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cite; cited; citee; citees; citer; cithara; cithern; citie; citied; cities
  1. Josephus, who probably knew of his work through Nicholas or some other chronicler, cites him to confirm the Bible.

  2. On one point Josephus cites the authority of Nicholas of Damascus to support the Bible, and here and there he adopts a traditional interpretation.

  3. He cites after Frobenius a story from Joruba, Africa, where the son and daughter of the world parents marry and have a son, who falls in love with his mother.

  4. The second fragment of the Physica et Mystica of Pseudo Democritus, that Berthelot cites (Orig.

  5. Cunningham cites also the passage in the Alchemist, Wks.

  6. Imprinted 1600, which apparently cites all of Harsnet’s more important points for refutation.

  7. Cites several instances where flies might act as the carriers of the disease.

  8. Cites observations made by himself and others.

  9. Cites a number of cases of yellow fever within the last few years and uses them as evidence to show that the disease may be transmitted in other ways than by the mosquito.

  10. The Pythagorean, who lays down the proposition that fruits and grain are the proper food of man, and cites facts to prove his assertion--reasons.

  11. Mr. Mill cites the instance of the term felony.

  12. He cites the note of Grotius, on the Acts of the Apostles, (the celebrated ch.

  13. Of course he cites the fiords of Europe as evidence of a similar great upheaval for the northern and north-western regions of our Continent.

  14. One unhappy writer of school-books is condemned because he cites Guizot and Thierry; another because he blames the massacres of Saint Bartholomew, and thinks they were caused by "religious fanaticism.

  15. Weinhold[1362] cites a poem of the eleventh century in which a wedding is described.

  16. One joke, which he cites as not uncommon in these epics, is the representation of St. Peter streaming with perspiration with the labour of opening and shutting the gates of Paradise (Morg.

  17. As examples of the first class, he cites Origen and most of the earlier fathers; of the second, Tertullian; of the third, Arnobius.

  18. Gachard cites the words of the official document.

  19. The latter historian cites the words of the original instrument.

  20. This, probably, was the phrase which led Maitland astray; added to which, he cites at page 104 the Quo Warranto Bag of the 3rd year of Edward I.

  21. Mr. Greenhow cites for authority the Ensayo Chronologico Para la Historia de la Florida of Barcia, (Cardenas.

  22. He cites doubtful authors, and above all Picard; but it is impossible to speak of strange customs without having long witnessed them; and if they are mentioned, it ought to be doubtingly; but what lively spirit knows how to doubt?

  23. Besides, the style which this father adopts is that of a historian who cites the actual words of his author.

  24. It is enough to say here, that the passage from the seventh book of the "Treasure of Manes," which Augustine cites in many places, is evidently falsified.

  25. Cecchetti of the Venetian Archives, who cites it as "transcribed in the Commemor.

  26. Don Quixote too, who ought to have known better, cites with admiration the feat of Rinaldo in carrying off, in spite of forty Moors, a golden image of Mahomed.

  27. Derbend, but unfortunately, instead of describing remains of such high interest from his own observation, he cites a description written by Alex.

  28. With reference to the dried melons of Shibrgán, Quatremère cites a history of Herat, which speaks of them almost in Polo's words.

  29. He cites the legends of the Mountain, and of the Stone of the Saracens from an abstract, but does not seem to have consulted the work itself, nor to have been aware of the extent of its borrowings from Marco Polo.

  30. Mr. Lea cites him a dozen times, always accurately, always telling us scrupulously which of the fifteen chapters to consult.

  31. It happens that Mr. Lea reads the Chanson in the editio princeps of Fauriel; and in this particular place he cites the Histoire du Languedoc in the old and superseded edition.

  32. Darwin cites an instance of the pairing in spring of a Chinese species of lizard, where the couples appear to have considerable fondness for one another.

  33. Abel cites an instance in which a wooden toy in the sickroom of a child suffering from diphtheria was found six months later to have virulent diphtheria bacilli upon it.

  34. Russell, of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station, cites in his little volume on Dairy Bacteriology an instructive experiment which brings home very forcibly the importance of such precautions.

  35. The author has cited the second Psalm in a previous passage[81] to prove the kingly greatness of the Son, and here again he cites the same words to describe His priestly character.

  36. In addition to the witnesses previously mentioned,[22] the Apostle cites the evidence from prophecy.

  37. Anderson cites the old constitutions as saying that he encouraged the Masons, and brought many over from France and elsewhere.

  38. Eusebius cites Porphyry as saying that the ancients represented the deity by a black stone, because his nature is obscure and inscrutable.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cites" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.