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Example sentences for "banged"

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baneful; baner; baners; banes; bang; banging; bangle; bangles; bani; banian
  1. Both sides banged away for all they were worth.

  2. Henderson gave me my blue in the pavilion at Lord's and simply banged me on the back as he did it, a very unorthodox and pleasant ending to what had been a great anxiety.

  3. It's more than I can or will put up with," and he banged The Nineteenth Century down on his writing-table so violently that he upset a vase of roses and some of the water went into his ink-pot.

  4. I had to do it or I should have felt awful," he said, and then he jumped up and banged round the room, tossing things about and failing to catch them.

  5. I went back to my rooms and found Fred waiting for me, but from the way I banged my note-book on the table and threw my gown into a corner, I should not think that he expected me to be very pleasant.

  6. I banged about the room tremendously, but Fred went on reading The Sportsman and waited for me to become fit to speak to.

  7. Toward sunset the flight began in earnest, and for about ten minutes Stud banged away like the Federal gunboats before Vicksburg.

  8. She banged her feather duster against the peeling porch rail.

  9. A little later, however, they were ordered to march on, and then were shown into an underground room, none too clean and quite dark, and the door was banged shut on them.

  10. Blake, and Joe despairingly banged his fist against his camera.

  11. Then breakfast, very deliberate, but cheerful, because the glass went up when I banged it--it always goes up at that hotel .

  12. They are not only banged during life; they are banged worse after death!

  13. Robin, hiding her surprise and confusion in a nervous snigger, banged the heavy door, and led him through the halls and up the staircases.

  14. Georgiana had smiled at them, had closed the door softly behind them--and had immediately banged to another conveniently near at hand, one opening into a small clothespress under the stair landing.

  15. I was growing faint with the heat down in that narrow, breathless street, my clothes stuck to me, and Barkins' heavy telescope banged heavily against my side, making me feel ready to unfasten the strap and let it fall.

  16. He turned sharply, and something banged against the bulwark.

  17. Ay, ay, lad," was the reply, and their questioner banged his right fist down into his left palm as if to get rid of some of his rage.

  18. In three minutes the door banged open noisily, and the Flight Leader clumped heavily in.

  19. The men in the long chairs turned with evident interest as Mottram banged the more lustily.

  20. Deesa took a tent-peg and banged Moti Guj ten times on the nails.

  21. Montresor banged himself about, broke his time, and made some execrable flourishes in the Prince, whereat the enlightened New Yorkians applauded mightily.

  22. During our progress, one of the wheels (or paddles, as they are properly called) took it into its head to knock its case to pieces, and banged the boards about in a strange way.

  23. And with that he left the cabin, and banged the door after him in a rage.

  24. And he banged his gate upon my heels to make me stop and rub them.

  25. Ruth banged the door, and ran away; and Lorna stood before me.

  26. She banged the door behind her and sat down with poor Miranda on her knees, crying as if her heart would break.

  27. And presently the area door banged behind her quick-retreating footsteps.

  28. But once, when he was going back in the dawn, two of the English soldiers got a glimpse of him as he was slipping into the wood and banged off a gun at him.

  29. The Monkey raised his head and banged it on the box cover.

  30. He unclasped the toes of his left foot from the stick and banged his foot down two or three times.

  31. So she just banged her heels on the bottom of it.

  32. One had only to knock and ask for a light or a pinch of salt or a jug of water, one was certain of getting the door banged in one's face.

  33. He banged his fists down on the newspapers as he yelled: "I require the suppression of militarism, the fraternity of peoples.

  34. Meanwhile, My-Boots, who had been looking at his hand, triumphantly banged his fist down on the table.

  35. But the others made a grimace, as they banged down their irons.

  36. Admiral Jackson grated, and banged a bunched fist on the desk top.

  37. Then he banged the throttle the rest of the way open and took off in a hurry.

  38. Farms were scattered along the highway and he stopped at the first house and banged on the door and entreated.

  39. The sound rolled in long echoes along the gorge and was banged back by the mountain sides.

  40. At supper the girl of his thoughts had been conspicuously rude in the manner with which she banged down dishes in front of him.

  41. Brophy picked up the tray and banged it over the youth's head.

  42. Bill’s face fell with the cake and he banged the door with a vengeance.

  43. Instantly her eyes looked daggers at the boys; snatching the gun, she thrust it up against her shoulder, pulled the trigger and banged away!

  44. I wish you'd try and talk like a Christian," and she banged a metal tea-tray upon the table.

  45. Said it wasn't to let, then banged it to in my face," was the injured response.

  46. Pity you haven't got something better to do than to come disturbin' me in the midst of my ironin'," and with that she banged the door and disappeared.

  47. A moment later, the iron was banged upon the rest, and she glanced down at her apron.

  48. And he banged with his fists against the flimsy panel.

  49. Sara could be seen moving about on one of the floating platforms, retying several boats which banged at their moorings.

  50. He banged the hall door, and I sat down with the brown-paper parcel in front of me.

  51. She banged the door after her and rushed away.

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