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Example sentences for "custodians"

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custodes; custodia; custodial; custodiam; custodian; custodie; custody; custom; customable; customarily
  1. Messire Richard Kyrthrizian and Brother Gille Lecourt, both of them priests, were then custodians of the chapel.

  2. The custodians of the chapel gave him a sword marked with five crosses, or with five little swords on the blade, not far from the hilt.

  3. Was she able to give the custodians of the chapel any signs by which to recognise the sword?

  4. They had come to regard themselves as especially favoured, a privileged class--not only the custodians but the dispensers of all religious knowledge--and therefore of religion.

  5. They were the custodians of God's favour and only through the institution could any man, or any woman, have access to God.

  6. The Pharisees had gradually elevated themselves into an ecclesiastical hierarchy who were the custodians of the law and religion.

  7. The shopkeepers and gondoliers, the beggars and the models, depend upon it for a living; they are the custodians and the ushers of the great museum--they are even themselves to a certain extent the objects of exhibition.

  8. Arkansas: This Monitor, prepared by Past Grand Master George Thornburgh, having been approved by the Custodians of the Work, the Grand Lecturer and myself, I do recommend the use of the same to all the lodges in Arkansas.

  9. When the proposed Monitor is approved by the Custodians of the Work, the Grand Lecturer, and the Grand Master, the Grand Master shall be authorized to recommend it to the lodges.

  10. Lord Livingston, afterward Earl of Linlithgow, was one of the custodians of Mary, Queen of Scots, while in Dumbarton Castle in 1547.

  11. But, Mr. Manning, do you not regard the writers of each age as the custodians of its tastes as well as its morals?

  12. Every year sees improvement in the administration of this noble trust by the professional custodians and administrators.

  13. Do the custodians of these places furnish circulation figures?

  14. It is somewhat remarkable that the Jews, who were the exclusive custodians of the Hebrew writings up to the sixteenth century, had not been careful to preserve their old manuscripts.

  15. But I trust that the thoughts set forth upon these pages will not escape either the eyes or the thoughts of those who are the public custodians and arbiters of education in this country.

  16. It set the litter down in the midst of the Morgue, and then two Custodians proclaimed aloud that we were all 'invited' to go out.

  17. We had been excited in the highest degree by seeing the Custodians pull off their coats and tuck up their shirt-sleeves, as the procession came along.

  18. If I had never acknowledged it before, I must do homage to it now, remembering the sweetness of the sacristans and custodians of Verona.

  19. Of course the custodians were slow to admit any change of this kind.

  20. He held it an error in most custodians to show discontent when travellers gave them little; and he said that if he received never so much, he believed it wise not to betray exultation.

  21. Among memorable custodians in Italy was one whom we saw at Pisa, where we stopped on our way from Leghorn after our accident in the Maremma, and spent an hour in viewing the Quattro Fabbriche.

  22. I suppose it is known that the present Italian Government forbids people to be pillaged in any way on its premises, and that the property of the State is no longer the traffic of custodians and their pitiless race.

  23. The second epoch during which the longevity of the custodians of the plates is remarkable is during that reign of universal righteousness which followed the ministry of the crucified Savior.

  24. After these, Mormon and his son, Moroni, were the custodians until the close of the record, in the year 421 after Christ.

  25. The celebrated La Scala Theatre was closed for the season during our visit to Milan; but the custodians have an eye to business.

  26. It would have been quite impossible for the resurrection-men to have obtained the number of bodies they frequently did, had they not been able to bribe the custodians of the different burial-grounds.

  27. The bribery of the custodians will account for the large number of bodies often obtained in one night.

  28. With this may be compared the fact that the Telugu Malas are custodians of the goddess Gauri, the bull Nandi, and Ganesa, the chief gods of the Saiva Kapus and Balijas.

  29. Pandariyar or Pandarattar, denoting custodians of the treasury, has been returned as a title of Nattaman, Malaiman, and Sudarman.

  30. The custodians were deeply impressed with this holy message and allowed the travellers to pass without further question.

  31. As our staple education becomes more 'modern' and less literary, the custodians of organised religion will find their difficulties increasing.

  32. Let us hope the custodians of the Castle will prove as susceptible," I observed, piously.

  33. Meanwhile, with much trouble and long delay, Raby and his custodians reached the other side, not without narrowly escaping destruction.

  34. So much the more important is it that the custodians of all our public libraries should form as complete collections as possible of all pamphlets, at least, that appear in their own city or neighborhood.

  35. It doubtless abbreviates the responsibilities of the custodians of public morals, that the staple of conversation on board the Acushnet, the scenes enacted in the forecastle and elsewhere in the ship, shall probably never be known.

  36. When one’s enemy writes a book, one’s reputation is less likely to be jeopardised by literary animosity than it is by the best superlatives of self-appointed custodians of one’s good name.

  37. But the truer view is that their power to give Torah to Israel depended entirely upon their being the custodians of the places where Yahweh had caused His name to be remembered.

  38. As custodians of that, they were justified in keeping up walls of partition between themselves and the world, which if universally accepted would only be hurtful to the highest interests of mankind.

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