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  1. They had to deal with a carnal people, and to render them the depositary of a spiritual covenant.

  2. Judge of all things, yet a weak earth-worm; depositary of truth, yet a cesspool of uncertainty and error; the glory and offscouring of the Universe.

  3. Now humanity, considered by itself, and given up to its own strength, as it appears to philosophers, is not so safe a depositary as people wish to suppose.

  4. In the Arizona desert the surface is composed of depositary rocks of Mesozoic times, except where lava streams have flowed down over it since then.

  5. You have made yourself the national executor, the great depositary of the moneys of the widow and the orphan.

  6. On leaving the grocer's shop, they saw a coach, the future depositary of the charms of Mademoiselle Trüchen and the bags of crowns of Planchet.

  7. This system was the result of the formation of the State governments, each of which had become the present depositary of the political powers of an independent people.

  8. It had been made the depositary of a direct and equal State influence; and this feature of the system had become fixed and irrevocable before the powers of the other departments, or their origin or relations, had been finally settled.

  9. I shall write to the depositary of my money to deliver a hundred gold sous to whomever of your men shall deliver my letter to him.

  10. But he was the depositary of a portion of the chronicles and relics of his family.

  11. Here and there we met, often strangely and by accident, and I became now the depositary of his heart's dearest secrets, now the reluctant adviser, and now the bold and earnest remonstrant.

  12. Congress, a single body of men, are the sole depositary of all the federal powers.

  13. It is not a great deal larger than Germany, where a diet representing the whole empire is continually assembled; or than Poland before the late dismemberment, where another national diet was the depositary of the supreme power.

  14. The convention, it appears, thought the Senate the most fit depositary of this important trust.

  15. Whether sixty-five members for a few years, and a hundred or two hundred for a few more, be a safe depositary for a limited and well-guarded power of legislating for the United States?

  16. The principle of power was entirely displaced: royalty had ended by believing that it was the exclusive depositary of power.

  17. The king, to whom he was devoted, liked him as the depositary of his troubles, the confidant of his relations with foreign powers, and the skilful mediator of his negotiation with all parties.

  18. The depositary should not seek to know what the things deposited with him are, if they have been left with him in a closed trunk or a sealed envelope (Art.

  19. The depositary cannot make use of the trust without the express or presumed consent of the deponent (Art 1929).

  20. The depositary is not held responsible in cases of insuperable accidents (Art.

  21. The depositary must return the identical thing he has received.

  22. He who deposits is called deponent (or bailor in England); he who receives the trust is called depositary (in England bailee).

  23. The obligations of the depositary are morally the same as those found in positive law.

  24. The depositary is only held to return the things deposited with him, in the state wherein they are at the moment of restitution.

  25. Judge of all things, imbecile worm of the earth; depositary of truth, a sink of uncertainty and error; the pride and refuse of the universe!

  26. They had to deal with a carnal people and to render them the depositary of the spiritual covenant.

  27. When practicable, drafts upon depositary banks, for transfers of deposits on account of proceeds of four per cent.

  28. But one way seemed open for a peaceful solution, and that was to gather, if possible, a single legislature that could be recognized as the depositary of the representative will of the people of Louisiana.

  29. Drafts on depositary banks in cities other than New York should be drawn a sufficient time in advance to meet payments there.

  30. The peculiar truth of which he was the depositary could only be brought out in all its fulness and power in connection with the abandonment of earth as the manifested scene of divine operation.

  31. Israel, and also as the depositary of the divine counsels respecting the Church.

  32. Paul was not only the depositary of the divine counsels, but also of divine affections.

  33. Elijah felt himself to be the depositary of the secret of the Lord, of which secret his brother knew nothing.

  34. For acting as depositary under plans of reorganization, assignee, or receiver, a lump sum is usually paid covering all services.

  35. In railroad and other reorganizations, the trust company takes a prominent part, acting both as a depositary for, and as a representative of, the committees which formulate and execute the plans of reorganization.

  36. The Cardinal de Fleury, by his Dignity of Cardinal, and much more by his Character, as the Depositary of the Royal Authority, has the first Rank in the State next to the Princes of the Blood.

  37. A crowd of persons surrounded his bed in tears; for during half a century he had been the depositary of public misfortunes, domestic troubles, and spiritual distress.

  38. The sole depositary of two secrets, he did not despair of concluding some arrangement between the two parties.

  39. But I considered that, in thinking of my father-in-law, they were coming very near me, the real depositary of these important papers.

  40. Campan, the Queen's private secretary, and said that his death was feigned; that he was living unknown in some obscure part of France, and was doubtless the depositary of all the important papers.

  41. But he lived on to see a new generation grow up from infancy to mature age afterwards; and as the companion of Apostles and the depositary of the Apostolic tradition, his influence increased with his increasing years.

  42. I did not much relish being made the depositary of such dangerous reports, and ordered my servant never to mention before me again “any such ridiculous stories,” otherwise I should discharge him as an unsafe person.

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