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Example sentences for "banished"

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  1. Read with care the Code Frederick, and inform yourself of the good effects of it in those parts of, his dominions where it has taken place, and where it has banished the former chicanes, quirks, and quibbles of the old law.

  2. In their early years, they are either banished by their parents to the seclusion of a convent, or are confined in their own houses, under the care of a set of severe and withered old women, whom they term bonnes.

  3. They themselves are hurried away, if young, to fill up the miserable quotas of the conscription; torn from the happiest scenes of their youth, and banished from every object of their affection.

  4. The young ones were banished to the nursery; and, as they were no longer allowed to spend their days in eating, there was far less sickness among them, and our family doctor's bill decreased amazingly.

  5. I do not know how the late King became acquainted with this fact; but it is certain that he was seriously angered at it, and that he banished Du Roure to Gascony, his native country.

  6. He had been thoughtful since he met Janet Bell, for she had banished the self-deception he had unconsciously used and thrown a new and disturbing light on his friendship with Grace.

  7. Kit said nothing; for the other, by using a favorite motto, had banished his companions' dislike of novelties.

  8. He admitted that he had from the beginning been wrong about Kit, but his prejudices were not altogether banished yet.

  9. Half an hour later, a heavy sleep that came as a reaction after the shock closed his eyes and banished his troubles for a time.

  10. The plan failed, for they had their spies everywhere, and the only result was that the sultan's faithful servants were banished to Syria, and the sultan himself was more oppressed than ever.

  11. The duchess, after enduring the ignominy of her public penance, rendered peculiarly severe by the exalted state from which she had fallen, was banished to the Isle of Man, where she was placed under the ward of Sir Thomas Stanley.

  12. The jury by a majority of votes found the charges proven; and the judge condemned the prisoner to be burned upon the cheek with a hot iron and banished for life.

  13. The originator of the affair, Malley Redmond, after making her appearance to be "rebooked" before the congregation, was banished the parish.

  14. Many of them were destitute, and, as respects the Mexicans, many were being banished from the place of their birth.

  15. It was more or less an accident that the Luck was swept away by a flood; it was an accident that the Outcasts were banished on the eve of a storm.

  16. They have banished much barbarism, softened many hard hearts, and given a gentleness to the men which they did not have before.

  17. He was banished to his couch and made to know that leaving it would entail unpleasantness.

  18. He had once done Breede's personal work, but had been banished to the outer office after Bean's first try-out.

  19. Santana also quarrelled with Congress and banished or shot his principal adversaries.

  20. This consideration makes me shudder, and, accordingly, all confidence, and all the sweets of social intercourse, are banished from among us.

  21. On the other hand, these dispositions were not altogether unprovoked--the young men had been persecuted by their relations, and banished the society of their acquaintance; and their political opinions had acted as an universal proscription.

  22. All the mild characteristics annihilated; and a frantic cruelty, which is dignified with the name of patriotism, has usurped ever faculty, and banished both reason and mercy.

  23. But I banished these foolish qualms, the reaction after my triumph probably; and as I heard the tootle of my friend’s horn approach I sat myself down on a broad side of bacon and indulged in a victorious whoo-oop.

  24. The late Emperor Augustus banished his daughter, whose conduct went beyond the shame of ordinary immodesty, and made public the scandals of the imperial house.

  25. And now she sits, banished and widowed, to hear of her husband's martyrdom; her elder sons wanderers, her young daughter a prisoner.

  26. Revolt assumed the wildest form, the higher enthusiasm of faith yielded to the lower fury of fanaticism; the celestial visions of a kingdom of heaven were completely banished by the smoke and flame of political hate.

  27. Then Minaya answered and said, "We have left the gentle land of Castille, and are come hither as banished men, and if we do not beat the Moors they will not give us food*.

  28. For since you were wroth against him, and banished him from the land, he being a man disherited, hath helped himself with his own hands, and hath won from the Moors the Castle of Alcocer.

  29. Paris was utterly ignorant of the fact that he was the son of the king, having been banished from his home in his infancy because a prophecy had foretold that he should bring about the destruction of his native city.

  30. Then King Don Alfonso answered, "This is betimes in the morning for a banished man to ask favour of his lord; nor is it befitting a king, for no lord ought to be wroth for so short a time.

  31. The nearest approach to such a feeling was perhaps that of some favourite under an European monarchy, when, frowned upon by his sovereign, he was hurled from place and power, and banished from the court.

  32. Athanasius refused to do what would have tainted the whole Church, so Constantine banished him, and allowed Arius to come to Constantinople.

  33. A great Carthaginian general, named Hannibal, who had been banished from home, came to Antiochus, and offered to help him in his war upon Greece.

  34. The king wished both of them to be executed; but the vizier suggested that the prince should be banished from the country.

  35. The king was more angry than before, and banished his son from the country.

  36. The landed estates of the Tarquins were distributed among the plebeians, so that the banished family had no chance of recovering their lost ground, which was afterwards known as the Field of Mars, or Campus Martius.

  37. For the second offense, he shall be banished from the nation.

  38. Anyone fighting a duel in which death ensues, shall be banished for life.

  39. When he raised the High King against me and banished me from Ireland.

  40. They will not be banished until you have banished their cause.

  41. She was an earth-woman, and she was banished to the earth.

  42. Louisa, leave father and mother, and follow a poor banished husband like me?

  43. Startled at the sudden call, she turned around to the well-known voice, presenting a face on which love and sweet surprise had spread those rosy charms, which in a moment banished all his sorrows.

  44. But Heinrich has whispered an evil word in your ear; he has banished your joyous humor, as one banishes a serpent.

  45. But they all bore with me in the plenty of their kindness, and, in the last week, I have banished the mummy and trained the scared dog to altogether polite and pretty behaviour.

  46. Since my two younger sisters have been banished it has happily become possible to hear both you, and myself, speak.

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