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grandiloquent; grandiose; grandis; grandissimo; grandly; grandmama; grandmamma; grandmammy; grandmaster; grandmere
  1. The only one of my grandparents I can bring to memory now is Grandma Rose on my Pa's side.

  2. Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Toney Murrah was owned by Marse Billy Murrah.

  3. Miss Sadie LeSeur got Grandma Lucy and tuk her to Columbus, Georgy, and us never seed our grandma no more.

  4. I 'members once Grandma Suck, she wes my Ma's mammy, come to our house and stayed one or two days wid us.

  5. Pappy's Ma and Pa was Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Jacob.

  6. Some of them were full of hay; and Joseph knew in a minute, where they were going, for he had heard his Grandma say that she was going to store her hay away in a barn, that very day.

  7. Now Joseph and his papa had to travel by stage coach, because there were no trains in those days; and after they had told Grandma goodbye, on the morning they left, they went down to the inn to wait for the stage.

  8. Grandma was like an apple playing with potatoes," remarked Dotty, one side to Prudy.

  9. It was Johnny's birthday, and his father had sent the carriage into the city that morning for Mrs. Parlin, grandma Read, and the children.

  10. We old people live very much in the past," said grandma Read.

  11. Both her dimples were buried out of sight, and she had as many wrinkles in her forehead as grandma Head.

  12. Grandma Read was in her own room, sitting before a bright "clean" fire.

  13. Grandma smiled, and raised her spectacles to the top of her forehead.

  14. Grandma smiled as if she could almost hear him tell one of his droll stories.

  15. When I get home I mean to ask mamma and grandma to dress a beautiful doll, and I'll send it to Emily.

  16. Grandma roused herself, and looked up to see who was coming.

  17. Grandma wears 'em because she can see a little, and wants to see more.

  18. Dotty paced the pavement with restless steps, her mind agitated by a thousand wild fancies: Grandma Read never went anywhere; perhaps she was locked up in the house, and Zip too.

  19. Grandma Read was talking to Mrs. Parlin, who seemed to be in another room.

  20. Grandma was not there, or, if she was, she must be very sound asleep.

  21. I remember hearing him tell grandma when I was a child that there were a few particulars in which he couldn't answer with certainty for God, and that old Mr. Jonathan Gay was one of 'em.

  22. Now, I must go and pour out the butter milk for dinner before grandma scolds me.

  23. One day Toots brought his grandma a pretty book-mark he had worked, and he could tell the names of all the colors in it and the names of the stitches.

  24. I guess grandma doesn't know there's a hen's nest out here.

  25. With a little pointed stick Grandma Brown would make a tiny hole through a strawberry.

  26. And the cookies were very good, as was everything Grandma Brown made, so Bunny and Sue were not hungry after all.

  27. There's lots on those bushes, and grandma can make raspberry jam, and put it in tarts, like Aunt Lu did.

  28. He went over to the hermit's cabin, taking with him a nice basket of good things to eat, that grandma and Mrs. Brown had put up.

  29. The two children saw Grandma Brown looking at some empty shelves.

  30. That is grandma and Mother Brown and Bunny and Sue did.

  31. Grandma Brown is nice, too, and she gives us cookies and milk.

  32. Well, we're in no hurry," said Grandma Brown.

  33. The hen did not seem to mind when Grandma Brown went close to her.

  34. First they went with Grandma Brown to feed the chickens.

  35. Grandma Brown were to see the children when they came home!

  36. But I don't know where we're going to put it," said Grandma Brown.

  37. Behind them came father and mother, with Grandma Brown.

  38. If she has she'll peck you if you go close to her--grandma said so.

  39. AFTER dear old grandma died, Hunting through an oaken chest In the attic, we espied What repaid our childish quest: 'Twas a homely little slate, Seemingly of ancient date.

  40. With fortitude dear grandma stood the trial to the end (The nerve we find in womankind I cannot comprehend!

  41. This one secret through those years Grandma kept from all apart, Hallowed by her lonely tears And the breaking of her heart; While each year that sped away Seemed to her but yesterday.

  42. Dicky, feeling that it was not for him to participate in a battle of giants, obeyed, and Lady Adela sank down opposite Grandma Banks.

  43. I suppose the title of arch-limpet must be awarded to the plumber; but I should think the paperhanger--" He was interrupted by the querulous but arresting voice of Grandma Banks.

