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Example sentences for "endanger"

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  1. He was afraid that any expression of eagerness on his part might repel Hilda, and, therefore, he would not endanger his position by asking for any thing, but rather waited to receive what she might voluntarily offer.

  2. It then seemed to her that this raving delirium, if resisted, might turn to madness and endanger his last chance.

  3. He was conscious that to do so would be to endanger his safety, and perhaps to put a watchful pursuer once more on his track.

  4. She hoped to find rest at Munich, and to stop short of that place seemed to her to endanger her prospect of success.

  5. Meanwhile the Captain did not, by a premature disclosure of his hopes, endanger their completion; and De Courcy continued unconsciously to foster in his bosom, a passion that was destined to destroy his peace.

  6. And the tacit understanding, in virtue of which I would be disposed to admit any obligation of secrecy, does not and could not extend beyond such matters as would, if divulged, endanger the safety or impair the efficiency of the Association.

  7. And secondly, because a failure then would endanger the cause at the general election which was to take place in a few months.

  8. These considerations should allay all apprehension that we are disposed to encroach on the rights or endanger the security of other states.

  9. That would endanger them, and, worse, endanger Madge.

  10. He had done more to endanger Spain's fragile economy than all the Protestant countries together.

  11. If we have to put the island on a war footing, it could endanger the lives of every free man here.

  12. The emperor said it was--but charitably advised him to go and hunt hares and not endanger so precious a life as his in an attempt which had brought death to so many of the world's most illustrious heroes.

  13. And do you imagine," replied Mr. Stevens, "that the circulation of the Scriptures without note or comment will endanger the safety of the church?

  14. I often said that they ought to be driven out of the Establishment, because I thought they were secretly undermining its foundation, and, if allowed to grow into a formidable body, might endanger its existence.

  15. My sole wish was not to endanger our love.

  16. Will what you have to say endanger this nice time of ours, and is it that same shadowy secret you allude to so frequently, and will it make me unhappy?

  17. The citizens of London were quick to realise the fact that the fall of Gloucester would endanger their own safety, and at once took measures for defending themselves and sending relief to the besieged town.

  18. The citty is subject still to be ridden by every party and wilbe so rather than endanger trade and stock," wrote a royalist in March of this year.

  19. Happily for us, we are not so situated as that any purpose of national defence requires, ordinarily and constantly, such a military force as might seriously endanger our liberties.

  20. Are we to endanger our pacific relations?

  21. It is to evince your devotion to the Constitution, your sense of its transcendent value, and your just alarm at whatever threatens to weaken its proper authority, or endanger its existence.

  22. Your verdict, it is true, may endanger the prisoner's life, but then it is to save other lives.

  23. If we will not endanger our own peace, if we will neither furnish armies nor navies to the cause which we think the just one, what is there within our power?

  24. From the interior situation of the Territory, it is not believed that slaves could ever become so numerous as to endanger the internal peace or future prosperity of the country.

  25. When he is guilty of such inhuman treatment as to endanger the life of his wife.

  26. Attempt upon the life or wilful and serious maltreatment such as to endanger bodily safety or health.

  27. The next day, the weather being foul, they ran so near the Frenchman as to endanger their yards, and Chambers called to Captain Smith to come aboard or he would leave him.

  28. These are immense sand banks or shoals which greatly endanger the safety of vessels bound thither.

  29. When he was told, that it was not the part of a prudent man to endanger himself in that manner, he answered, "That the winds and seas were well acquainted with his frigate, and had a reverence for the plank of the Santa Cruz.

  30. If he is really the unscrupulous, crafty, and scheming man that I have suspected him to be, he will not find it difficult to weave some plot around you which may endanger your whole life.

  31. She knew that the discovery of this man would endanger herself.

  32. You have no friend at stake; you will endanger no one, and save yourself, by telling whether you are innocent or not.

  33. Slander not my constant faith, Nor doubt the care Fate hath to stop the motion Of envious Time, might it endanger so Supreme a beauty.

  34. How happy then might I lengthen my life, With some fair country girl, so ignorant She knew not her own beauties, rather than Endanger death and scorn in your denial, And in your grant nothing but pomp and envy!

  35. Madam, I wonder with what confidence You, after such an injury, dare endanger Discourse with me.

  36. I'll endanger His virtue to a blush, and happily Convert an infidel.

  37. Imprudent action and an open breach with the Government of the country might not only endanger our safety and entirely stop our work, but it might also close the doors for many years on Palestine explorers.

  38. The confession of truth, save when such confession may endanger the safety of the initiate, when silence is allowed.

  39. One act of Zillah herself had seemed to endanger her royal prospects.

  40. A naval force can never endanger our liberties, nor occasion bloodshed: a land force would do both.

  41. The Gulf Stream on the coast of the United States would cease, and with that, those derangements of course and reckoning, which now impede and endanger the intercourse with those States.

  42. The delay of it a little longer will endanger the throwing my return into the winter, the very idea of which is horror itself to me.

  43. There was a moment when this opposition ran so high, as to endanger an appeal to arms, in which case, perhaps, it would have been crushed.

  44. He is a great and good minister, and an accident to him might endanger the peace of Europe.

  45. I am much pleased with the prospect that a declaration of rights will be added; and I hope it will be done in that way, which will not endanger the whole frame of government, or any essential part of it.

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