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  1. So I asked the electricians to remedy the problem.

  2. Then in about three weeks the unfriendly pair of electricians came and notified me that they were ready to repair my hot-oil bathtub.

  3. Electricians now began to be sedulous in their experiments upon the new force by friction, then the only known method of generating electricity.

  4. One of our most profound electricians is reported to have exclaimed: “Give me but an unlimited length of wire, with a small battery, and I will girdle the universe with a sentence in forty minutes.

  5. Electricians swarming all over me; technicians, nuclear physicists, what not.

  6. Gangs of air conditioners were dressed blue, electricians white, black-light specialists in purple, radionics men in orange.

  7. Everett and Woodhouse, the engineers, the electricians and officers of the ships, and in fact every man on board the telegraph fleet has exerted himself to the utmost to make the expedition successful.

  8. When the first cable was laid in 1858 electricians thought that to send a current two thousand miles it must be almost like a stroke of lightning.

  9. Signals alone were used; they were constantly passed from ship to ship, and were understood by the electricians on board.

  10. All of these difficulties combined result in what electricians term "retardation.

  11. This is the path that electricians call that of "least resistance.

  12. Electricians declared the project utterly impracticable, and it began, finally, to be denied that any messages had ever crossed the Atlantic at all, and Field and his associates were discredited.

  13. Workmen who are not accomplished electricians constantly erect, correct and repair the lines and instruments.

  14. This remarkable instance of several of the great electricians of the country evolving at nearly the same time the same principal details of a revolutionary invention, has never been fully explained.

  15. It was then, and for a long time after, the eighth wonder of the scientific world, and its arrival and installation in Paris were eagerly watched by the most famous physicists and electricians of Europe.

  16. Again he was assailed and ridiculed by the technical press, for had not the foremost electricians and physicists of Europe and America worked for years on the production of dynamos and arc lamps as they then existed?

  17. For many years electricians had tried in vain to overcome this difficulty.

  18. Telegraph engineers and electricians have done much toward accomplishing the successful working of our present railway system, but still there is much scope for improvements in the signaling arrangements.

  19. The power of your gifts would have startled the most advanced electricians of the world.

  20. As a result several able electricians are now thinking new thoughts along new lines, and some of them may soon give these or similar inventions to the world.

  21. Electricians have therefore forsaken metals, and fallen back on carbon for producing a light.

  22. The Latimer Clark "standard" cell is used by electricians in testing, as a constant electromotive force.

  23. At the World’s Congress of electricians held in Chicago in 1893, units were adopted as international standards, a noteworthy step toward adopting universal standards in all branches of engineering.

  24. A simple device for this purpose consists in a hollow coil of copper wire, or a solenoid, as electricians call it, through which circulates the arriving current, the coil being free to be drawn as a shell over a cylindrical electro-magnet.

  25. Less than a hundred miles of cable had been laid when the electricians discovered a fault in the cable.

  26. Varley represented the Atlantic Telegraph Company as electricians and scientific advisers.

  27. Field and his business associates were extremely anxious that the cable be laid with all possible speed, and little time was allowed the engineers and electricians for experimentation.

  28. On several occasions as the work progressed communication failed, and Professor Thomson on the Agamemnon and the other electricians on the Niagara spent many anxious moments fearing that the line had again been severed.

  29. As we have seen, those electricians who worked from the viewpoint of the telegraph never got beyond the limitations of the instrument and found that with it they could transmit signals but not sounds.

  30. While Henry was possibly the ablest of American electricians at that time, he devoted himself entirely to science and made no effort to put his devices to practical use.

  31. A red fire spluttered and blazed close by the electricians at their work, and red gleams xan up the vertical steel mast and threads of copper wire towards the zenith.

  32. The electricians report the continuity perfect; and the signals which are received at intervals from the Agamemnon show that that vessel is getting along with her part of the work in admirable style.

  33. All day, during his absence, electricians must have been busy.

  34. Farmer, for example, one of the foremost electricians of that time, who had many an excellent and workable idea and who taught young Watson no end of valuable lessons.

  35. Ampere's investigations had led electricians to see that the force acting upon a magnetic pole due to a current in a neighbouring conductor was such as to tend to cause the pole to travel round the conductor.

  36. Faraday's ideas thus pressed upon electricians the necessity for the quantitative measurement of electrical phenomena.

  37. The term 'local action' is applied by electricians to the waste which goes on in a voltaic battery, although its current is not flowing in the outer circuit and doing useful work.

  38. The signals from the Niagara became very weak, but on Professor Thomson asking the electricians on board of her to increase their battery power, they improved at once.

  39. As Secretary to the British Association Committee on Electrical Standards he played a leading part in providing electricians with practical standards of measurement.

  40. This liberality in order to get machinists and electricians in the Navy, argues that some change of attitude towards the Negro is contemplated.

  41. A few were water tenders, electricians and gunners' mates, each of which occupations entitled them to the aforesaid rank of petty officer.

  42. This was a discovery of the first magnitude and one destined to associate the name of Franklin with those of the most eminent electricians down the ages.

  43. This self-repelling property of electricity, described in the year 1629, opened up a new field of inquiry, which was actively explored by a number of brilliant electricians in England and on the Continent.

  44. With that postulate, Dufay was able to offer a plausible explanation of a great many phenomena that puzzled the electricians of the time.

  45. It was for that reason, of course, that the International Congress of Electricians decided to give his name to the unit of current strength, so that it has now become a household word, and will continue so for ages to come.

  46. Besides this, however, the intrinsic value of the book is so great that it should be read by all electricians who care for more than superficial knowledge.

  47. Here are some electricians that recommend knobs instead of points on the upper end of the rods, from a supposition that the points invite the stroke.

  48. A similar loss would greatly discourage electricians desirous of accumulating a great power for certain experiments.

  49. These experiments and observations opened a new field for investigation, upon which electricians entered with avidity; and their labours have added much to the stock of our knowledge.

  50. I have not heard that any of your European electricians have ever been able to fire gun-powder by the electric flame.

  51. The electricians were tinkering with their illuminating effects, great blazes and shafts of light criss-crossed about the place as the rehearsal went on, much to the annoyance of the actors.

  52. The electricians of a hundred years hence will certainly have to find out how to prevent the purloining of wireless force, and perhaps the police will have to devise means of detecting this at present somewhat recondite crime.

  53. The electricians looked after repairs, extensions of the cables, and lamp renewals.

  54. But the electricians were too much for her.

  55. The electricians have secret instructions from Butcher.

  56. Agamemnon ceased, and the tests applied by the electricians showed that there was a want of continuity in the cable, but the insulation was perfect.

  57. And now the electricians tried their skill to outdo all that they had done before.

  58. Engineers and electricians were constantly on duty: "The scene at night was beautiful.

  59. The electricians gave it up, and the engineers were preparing to cut the cable, and to endeavor to wind it in, when suddenly the electricity came back again.

  60. It was the one preferred by the engineers now, but the electricians favored the other course, and their counsel prevailed.

  61. For example, in working the first cable, the electricians had thought it necessary to use a very strong battery.

  62. The electricians at Valentia were daily experimenting on the line which lay stretched twelve hundred and thirteen miles on the bottom of the deep, and pronounced it intact.

  63. There were no more distinguished engineers and electricians in the world.

  64. Not only did the electricians telegraph back to Valentia the progress they were making, but the officers on board sent messages to their friends in America, to go out by the steamers from Liverpool.

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