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Example sentences for "convene"

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  1. Deeming that the present condition of public affairs presents an extraordinary occasion, I do hereby, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress.

  2. The State constitution provides that the Governor may convene the General Assembly "on special emergencies" and he held that no special emergency existed.

  3. Sleeper had called a special session of the Legislature to convene on June 3.

  4. But delay ensued, and the assembly did not actually convene until September, for the members were slow in coming.

  5. The King had planned to convene deputies of the Huguenots of Languedoc and Dauphiné at least at Compiègne, but fell ill of smallpox[1607] and the project came to an end.

  6. It was now decided to convene the States-General at Orleans instead of Meaux.

  7. It don't convene to one of our free and enlightened citizens, to tag arter any man, that's a fact; its too English and too foreign for our glorious institutions.

  8. For thay did not onlie convene to the preching, dailie supplicatiounis, and administratioun of Baptisme, bot alssua the Lordis Tabill was ministratt, evin in the eyis of the verray ennemy, to the greit confort of mony afflictit conscience.

  9. But in order to deliberate upon the subject, they must all convene together, as in Rome and Athens; or must send deputies, vested with powers to act for them, as is the practice in England and America.

  10. The society was divided into State societies, which were to meet on the 4th of July, and with other business, depute a number of their members to convene annually in general meeting.

  11. He may, on extraordinary occasions, convene the Legislature by proclamation, and shall state to both houses, when assembled, the purpose for which they shall have been convened.

  12. The sessions of the Legislature shall be annual, and shall commence on the first Monday of January, next ensuing the election of its members; unless the Governor of the State shall, in the interim, convene the Legislature by proclamation.

  13. I hope that those in authority will never attempt to convene a Peace Congress in Edinburgh, lest the influence of the Castle be too strong for the delegates.

  14. The Council they convene every day, unless it is a holiday, the Assembly four times in each prytany.

  15. The captain, finding the surgeon obstinate, suffered himself to be dressed, and swore he would confine Mackshane as soon as the service should be over.

  16. The Governor shall have power, on extraordinary occasions, by and with the advice of the Council of State, to convene the General Assembly ?

  17. Whenever, during the recess of the General Assembly, it shall become necessary for the President of the Senate to administer the government, the Secretary of State shall convene the Senate, that they may elect such President.

  18. On the 6th of November a general election was held in the island for members of the Legislature, and the body elected has been called to convene on the first Monday of December.

  19. With these reflections, interesting in themselves, and given with Homeric vivacity, he instantly went to convene the captains who had served under his late friend Proxenus.

  20. Xenophon replied, that they might convene the soldiers and make the proposition, if they chose; but that he would have nothing to say to it.

  21. Not to convene it under such circumstances I can view in no other sense than the neglect of a plain duty.

  22. Then I felt constrained to convene the Congress in extraordinary session to devise revenues to pay the ordinary expenses of the Government.

  23. But a failure to convene the representatives of the people in Congress in extra session when it involves neglect of a public duty places the responsibility of such neglect upon the Executive himself.

  24. But even supposing him to be clothed with sufficient authority to convene the legislature, what constitutes the "State legislature" to which is to be referred the submission of the conditions imposed by Congress?

  25. By the constitution the Emperor is vested with the right to convene the Bundesrath and the Reichstag, and to open, adjourn, and close them.

  26. By the Riksdag law of 1866 the king is required to summon the chambers annually and empowered to convene extraordinary sessions as occasion may demand.

  27. The king may convene the chambers in extraordinary session.

  28. But if he wishes to declare war or to conclude peace he must convene in special session the full membership of the Council and must require of each member separately his opinion.

  29. The constitution stipulates that there shall be at least one session a year, and, furthermore, that it shall be obligatory upon the Emperor to convene the body whenever a meeting is demanded by one-third of the total number of votes.

  30. In the event, however, of a dissolution, the sovereign is obliged to convene the newly constituted Cortes within the space of three months.

  31. The President may convene an extraordinary session, and is obligated to do so if at any time during a recess an absolute majority of both chambers request it.

  32. This was the conference that was appointed to convene by the revelation received on the 7th of June, directing the elders to go westward in search of Zion.

  33. Court was to convene on Monday, the 28th of October, and it was expected that some of the leaders of the mob would be required to file bonds to keep the peace.

  34. To say the least, does it not smack of "going to law with the devil, when court is to convene in hell?

  35. The best and shortest way, they thought, was for Governor Watts to convene the legislature, which should begin the work, and a convention of the people would complete it.

  36. The majority reported a memorial to the President asking him to permit the governor of Alabama to convene the legislature, which would call a convention in order to restore the state to her political relations to the United States.

  37. A meeting was held at Selma, in Dallas County, on May 10, and called upon the governor to convene the legislature and take the state back into the Union.

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