  44. The gentleman," announced Grandma unexpectedly, "shall talk to me as long as he likes.

  45. Grandma Banks, whose conversational flights were not as a rule encouraged by her relatives, availed herself of her present emancipation to embark upon a brief homily to Dicky.

  46. Grandma Banks was the only member of her audience who replied.

  47. Grandma told me to telegraph for you to come down at once, Alden.

  48. Jerome tells me that grandma is not well.

  49. And now stay here a moment, dear, and wait until I go and let grandma know that you have come," she added, as she went out of the room.

  50. In what way are he and his Grandma alike?

  51. I feel more sorry for the boy, because he may never be able to run around, and his Grandma could when she was young.

  52. Do you feel more sorry for the Grandma or for the little boy?

  53. Grandma Bell often spoke of a "silver lining" to every cloud, and Russ was hoping to see the silver lining to this cloud of Daddy Bunker's going away.

  54. So, you see, that story is called "Six Little Bunkers at Grandma Bell's.

  55. Grandma was already almost past going on with it, so they postponed the marriage, and as that winter was particularly severe, the young man took charge of the Edmonson stock and kept them from starving.

  56. In the back of the wagon, flat on the bottom, sat Grandma and Grandpa, such bundles of coats and blankets I can't describe.

  57. Grandma Edmonson's birthday is the 30th of May, and Mrs. O'Shaughnessy suggested that we give her a party.

  58. She sobbed so deeply that Grandma heard her and became alarmed.

  59. That must be Mrs. Hyde, for she is taller than the others," suggested Grandma Fellows.

  60. It was not till, flushed and panting, laughing and exhausted, they came to a pause, that they thought of Grandma Fellows.

  61. Till then, I shall buy her a yellow wig, like grandma Hainault's, and then nobody will want to marry her.

  62. By-the-bye, you are not master of Ravenshoe yet, though there seems no doubt that grandma is right, and that the marriage took place.

  63. Why, grandma can't, for the life of her, remember where they were married.

  64. Grandma says that she would have married Petre herself, and that her hatred for grandma came from the belief that grandma could have stopped the marriage with my grandaunt by speaking.

  65. He made him his gamekeeper, treated him with marked favour, and so on; but the whole thing was a sort of misprision of felony, and poor silly old grandma was a party to it.

  66. And, when grandma dies, will she go to heaven, too?

  67. Now grandma had, as a girl of ten, heard this marriage of Petre Ravenshoe with Maria Dawson discussed in her presence, from every point of view, by her father and Petre.

  68. Grandma seems in one of her knock-me-down moods to-day.

  69. Next morning at breakfast, when we had set to work upon the "dosed" porridge, Andrew again catechised his grandma concerning the casting of her vote.

  70. I lingered outside till Eweword had disposed of the pony and trap, and by that time Ernest and Dawn, bearing evidence of quick walking, appeared, and we went into grandma and Uncle Jake in a body.

  71. Ernest had a geranium in his button-hole, and looked more immaculately spruce than ever, and even his red hair could not obliterate the fact of his being a goodly sight, and as such grandma recognised him.

  72. It's grandma wouldn't this do you good, and that do you good?

  73. We said nothing, but dropped our feeding tools and waited in suspense, till in less than a minute grandma thrust her head in the dining-room door.

  74. I wish I had a grandma like Jack Bray's ma.

  75. Grandma brought in the coffee and grumbled to Dawn about Carry's absence.

  76. I found him a friendly and communicative fellow, and as he gave in an hour's gossip with grandma and me for one fee, I was willing to take it to pass away a dull morning.

  77. Grandma could think of nothing but the clerk's insult when she had gone for her electoral right.

  78. I'll vote for me grandma every time," responded Andrew.

  79. Why, bless her old soul, Enoch, you know thet I think the world an’ all o’ Grandma Gregg!

  80. Grandma and Big Sister had been so busy talking that they had not missed her, now when they called there was no answer.

  81. Grandma went home to carry the good news and some of the rest have gone with the same good news.

  82. But when connection had been made, and Cousin Jack found himself in communication with Grandma Maynard, he didn't know what to say.

  83. She wondered whether she could ever have reached Grandma Maynard's house in safety, for the crowds and confusion were much worse than she had anticipated, and in New York they would be worse still.

  84. But though Grandma Maynard might think him rude or uncourteous, she could not feel frightened or alarmed for Marjorie's safety, because of anything he had said.

