a Physician becomes necessary, to direct a proper Method of removing or altering it.

  37. It is the only Application I have used for myself, after having been attacked with Chilblains for some Years past, from having accustomed myself to too warm a Muff.

  38. Chilblains may also be advantageously washed with Water and Flower of Mustard, which will concur, in a certain and easy Manner, both to cleanse and to cure them.

  39. Fact I have never seen Children, who had been early accustomed and inured to this Habit, as much afflicted with Chilblains as others.

  40. He says that he must be taken care of, or he will become a cripple; that it's the worst case of chilblains he ever saw; and that his feet are in danger of mortification.

  41. Why, I haven't seen so bad a case of chilblains these ten years.

  42. The stone bruise is also looking unusually well for this season of the year, and chilblains were in full bloom when I was there.

  43. Chilblains may occur in anyone, but they are most common in persons in whom the circulation is feeble.

  44. If you do this you will probably prevent the chilblains from bursting.

  45. As chilblains are a kind of minor frostbite, keeping warm will necessarily prevent them, but it is very difficult for a person with feeble circulation to keep warm.

  46. If you do this, and attend to your general health at the same time, you get rid of your chilblains more rapidly than by any other method.

  47. Moreover, when the circulation is below par, chilblains do not heal properly, and give great trouble often for months together.

  48. Mr. Heegan leans over and whispers to the Judge, while I got chilblains along my spine.

  49. However, I wondered if that runt would really give my chilblains a treat.

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