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  1. In striking contrast to the barrenness of the brown, rocky wilderness is the lofty plateau which stands at the top of the final ascent.

  2. In pleasing contrast with this barrenness is the oasis lying behind it, watered by the Wady el-Kerak.

  3. The comparative barrenness of the territory about Jerusalem was another important source of its strength, for the land furnished insufficient sustenance for a large besieging army.

  4. In the fifteenth, you are directed against all unholy or dishonourable thoughts of God, and against all injurious speeches of him, or barrenness of the tongue, and against all scandal or barrenness of life.

  5. Hope grounded on reason, would have made Abraham expect that the promise should surely have been ineffectual, because of the deadness of Abraham's body, and of the barrenness of Sarah's womb.

  6. Jean stared out over the barrenness that was not like the barrenness of Montana, and tried not to think that perhaps Art Osgood had by this time drifted on into obscurity.

  7. So they rattled away through the barrenness and drew near to Nogales.

  8. But other birds came; great, roaring, man-made birds, that rose whirring from its barrenness and startled the gulls until they grew accustomed to the sight and sound of them.

  9. We do not ask or expect many artists to devote themselves to the new country which has been discovered by the Alpine Club above the belt of black and white barrenness which was once thought the typical scenery of the Upper Alps.

  10. In the dulness of our outer lives, the deadness of our souls to natural enjoyments, lies assuredly one of the chief causes of the artistic barrenness of our century.

  11. The comparative barrenness of its lower portion was painful on my last visit.

  12. He smiled on the vanity of my youth, and personally conducted me to the barrenness whither it led.

  13. Xenophon speaks of the barrenness of the tract between the Khabour and Babylonia, and the entire absence of forage, in as strong terms as could be used at the present day.

  14. And with a frown he waved his arm over the forests to indicate the barrenness of the land.

  15. A closed and corded trunk stood in the centre of the floor; the bed, stripped of clothing, lay disclosed in all the barrenness of discoloured ticking.

  16. A man of magnificent imagination but of poor character, of indisputable power, but cursed with a cold egotism and an incurable barrenness of feeling, which made it impossible for him to tolerate about him anybody but slaves or adorers.

  17. All my barrenness had disappeared; the heavenly dew had fertilized the dead and gnarled stick; it began to be green and flower again.

  18. His great defects are barrenness of soul, a proud and perfect selfishness, an adoration of genius which is combined with complete indifference to the rest of the world, in spite of all his teaching of resignation and sacrifice.

  19. The barrenness of this coast was such that it greatly exceeded that of which Jeremiah speaks.

  20. That to his name your barrenness adds rule; Who loving the effect, would not be strange In favouring the cause; look on the profit, And gain will quickly point the mischief out.

  21. After him a great barrenness is perceptible.

  22. They have now and then had recourse to familiar tragedy to assist the barrenness of imagination; but the moral aim, which must exclusively prevail in this species, is a true extinguisher of genuine poetical inspiration.

  23. The sand and barrenness and the memory of the anemone lady are all that are in any degree mine.

  24. It is something for me to contemplate that is more pitiable than I and my sand and barrenness and my unnatural stream.

  25. At times as I hurry over my sand and barrenness all my life's manifold passions culminate in utter rage and woe.

  26. It is more pitiable than I and my sand and barrenness and my poor unnatural stream," I say over and over, and take my comfort.

  27. I have tried longingly, passionately, to think that even this sand and barrenness is mine.

  28. I should be alone if my sand and barrenness were crowded with a thousand people each filled with melting sympathy for me--though it would be unspeakably sweet.

  29. But I shall remember the sand and barrenness that is with me in my Nothingness.

  30. And within me I feel that the picture of me in my sand and barrenness--knowing that even the sand and barrenness is not mine--is only second to it.

  31. And there is no sand and barrenness there, and no Nothingness, and no bitterness, and no hot, blinding tears.

  32. In these days of approaching emotional Nature even the sand and barrenness begins to stir and rub its eyes.

  33. The sand and barrenness is old--oh, very old.

  34. The sand and barrenness is gray with age.

  35. As I walked over my sand and barrenness in the Gray Dawn a poem ran continuously through my mind.

  36. But the sand and barrenness itself is not mine.

  37. To-day when I walked over my sand and barrenness I felt Infinite Grief.

  38. The sand and barrenness has never a grass-blade.

  39. This, which is analogous to his address in pleading, is nowhere more observable than in his rendering the recurrence of the same word, to which he is forced by the barrenness or vagueness of the language, an elegance.

  40. We answer: it was a period of sterility or barrenness in human beings; the human harvest was bad.

  41. Its barrenness forms a complete contrast to the other slope, on which is the cottage of Farrabesche.

  42. The almost utter barrenness of the Restoration age in the latter class of literature is certainly very remarkable.

  43. Considering the fertility of the age in personal memoirs, its barrenness in biography is remarkable.

  44. The small patches of grass and willows that lined the banks of the little rills-- although cheering to the eye, when compared with the brown barrenness of the Desert--offered but little prospect that we should get any thing to eat there.

  45. Its gnarled and twisted bushes, with their white silvery leaves, so far from gladdening the eye, only served to render the scene more dreary and desolate--for we knew that this plant denoted the extreme barrenness of the soil.

  46. We have made a long leap from the Elizabethan period, for the first half of the seventeenth century was a time of utter barrenness in the neglected fields of art.

  47. The mind of the present, having seen the successful working out of certain modern problems and the barrenness of others, is turning eclectic.

  48. The barrenness is emphasized by skeleton-like trees of such size as no man has ever seen before.

  49. His journey would be an arduous one, and nobody knew better than he the barrenness of that Northwestern land while the icy grip of winter still clings.

  50. As the displacement is found to be the cause of her sterility, its correction, which is a comparatively easy medical problem, not only cures the barrenness but happily relieves her of the menstrual distress and all other pain.

  51. If married before the age of twenty the statistics prove that barrenness exists in one woman in every twelve.

  52. The barrenness may be dependent upon some physical defect which will quickly respond to the proper medical treatment.

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