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Example sentences for "baking"

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  1. A slow roast has the effect of baking and does not give full development; also, slow roasts seldom produce bright roasts, and they usually make the coffee hard instead of brittle, even when the color standard has been attained.

  2. He bought a flat, and put out a hundred thousand bricks to dry preparatory to baking them.

  3. The lad was glad to go, and, as Muriel had baking to do, she was equally pleased to be alone.

  4. Muriel had been baking cakes that day and had given her one.

  5. Might as well take it along with us--save us from baking to-morrow.

  6. Holt was baking a batch of sour-dough bread that evening when there came a knock at the cabin door.

  7. So Horace finally consented, and all through a baking summer he spent three and sometimes four evenings a week experimenting on the trapeze in Skipper's Gymnasium.

  8. It is very important to have good oven wood split fine, and the oven filled with it as soon as the baking is out; by this precaution it is always ready and dry.

  9. A little sugar and water rubbed on just before baking rolls makes them glossy.

  10. A nice griddle cake may be made by rolling this out, and baking it on the griddle or dripping-pan of a stove.

  11. Do not trust the baking to an ignorant person, but superintend it yourself.

  12. Sometimes baking in a stove, is protracted by the dampness of the wood.

  13. Baking them in the oven after the bread comes out, cures them more thoroughly than any other way.

  14. Toast several slices of bread quite brown, and butter them on both sides; take a baking dish, and put the toast around the sides, instead of a crust.

  15. In the lists which I give the foods most harmful in this way are wheat flour, especially when used in baking powder bread, cheese, rice, beans and peas.

  16. But we must always take into consideration the strength of the wind, whether the fire is for boiling, baking or frying food, and whether a quick or slow heat is wanted, for each and all call for a different kind of fire.

  17. And is the Queen as dexterous at the fashioning of fire-crackers as she is at the baking of water-crackers and other light confections?

  18. Illustration: Royal Baking Powder] [Illustration: If afflicted with SORE EYES USE Dr.

  19. That Wheat, which is good, is often made into bad Bread, by not letting it rise sufficiently; by baking it too little, and by keeping it too long.

  20. As the summer wore on the town lay baking in the heat, reeking of drains, and the air from the stable came up to the couple in the garret so heavy and foul that they were sometimes nearly stifled.

  21. Let us look into one of these old houses on a Saturday, or "baking day," and notice some of the pleasures and inconveniences of cooking in olden time.

  22. As this is baking day, the oven must be made ready The great brick oven, one side of which makes also one side of the fireplace, is filled with the brush and light wood, which is soon burning briskly.

  23. Millie was baking pies when the girl sought her for the information.

  24. Mrs. Reist liked to do her baking early in the day.

  25. When Phil and I were little she was always baking us cookies in the shape of men or birds, and they always had big raisin eyes.

  26. So she made a very little cake, But as it baking lay, She looked at it, and thought it seemed Too large to give away.

  27. The application of oil colours and designs to ware before baking by the "bat" system of printing originated in the eighteenth and was perfected in the nineteenth century.

  28. Grandmother Brewster, who was a notable cook, had just placed in the heated brick oven a large baking of bread, pies, and cake.

  29. When at last peace and quiet were restored, she turned round to find her morning's baking gone--and in a moment she understood the ruse they had practised upon her.

  30. At noon grandma told me that she and the Steins would be ready to go down town immediately after dinner, and that I must wash the dishes and finish baking the bread in the round oven.

  31. These moulds, no doubt, were used for baking or the serving of preparations of this sort.

  32. The fact that here attention is drawn to home-made sweet dishes may clear up the absence of regular baking and dessert formulæ in Apicius.

  33. Baking the fruit reduces the water contents, renders the purée more substantial.

  34. In the kitchen this is particularly true of baking and soup and sauce making, the most intricate of culinary operations.

  35. We also recall that the ancients had ingenious baking moulds of metal in the shape of hares and other animals.

  36. I could feel the hideous heat baking me slowly to death where I lay.

  37. Open fighting I don't object to, mind you, but I do object to baking a man to death unawares while he's sleeping.

  38. Put into a baking dish and sprinkle over it the hard-boiled eggs chopped fine.

  39. Mix well, press into a baking pan, and bake forty-five minutes or until nicely browned.

  40. The baking process is the easiest way, but care should be used not to scorch them.

  41. The baking of many kinds of food is as important as the mixing, and every cook should thoroughly understand how to regulate the oven.

  42. While potatoes are being boiled, it passes into the water; in baking it escapes with the steam.

  43. There are three ways of cooking them: namely, baking or roasting, boiling, and steaming.

  44. Put them in a baking dish with a little butter or olive oil, salt, and bake in a quick oven until nicely browned.

  45. About five minutes before it is done, remove from the pan of water, and finish baking on the grate.

  46. This can only be obtained by baking the beans several hours in a slow oven.

  47. Slice one-half the potatoes in a baking dish, sprinkle one-half the bread crumbs over them; on the crumbs put half the protose cut into thin slices; pour over some of the gravy to moisten.

  48. She earned money, however, by taking in plain work; and she was famous for baking excellent bread and breakfast cakes.

  49. Place them in a large baking dish, and lay among them some pieces of fresh butter; sprinkle powdered sugar profusely over them and among them, especially in the vacancies between the potatos.

  50. They are especially good for baking such cakes, (far better than patty-pans,) and are made by any tinsmith.

  51. Lay the patties in square baking pans, prick them with a fork, and bake them brown.

  52. If too hot, or kept baking too long, they will be tough and porous, and have whey at the bottom.

  53. No skill will avail either in making or baking bread, if the flour is of bad quality.

  54. Oysters require but little cooking, and this bread has had one baking already.

  55. Have ready the oysters, that you may proceed immediately to baking the fritters.

  56. Have a smaller dish of potatos baked without meat, in a dish by themselves, as potatos pared before baking are much liked.

  57. Strew them well with brown sugar, and lay them on their backs in a large baking dish.

  58. A ham of the smallest size will require at least four hours baking or boiling, even after it has been all night in soak.

  59. For baking bread, the oven-wood must be heavier than for pies.

  60. Then dip out a large ladleful of the batter, and bake it on the griddle; turning it when brown, with the cake-turner, and baking it brown on the other side.

  61. On baking day, take two pounds of very light bread dough that has been made in the usual manner.

  62. Also Alan de Lyndeseye, baker, was sentenced to the pillory, because he had been convicted of baking pain demaign that was found to be of bad dough within, and good dough without.

  63. Which jurors said upon their oath, that the aforesaid Richard is a partner of the said baker for gain in baking the bread aforesaid.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "baking" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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