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  1. In discussing the subject assigned me, I will only speak of hotbeds and hothouses as used for the purpose of growing vegetables and early vegetable plants.

  2. Hotbeds and Cold Frames Nine Months In the Year.

  3. Then at the proper time, which in this climate would be some time in March, get some rich old earth for boxes in your house, hotbeds or greenhouse.

  4. Cucumbers grown in hotbeds cannot be kept in bearing more than six weeks before the vines go to pieces and will not sell for as high a price as hothouse grown.

  5. Throw up a heap of new dung to heat, that it may be ready to make hotbeds for early cucumbers, and raising of annuals for the flower garden.

  6. Hotbeds should now be made, to receive the seedlings of annual flowers raised in the former bed.

  7. Make hotbeds for annual flowers, of the dung reserved for that purpose, and sow them upon a good thickness of mould, laid regularly over the dung.

  8. Hotbeds that are intended to hold for two months should have about two feet of manure, as a rule.

  9. Parallel runs of hotbeds with racks for holding sashes.

  10. The hotbed is used for the very early starting of plants; and when the plants have outgrown the bed, or have become too thick, they are transplanted into cooler hotbeds or into coldframes.

  11. The heat for hotbeds is commonly supplied by the fermentation of horse manure.

  12. In the northern states, where outdoor gardening does not begin until the first or the last of May, hotbeds are sometimes started as early as January; but they are ordinarily delayed until early in March.

  13. Hotbeds may be heated by means of steam or hot water.

  14. If hotbeds are to be used every year, permanent pits should be provided for them.

  15. It is always advisable to place coldframes and hotbeds in a protected place, and particularly to protect them from cold north winds.

  16. A few cauliflowers may be tried and cucumbers planted in pots for the hotbeds next month.

  17. The Ten-weeks stock is usually grown from seed sown in hotbeds or boxes in March.

  18. It is always desirable, also to place all the coldframes and hotbeds close together, for the purpose of economizing time and labor.

  19. Tomatoes sown and allowed to grow in hotbeds 69 20.

  20. The prisons on Sakhalin have been described as hotbeds of vice; the only classification of prisoners is one based on the length of sentence.

  21. They came and went, and amused themselves after working hours, so that Sydney and all the large towns were hotbeds of vice and immorality.

  22. Build at first the simplest and least expensive kind of hotbeds or greenhouses.

  23. Perennnial crops, as asparagus and rhubarb, and gardening structures, as hotbeds and frames, should be on the border, where they will not interfere with the plowing and tilling.

  24. In all hotbeds the underlying principle is the same: They are right-angled boxes covered with glass panes set in movable frames and placed over heated excavations.

  25. There are two or three forms of hotbeds that are worthy of use.

  26. Hotbeds having more or less permanence may be so constructed as to be heated either with fermenting manure, a stove, a brick flue, or by means of radiating pipes supplied with steam or hot water from a dwelling or other heating plant.

  27. This is accomplished by sowing seeds in hotbeds or greenhouses several weeks in advance of the time when they could be safely planted in the open.

  28. Hotbeds should be watered on bright days and in the morning only.

  29. The radish is quite hardy and may be grown throughout the winter in hotbeds at the North, in cold frames in the latitudes of Washington, and in the open ground in the South.

  30. But the steaming manure pile is not the only sign of spring, nor the hotbeds the only things to be attended to.

  31. For the ordinary garden, all the plants needed may be started successfully in hotbeds and cold-frames.

  32. A few for extra early use may be grown in the hotbeds or frame.

  33. By the use of hotbeds it may be had practically the year round.

  34. The exposure for the hotbeds should be where the sun will strike most directly and where they will be sheltered from the north.

  35. Make deep hotbeds for winter lettuce and radishes.

  36. Years ago market gardening near New York in winter was carried on in rather a desultory way, and the supply of salads and other forced vegetables was limited and mostly raised in hotbeds and other frames, and prices ran high.

