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Example sentences for "bangles"

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  1. There are the tinkle of bangles and other little sounds; the door is perhaps shut with a shade of unnecessary vehemence; the bookcase is a trifle stiff and creaks if jerked open.

  2. She flushed a little and the fingers of her right hand toyed for a time with the bangles on her left arm.

  3. Then she comes to school wearing heaps of bangles and rings and things, and she makes one feel she doesn't consider one's clothes anything to hers.

  4. She was very much overdressed, as usual, in an eau de Nile gown, trimmed with costly lace: her gold bangles jangled as she fanned herself.

  5. As I glanced at her, I saw she was dragging her gold bangles over her arm until there was a red line on the flesh.

  6. Upon it were bone and cornelian bead-bangles (see Pl.

  7. In the d├ębris there were some bone bead-bangles (for example see Pl.

  8. Hair plaited; on wrists, bangles of double strings of bone and cornelian beads; on third finger of left hand a scarab (Pl.

  9. Among these remains were some bone and cornelian bead-bangles (for example see Pl.

  10. They bear no names or inscriptions, and the only objects beside the mummies found in them were a few bead-bangles (Pl.

  11. So Patty reluctantly allowed Ethelyn to clasp a necklace round her throat, and slip several jingling bangles on her wrists.

  12. Both the girls wore dark blue suits trimmed with fur, but Ethelyn's was resplendent with wide lace-trimmed collars, and she wore clattering bangles on her wrists, and a fancy little muff hung round her neck by a silver chain.

  13. Let me get you a fine skin with bangles on it that tinkle as you slide.

  14. It had red stripes on it and bangles that tinkled.

  15. Money and bangles were freely distributed to the murderers, whilst salutes were fired from the cannon, and the whole station was ablaze with fireworks and illuminations.

  16. With much rattling of the bangles on her wrists, Fanny produced a card from her hand-bag.

  17. What have I," she continued, raising the tone slightly, and extending a hand so that the gold bangles on her wrist jingled musically.

  18. At one lonely place we passed a small shelter, a roof of yellow matting supported by a few posts, containing six rather pale-hued women with richly coloured robes and bangles seated in a semi-circle on the ground.

  19. In them were fair-skinned, unveiled women with many bangles on their arms, wearing robes of dark brilliant hues.

  20. Some wear nose rings and all wear bangles that clash as they walk.

  21. He wore conch bangles and earrings and braided his hair, like those unfortunate beings whom nature has debarred from the privileges of men and women, and he lived in the inner apartments of the king.

  22. I wondered what she would say when she got to her room and found the three sapphire bangles waiting for her on the dressing table!

  23. In some of the offerings from the great people are to be observed precious stones set in necklaces, and bangles for the arms and ankles.

  24. The offerings to the child are often costly and pretty; bangles and various ornaments of the precious metals.

  25. In this conservatory my heroine of the bangles found herself; and here, too, as a natural consequence, was found the young man.

  26. When he was about three years old a bangle seller came by that way, and the Muchie Ranee bought some bangles from him and put them on her boy's wrists and ankles; but by the next day, in playing, he had broken them all.

  27. The bangle seller answered: "I have just been selling bangles to some people who live in a cobra's hole in the river bank.

  28. Toreya women are only allowed to wear bangles on the wrist.

  29. By some the sight of a Gazula Balija with his pile of bangles on his back is considered a good omen.

  30. From his braid of hair Siva created a being who descended on the earth, bearing a number of bangles and turmeric paste, with which Parvati adorned herself.

  31. So she arose trailing her skirts, whilst the golden bangles tinkled on her ankles and her feet stumbled in her long locks, and she disappeared for a little while.

  32. Meanwhile the bangles had been tendered to the lady; they had lain in her hand, and she appreciated their curious design and artistic excellence.

  33. On the table lay an open book and the silver bangles in it, as if some one had just thrown them off.

  34. At sound of entering footsteps Steve sprang up, with an angry oath, and hastily closing the book threw it and the bangles into the chair from which he had risen, then crowded the shawl down upon them into as small a compass as possible.

  35. With them they take twenty big pots of liquor, a pair of brass bangles and a cloth for the bride's mother, and head cloths for the father, brothers, and other male relatives.

  36. In the Madras Census Report, 1901, the Sitras are said to be supposed to be the progeny of a Khond man and a Haddi woman, who manufacture the brass rings and bangles worn by the Khonds.

  37. Ornaments of beads and brass bangles are worn, but the usage of diverse muttas (settlements) varies very much.

  38. Every married woman must wear a necklet of black beads, and glass bangles on her wrists; when she becomes a widow, she must remove them.

  39. Pattapu women wear brass bangles on both wrists, and Thurpu women brass bangles on the right wrist, and glass bangles on the left.

  40. Near the pyre it is laid on the ground, and the widow places her jewelry and glass bangles on the chest.

  41. These marriage bangles are made on the hills, and are curiously carved in fluted and zigzag lines, and kept as heirlooms in the family, to be used at the next marriage in the house.

  42. Kalingi women wear heavy bangles of brass, silver bell-metal and glass, extending from the wrist to the elbow.

  43. The Sitras manufacture the brass rings and bangles worn by the Kondhs.

  44. In the Madura district, the Kavarais are described [126] as being "most commonly manufacturers and sellers of bangles made of a particular kind of earth, found only in one or two parts of the district.

  45. On the third day the bangles are removed, as it is supposed that by then the girl has become reconciled to her fate.

  46. Her sleeves had a fashionable cut, and half a dozen metal bangles rattled on her wrists.

  47. Her voice rattled like her bangles as she poured forth a stream of anecdote and ejaculation; and her round black eyes jumped with acrobatic velocity from one face to another.

  48. She chose a necklet, a brooch, and numberless bangles for her arms, all the smallest she could find, those generally made for children.

  49. How many of these rubbishy bangles can you dispose of in a day?

  50. He had a tray containing bangles and necklaces and gewgaws, made in Germany, which he was selling as oriental works of art.

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