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cita; citadel; citadels; citation; citations; cited; citee; citees; citer; cites
  1. Also put the londe of Surie in subjeccion, the isle of Cipres, and the gret cite of Damask wanne be assaut, slow the king of Spayne clepid Ferranus.

  2. Sarrasins in the countye of Aufrik, was at the conquest of the gret cite of the roiaume of Thunes.

  3. Carthage, "the victorioux cite of gret renomme," had been burnt to ashes by the Romans.

  4. How that the grettir part of the counte of Mayne, the cite of Mauns, withe many other castellis, were yolden.

  5. Also at the rescue of the cite [of] Averaunces fought by Edmonde duke of Somerset and the erle of Shrewisburie and lorde Fauconberge chiefeteins.

  6. It is useless to cite examples of this doubly infinite multiplicity of surfaces.

  7. Two miles to the north-east of the town is the ancient camp known as the Cite de Limes, which perhaps furnished the nucleus of the population of Dieppe.

  8. Olivier justifies them by saying that for eighty years all the best writers belonged to their body, and they could not be expected to cite each other.

  9. On the delegates of the representatives on mission, I will cite but one text.

  10. I will only cite among a multitude of instances the unfortunate Duc du Ch√Ętelet: never did anybody pay more for his execution!

  11. Thus, to cite a single instance, the famous violoncellist Kraft in my presence called his attention to a passage in the finale of the Trio, Op.

  12. Thus, to cite a single instance, the Prince's dinner hour was fixed at 4 o'clock.

  13. It is familiarly known, however--to cite a recent illustration--that Edward VII.

  14. It would be foolish and futile for the ends I have in view in this writing to cite or comment on individuals, save as they may illustrate the point under discussion.

  15. In my own case (to cite an instance) the regular procedure was observed, with only one accidental modification.

  16. To cite the case: Germany keeps a watch on all her officers.

  17. To cite but two cases, one of a woman, the other of a man.

  18. A few fragmentary passages remain, of which it will be sufficient to cite a word or two to call them to remembrance.

  19. It has been necessary to cite these heads of the breve because the apologists of the Society allege that no motive influenced the pope save the desire of peace at any price, and that he did not believe in the culpability of the fathers.

  20. Francis Xavier Wernz (German) 1906- The bibliography of Jesuitism is of enormous extent, and it is impracticable to cite more than a few of the most important works.

  21. I might go on indefinitely adding to the list, but I will cite only one more.

  22. To show this, I will first draw an analogy on the biological plane and then I will cite the judgment of great humanists who have sided against civilization.

  23. To account every co-ordination of modern social life as an instance of civilization is as if any one should cite the turbine engine and its achievements and set these down to the credit of the piston engine.

  24. I will here cite the principal passages of importance I have noticed.

  25. We may cite a version of Orosius, and a Fiore di Retorica based upon the Ad Herennium and Cicero.

  26. To the first objection I cite the men of the United Brotherhood organization in Chicago, from which he was expelled in a case where I conducted the prosecution.

  27. When in the future writers on memory want to give instances of prodigious feats of memory they will search the record of the Cronin trial and cite the witnesses for the prosecution.

  28. We may as well cite here a few more instances of her ingenuity in communicating, obliquely, how distinguished a personage she is,--a quality she possesses in a degree that we do not recollect ever to have seen rivalled.

  29. We will cite another, where misery was followed and consummated by ennui.

  30. It would not be right in logic, in fact, it would be a mis-classification, if I should cite as at all belonging to the same group several passages in Milton that come very near to Irish bulls, by virtue of distorted language.

  31. I here sey Heydon seweth for an ende to be had with the cite of Norwich, and as to the namys of them that passed on ther acquitaile ayenst yow, Broyn can weell informe yow.

  32. This was their only charge--this the only crime that their passions and their fury could cite against him.

  33. He will then bring forward those instances where the same writer has made a similar exception, or if he cannot do that, at least he will cite cases where others have made similar exceptions.

  34. But why do I cite poets of godlike genius?

  35. Although the instance which you cite I have myself at all times openly admitted.

  36. Then he must cite instances in which all equity will be disturbed if the words of the law are attended to and not the meaning.

  37. It were useless to expand too much in examples; enough to cite a few.

  38. The ancient writers often lament the universal tendency to physical self-indulgence, but among the facts they cite to prove this dismal vice, many would seem to us innocent enough.

  39. I cite a single example, but the most significant.

  40. Cite any more than I did, for in our street it never descends lower than the roof.

  41. I counted its leaves, its flowers; but the air of the Cite is bad, and it began to wither in two days.

  42. At the risk of repeating a vulgar saying, we will assert that the impression produced by dress is so powerful, that the guest of the "cribs" of the Cite was hardly to be recognised in his present attire.

  43. And it was in going to search for Bras Rouge, in his den in the Cite (Rue aux Feves, No.

  44. By general consent he was allowed to take part in the race, provided he could cite an honorable parentage.

  45. But I cite you, Don Alonzo Morelos, to appear beside me at the bar of God, one year from my death-day, and testify how I came to my end.

  46. It will be much better that I should cite a few sentences from the preface written by Dr.

  47. We cite these two examples, as instances, to shew how the wisest and best of men are sure to deduce, as general principles, what is only true as to themselves and their peculiar circumstances.

  48. I cite yet another instance from the same authentic record.

  49. I do not characterize them, but simply cite the language.

  50. It is from the National Intelligencer, published at the capital; and I confess the pain with which I cite such an indecency in a journal of much respectability.

  51. I shall therefore venture here to cite some passages from his works in support of my theory, observing that, so far, I have been as sparing as possible with regard to quotations.

  52. In any case the time has assuredly arrived for once to cite Ethics before the bar of a searching scrutiny.

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