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Example sentences for "grandmaster"

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  1. Colbert wished to direct all the manoeuvres of the fleet from his study, while it was commanded by the naval grandmaster in the capricious manner which might be expected from his factious character and love of bluster (Eugene Sue, vol.

  2. Among others, Prince Louis of Prussia was grandmaster of one of these societies.

  3. The Grandmaster looked unhappy, the kingsman looked important, and Crookback looked polite.

  4. The Grandmaster began: "The holy one submitted an objection concerning a possible violation of the Principles and proposed to forbid the demonstration by the Candidate.

  5. The Grandmaster raised his hand high, with the fingers spread, and a girl apprentice burst from the door of the Ready Hall.

  6. The Grandmaster took his position at the center of the circle with the Candidate, the Candidate's master, the kingsman, and the godsman.

  7. The Grandmaster and the godsman and the kingsman inspected the setup with the peculiar ignorant attention of high officials.

  8. Every year the body formally offered its grandmaster a lump sum to retire.

  9. As often as they might have liked to tell their Grandmaster to get on, this was an insult to the Guild.

  10. What a place, he thought, for the Grandmaster to burst out with that kind of thing.

  11. The Grandmaster swallowed it too, visibly gulping, and he said mildly, "The holy one has generously agreed to submit the issue to the High arbiter of the Guild of Lawyers, and the High Arbiter has been sent for.

  12. When Proudwalk and her brother reached the Street of the Scientists, already the kingsman and the godsman had taken their places to the right and the left of the Grandmaster in the foremost rank of the procession.

  13. I will hear the Grandmaster of the Guild of Scientists," he said.

  14. Time," said the Grandmaster of the Guild.

  15. The Candidate and his master, abetted by the Grandmaster of the Guild of Scientists, are shamelessly defying the Principles.

  16. Even the stable became noble; it was under the master of the horse, as the hunt was under the grandmaster of the chase.

  17. As ceremonial had become the peculiar science of court, it was represented at most of the great courts by a grandmaster of the ceremonies.

  18. At last, when the tobacco was all exhausted, the grandmaster resigned his regalia of office to his successor, who lost no time in performing his duties.

  19. These fifteen gentlemen constituted themselves into l'Ordre de Bon Temps, one of whom was grandmaster for a day, and bound to cater for the company.

  20. Under Ferdinand the Catholic the rank of Grandmaster of both orders passed over to the crown.

  21. The Grandmaster transferred his prisoner, in A.

  22. The grandmaster is right: it will never be possible to plant the banner of infidelity upon the ruins of the altar as long as the bravest soldiers of the church militant exist.

  23. The king has his humors, no doubt,” replied the grandmaster sarcastically, placing meanwhile an address upon the silver salver which stood upon the table.

  24. Three master-masons and the grandmaster of all the Freemasons within a circumference of three hundred miles?

  25. The care of the sick does not belong to the vocation of a Freemason,” answered the grandmaster shortly.

  26. Upon the lips of the grandmaster an ironical, revengeful smile was seen.

  27. IN the audience-chamber there stood three gentlemen in animated conversation: the grandmaster and two other Freemasons, the director, and university professor.

  28. You are mistaken, Herr Burgomaster,” assured the smiling counsellor and grandmaster of the Freemasons.

  29. The grandmaster of the Freemasons especially appeared to be full of his own importance, and he glanced haughtily at one of the king’s attendants when he entered the apartment.

  30. The grandmaster of all the Freemasons of the country will present an address to me—in two days, I believe.

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