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  1. Householders in England, and in America, too, preferred the beautiful silver candlesticks and those charming and artistic scrolls which once decorated the walls of the houses of the well-to-do.

  2. When furnishing such houses with suitable replicas of the antique the householders of the last quarter of a century have been unconsciously, perhaps, fostering the love of household antiques and providing fitting homes for their family curios.

  3. Item to the pore householders in the parishe where the barbors hall dothe stande,” xx{s}.

  4. They had little to say to village householders who must have constituted the great majority of the population.

  5. No doubt comfortable householders were in no hurry to take to the woods and many must always have shirked the duty.

  6. Even the Jain scriptures admit that pious householders were disgusted by the ascetics who asked for a lodging in their houses—naked, unwashed men, foul to smell and loathsome to behold[533].

  7. On the whole Brahmanic (as opposed to Buddhist) literature is occupied in insisting not so much that the devout should abandon the world as that they must perform the ritual observances prescribed for householders before doing so.

  8. But they did not maintain that religious knowledge was the exclusive privilege of any caste: they were not householders but wanderers and celibates.

  9. Sometimes the right belonged to the governing body of the town; sometimes to all the freemen; sometimes to all householders who paid local taxes; and in one place, at least, it extended to all the inhabitants.

  10. So long as the capitalized amortization tax exceeded the value of the land, the number of peasants who had redeemed their lots in absolute property was limited to a score of the wealthiest householders in a district.

  11. Year in and year out, from 20 to 30 householders have their cattle and buildings sold at public auction to satisfy arrears of taxes.

  12. With the division of the family, which, as we know, is only a question of time, a number of householders will be compelled to stop farming.

  13. The assessment of the obligation in proportion to the shares held by the several householders in the communal land would be unjust to the poorest part of the community.

  14. Guided by these principles, we obtain the following table comprising all the householders of the class in question, in the district of Korotoyak: In the class.

  15. Now, about one-fifth of the householders are absent from home, engaged in some wage-earning occupation, and there is also a certain percentage among the emigrants who have not yet severed their relations with the community.

  16. The separation of the remaining 1242 compound householders would swell the proletarian class by nearly as many families, which would constitute an increase of the proletariat by forty-five per cent.

  17. On the contrary above one-half of the village assembly consists at large of those householders who are indifferent to the question, and would not put themselves to the trouble of incurring responsibility.

  18. Combine all merely agricultural groups in which the income from farming exceeds the expenses of housekeeping, taxes and rent, and in which, furthermore, all the householders cultivate their plots with their own stock and implements.

  19. The table on the top of the next page gives the total number of communities, in which all the householders were able to carry on farming with their own stock and implements.

  20. Now, the bulk of the class of strong farmers is made up of these two groups, and one-half of the old householders range among the very same groups, constituting there a very noticeable minority.

  21. The hall that had escaped being burnt had been accommodated for his occupation without much difficulty, as such articles as were needed to furnish it were requisitioned without scruple from the householders of Caio.

  22. There are more twigs than there are householders and notables here assembled.

  23. An association of civil government was formed among the householders or masters of families, who agreed to be governed by the orders of the greater number.

  24. This was followed by another agreement of non-householders or single persons, who agreed to subject themselves to such orders as should be made by the householders, but “only in civil things.

  25. In the whole village there might be seventy or eighty householders who had some debt, but it was justifiable.

  26. Few householders were too poor or too busy to be without their little patch of flowers.

  27. Steady-going householders donned their uniforms and marched off to the barracks of the several militia corps, the Patricios and Arribenos.

  28. Conspicuous among the householders for their friendly treatment of the English were Don Gregorio Lopez and his son-in-law Don Roderigo Ponce de Leon.

  29. Many monks of this Red sect married, according to the practice of the Brahmans, and remained householders till a son and heir was born to them.

  30. Of course the majority of Buddhist householders never cared to do this.

  31. Of course, too, the majority of Buddhist householders were worldly-minded; they were no believers in ultra-pessimistic views of life.

  32. From the detailed papers of cultivators, and householders not cultivators, will be framed the general account of the village.

  33. Mr. Trench seems to have been horrified at not finding the names of these householders in the rent-books of the estate!

  34. In the debate referred to, Lord Moira declared that ninety-one householders had been banished from one of his own estates; and many of them wounded in their persons.

  35. Groups of householders combined to hire lighting contractors to fulfill their statutory responsibility to hang candles or lights in some part of their houses near the street to light it for passengers until 9:00 p.

  36. No one in the colonies except present hatmakers who are householders and journeymen may make hats unless they serve a seven year apprenticeship.

  37. This duty of householders watching the streets had evolved from the ancient obligation of wards to provide men to guard the walls at night.

  38. In 1659 all householders in London and Westminster had to give a list of persons lodging in their house, and the horses and arms there.

  39. But some householders still had special occasions when everyone ate together in the dining room, with the servants at one end of the table.

  40. The practice of Catholicism had gone underground in England, and some Catholic householders maintained Catholic priests in hidden places in their homes.

  41. Water pumped from the Thames into underground pipes was thus distributed to householders three times a week.

  42. Also licenses were restricted to people who were certified by four reputable and substantial householders to be of good fame and sober life and conversation.

  43. The watchmen were householders taking their turn.

  44. Gorki is crushingly ruthless to the wives of the householders and officials.

  45. The offspring is no different from the weed householders have been cursing ever since the Mission Fathers enslaved the Digger Indians.

  46. Yours should be sold to householders for their lawns.

  47. But there were many householders who could not come.

  48. When the harvest was removed from the open strips they returned to a state of undivided pasture in which the householders of the village exercised rights of common with their cattle.

  49. Slaves are used more and more as small householders provided with rural tenements and burdened with rents and services.

  50. Twelve days later I returned, taking with me a letter covered with the signatures of the householders and tradesmen residing near the Odéon.

  51. You must try to get a petition for me, signed by the most influential householders and tradespeople in the neighbourhood.

  52. Volunteers under Lane's direction made the householders stretch wet blankets over the roofs and eaves.

  53. In a year the title of the householders to their little homes was established beyond peradventure.

  54. We have too many farmers and small householders and women--put the accent on the women.

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