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Example sentences for "glint"

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glimp; glimpse; glimpsed; glimpses; glimpsing; glinted; glinting; glints; glise; glises
  1. His eyes caught the rusty glint of metal.

  2. On the contrary, I caught a glint of humor through his gleaming glass, and he proceeded to pocket his revolver like the gentleman he was.

  3. I sat up in my bed, peering through the window, to catch the first glint of the moon and to watch her rise dripping, as I used to fancy, from the depths of the sea.

  4. Her look, straight into his eyes, was a glint of sunlight in dark places.

  5. His face bore its wonted expression of good-humored alertness, but there was an inscrutable glint in his eyes that might have found place there because of a sure realization of the hazard of the situation and of his accepting it.

  6. Judith's eyes were closed against the strong light from the sky above, and against the sight of his face bent over hers, and the fire glint of his eyes, dark as a thundercloud and as charged with lightnings.

  7. As she went over the down, she heard the sea roaring threateningly; on her left hand the glint of the light-house on Trevose Head gave her the direction she must pursue.

  8. Her face was set, and there was a portentous glint in her very steady eyes.

  9. It showed Leland sitting motionless, a hard glint in his eyes, and the other man making little uneasy movements as he shrank from the steady gaze.

  10. It cost her an effort to submit to the touch of his lips, but she made it, though she felt her cheeks grow hot, and was sorry she had done so when she saw the glint in his eyes and felt the constraint of his arm.

  11. Leland stooped lower over her with the veins swollen on his forehead and a glint in his eyes.

  12. Then he looked up again, straightening himself, with the glint in his eyes she had now and then seen there before.

  13. He caught the glint of sun on what must be a ray tube.

  14. When he leaned his head back against the grime encrusted wall, raising his face to the light, his hair had the glint of bright chestnut, a gold which was also red.

  15. The glint of sun on the tail of the L-B, tilted now to the sky?

  16. Hume took a weaving course, zigzagging back and forth, while they both watched intently for a glint from one of the globes, any movement which would betray that trail.

  17. At the end of it was a formidable something which flashed with an ugly glint of metal in the Sicilian's face.

  18. When at length the Little Red Doctor emerged there was a wild kind of glint in his eye.

  19. And she smiled a dimpled smile, straight at Dick, with one side glint for me.

  20. I had been for a long walk, nearly to the sea, and as I came back I passed this place and, looking into the pool, there was the glint of the stars in the water.

  21. The mountain breeze was full of life and gladness, and the rustling and tossing of the woods, the glint and glimmer of the leaves beneath, made one think that the trees, with every creature, were merry on that day.

  22. There was a dangerous glint in his grey-green eyes, and his opening sentence was unpromising.

  23. His eyes, bold, steely, with a glint that Bostil knew, vibrated as he held in sight all points before him.

  24. Plain to all keen eyes was the glint of Lucy Bostil's golden hair.

  25. Bostil, straightening up with a glint in his big eyes.

  26. She saw the glint of a gun held before her.

  27. One glint of the sun upon the glasses, and--" The gap was significant.

  28. No answer came, but in the glint of moonlight he could see the shattered, heaving ice slabs, and wedged in between these, supported by both arms extended, he made out the head and shoulders of a man.

  29. The monotony is further relieved by groups of stately trees which mark the surrounding country seats and by an occasional glint of the lazy river.

  30. Note how a hard glint will strike through the eyes, even though from ulterior motives he tries to hide it, and pretends to follow you reservedly.

  31. A faint, queer glint was visible under the long lashes that half-veiled his eyes as he continued: "But I have a question, Captain.

  32. The breeze which had followed the calm of the mist fluttered a loose lock of her hair across her forehead and the sun lighted a glint within the tress.

  33. He looked from her frank eyes to her copper-bronze hair, which seemed to have a glint of sunshine in its waves.

  34. The sun was setting behind the purply hill and sending a glint from the weather-vane on the little white church spire when they started back to the city.

  35. Rome built with a magic that startled as surely as the glint of her sword.

  36. There was certainly humor in the man's face, in the glint of his eyes, and in the curve of his lips.

  37. There was a glint of doubt and anxiety in his eyes.

  38. Sanderson's lips straightened, for as his eyes met Dale's he saw the latter's glint with a cold cunning.

  39. It was only a hat that he saw this time, and a glint of sunlight on the barrel of a rifle.

  40. At the corner of the road, and by the last glint of the drowning sun, I spied a covered cart, of a kind that I thought I had never seen before, preceding me at the foot's pace of jaded horses.

  41. I saw it written in the face of the hills, in the growth of the trees, and in the glint of the waterbrooks that kept the high-road company.

  42. The young man stared a moment, a humorous glint in his small black eyes; but he made no motion to leave his seat.

  43. But the indubitable glint of metal was reflected from one of them for an instant, when some metal accoutrement about him glittered in the sunlight.

  44. There was a glint of sunlight on a rifle barrel in the window of the cabin.

  45. The click of the quick-pressed lever, The glint of the naked steel, The flame of the steady volley, The hope that was almost gone, As the leaping horde of the tribesmen Swept as a tide sweeps on!

  46. Lo, here the greener grasses Glint like a stain of tears!

  47. Mr. Hickok, while he knew the name, was driven to wade through the communication before he could come by even a glint of its purport.

  48. Having caught some glint of the lady's spirit, Count Banti told of adventures in India and Africa.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "glint" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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