  85. Then Grandma Maynard wouldn't have to pretend to love her.

  86. Marjorie, alone, going to New York, endeavoring to find Grandma Maynard's house, and not getting there!

  87. She had no claim on Grandma Sherwood or Uncle Steve, but Grandma Maynard had wanted her,--really wanted her.

  88. But we mustn't stay away from Grandma longer than that.

  89. Grandma and Grandpa Maynard sent a silver frame, containing their photographs, and Grandma sent also a piece of fine lace, which was to be laid away until Marjorie was old enough to put it to use.

  90. It had occurred to them that, by some strange freak, Marjorie had decided to visit Grandma Maynard, and had started off there alone.

  91. She thought of Grandma Sherwood's, but she wasn't her grandma at all!

  92. Grandma will help me with my patterns, and I'm going to piece a silk teachest quilt.

  93. Grandma said she had a hard time all her life.

  94. Grandma come from Paris, Tennessee but I think the same folks fetched 'er.

  95. My grandma told me about when she went to church she used to carry her good clothes in a bundle.

  96. Grandma said they worried about the parrot but she never did; she knowed what been done.

  97. Grandma said a gang of them was sold next morning.

  98. Mama said she and grandma was sold in the neighborhood and never seen none of her folks after they was sold.

  99. In 1869 my grandma died at Holly Springs.

  100. Grandma lived in to herself but mama slept on the kitchen floor.

  101. Grandma shielded her in the work part a whole heap to get to live where she did.

  102. Grandma said she remembered the stars falling.

  103. Grandma had a right smart to say during slavery times.

  104. I know when my grandma come to take me home with her, I run away from her and went back to my white folks.

  105. Me and my grandma and my aunt stayed there after we was freed 'bout two years.

  106. I crawled out from under the bed and they had grandma laid out in the middle of the floor.

  107. That was the way that Grandma Buntain walked--it used to be considered most genteel," said Bell.

  108. No more kitchen nights for Lennox, now that she was a finished young lady and her friend was gone; she must sit in the parlor strumming canzonets on Grandma Buntain's Broadwood, taming her heart of fire.

  109. To him there was about it nothing definitely peculiar, except that the woman wore a crinoline, a Paisley shawl of silken white, and such a bonnet as he had not seen since Grandma Buntain's time.

  110. She borrowed minds and gestures as later she borrowed Grandma Buntain's pelerine and bonnet.

  111. Bud carried the joke one night to daring lengths by going as Miss Macintosh with Ailie to a dance, in a gown and pelerine of Grandma Buntain's that had made tremendous conquests eighty years before.

  112. I have frozen in the old pew while grandma kept nice and warm and nibbled lozenges and cassia cakes during meeting.

  113. When grandma went to meeting she carried a lovely big black velvet bag; it had a bouquet wrought in beads of subdued color upon it, and it hung by two sombre silk puckering ribbons over grandma's arm.

  114. Eugene's own picture of his grandmother is contained in the following passage in an article contributed by him to the Ladies' Home Journal: "Grandma was a pillar in the Congregational Church.

  115. Yes, grandma was Puritanical--not to the extent of persecution, but a Puritan in the severity of her faith and in the exacting nicety of her interpretation of her duties to God and mankind.

  116. At noon Mrs. Deacon Ranney and other old ladies used to come from church with grandma to eat luncheon and discuss the sermon and suggest deeds of piety for the ensuing week.

  117. Grandma would hear you, Harry, and there isn't any black man that comes in the night.

  118. Why, my lamb, it was just two nights ago that grandma came over and told you the Bible story about Joseph and his brothers.

  119. You ought to have jumped at him, but you and your grandma were that proud!

  120. Ian suggested taking me to Carlisle, only eight miles away, to stay with Grandma until we could have a more conventional wedding.

  121. Grandma MacDonald and Grandma MacDonald's grim old house where Carlisle ends and moorlands begin.

  122. Suddenly the answer flashed into her head, and sent the blood to her face as if she had received a stinging slap such as Grandma used to give: "These things were my mother's!

  123. And she stood two years of Grandma and this house!

  124. I fancied we were very poor, but Barbara says Grandma must have got back nearly all that was lost, by saving.

  125. And I began to think that, after all, I should have to go back to Carlisle and beg Grandma to take me in, when who should come teuf-teufing up to the hotel but Mr. Somerled in the darling Gray Dragon.

  126. Grandma and Heppie sneer after Mrs. James has been and gone, at the long words she uses, and condemn her for wanting to deceive people into thinking she's much younger than she is.

  127. And she says she'll give me an allowance--but she expects Grandma to leave me everything in her will.

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