  37. His primitive hotbeds gradually emptied themselves into the garden, and we now began to taste the fruit of our own soil, much to the pleasure of the whole colony.

  38. Johnson had built some primitive hotbeds for early vegetables out of old lumber and oiled muslin.

  39. For the ordinary garden, all the plants needed may be started successfully in hotbeds and coldframes.

  40. Illustration: Canna] The Canna may be grown from seed and had in bloom the first year by sowing in February or March, in boxes or pots placed in hotbeds or warmhouse, first soaking the seeds in warm water for a short time.

  41. At night the Hotbeds (at least early in the season) will need more protection than the glass sash.

  42. After Hotbeds have been emptied of their plants, the sashes may be stored away, and the frames, with their spent manure, used for the growing of an early summer crop of melons or cucumbers.

  43. But it is also a part of the social worker's duty to find how much disease is present not only in the individual who appears in the clinic, but in his immediate environment, to discover nests, foci or hotbeds of disease.

  44. Hotbeds of industrial disease Commoner and not less important than the contagious diseases that I have just mentioned are industrial diseases, or diseases aggravated by the conditions of industry.

  45. For forcing, the clumps are lifted in solid masses, with the soil attached, and placed in hotbeds or forcing house benches.

  46. The following directions for constructing and managing hotbeds will enable every one to be successful.

  47. Early vegetables are secured by hotbeds and the various methods of forcing, as given under the different species.

  48. By some of the gentlemen in attendance it was confessed that they were entirely unaware of such hotbeds of pestilence existing in such crowded localities.

  49. It may be sown in hotbeds in April and pricked out in May, or in the open air at the end of April or beginning of May, and, like the others, should never be allowed to get crowded.

  50. Under ordinary cutting treatment on hotbeds or in a moist warm propagating house, it grows as freely as could be desired, and may be planted out at the end of May or the beginning of June.

  51. I stayed in the hall by the door, not being wanted in the parlor and not admiring hotbeds much.

  52. After dinner father took them all out in the garden to look at some new hotbeds he was having made and Julius and Marcella went into the parlor.

  53. Maintain the heat in hotbeds and pits by means of fresh dung linings.

  54. Keep up the requisite degree of heat in hotbeds and pits.

  55. The routine of cultivation in hotbeds and pits may be continued.

  56. Plant chicory in boxes or on hotbeds for blanching.

  57. Plant melons and cucumbers on the hotbeds prepared for vegetables in February, and now free.

  58. This is necessary not only to make up the required hotbeds in the first place, but also to fill in the pathways between the frames, wherever it is considered advisable to maintain the heat within the frames at a certain point.

  59. In any section where these seeds can be sown in open ground, it is an indication that hotbeds may be started for the sowing of such tender vegetables as tomatoes, egg and pepper plants, &c.

  60. Sow melons and cucumbers on hotbeds and in pits.

  61. The same degree of attention to hotbeds and pits will be necessary as in the last month.

  62. Prepare manure for making up hotbeds for early cucumbers and melons, where pits heated with hot water are not in use; also for Ashleaf potatoes.

  63. In planting sweet potatoes, do we have to make hotbeds just like those for tomatoes, or if just a plain seed-bed will do?

  64. They are hotbeds of disease, and exposed to constant peril from fire.

  65. Saxony and Thuringia are proverbial hotbeds of coffee lovers.

  66. His argument was much the same as that advanced more than a hundred years later by Charles II of England, namely, that they were hotbeds of sedition.

  67. Thus in a few years Illuminism multiplied its hotbeds all through the south of Germany, and as a consequence in Saxony, in Prussia, in Sweden, and even in Russia.

  68. In most cases these houses were low brothels and hotbeds of crime and moral degeneracy, their foul and filthy condition making them great sources and propagators of contagious and loathsome diseases.

  69. Such houses--perfect hotbeds of infectious diseases--ought to be visited two or three times a year.

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