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  1. Meanwhile that Marie de' Medici lived and died in poverty in Cologne, Richelieu was at the apogee of his glory.

  2. The first era may be said to have lasted from the fifth century to the eleventh, and to have reached its apogee in the seventh and eighth.

  3. Is the sun or the moon, in apogee or perigee, ascending or descending?

  4. It descends from apogee to perigee and in just as many others it returns from perigee to apogee, to be carried down thus to true, back and front from the longitude and distance from the sun and from the middle of the earth.

  5. The lowest index, fitted with a single pointer, indicates the motion of the moon from its apogee or perigee.

  6. The middle one with two pointers on diametrically opposite sides, carries the marks of conjunction and opposition of the luminous bodies, with a movement equal to the course of the sun from lunar apogee or perigee.

  7. The federation of 1790 was the apogee of M.

  8. In his planetary theory he found that the places given by his adopted excentric did not fit, being one way at apogee and the other at perigee; so that the centre of distance must be nearer the earth.

  9. In the case of the moon, however, Ptolemy traced the variable inequality noticed sometimes by Hipparchus at first and last quarter, which vanished when the moon was in apogee or perigee.

  10. This art reaches its apogee in the figure of the lioness which we have cited (fig.

  11. The art of working in metals, which was already so highly developed among the primitive Chaldæans, reached its apogee under the Sargonids.

  12. The brilliant period of Chaldæan statuary, which reached the apogee of its development in the monuments of Tello, came to an end with the fall of the petty principalities which flourished in Lower Mesopotamia before the Ninevite supremacy.

  13. Perhaps no one has ever had the opportunity to fix his position so indestructibly at the apogee of human accomplishment by permitting himself kindly indulgences or what is commonly called human feelings as Woodrow Wilson had.

  14. Evidently the Egyptian painters reached the apogee of their art towards the end of the XVIIIth Dynasty.

  15. This is the apogee of the interior life, the meeting, the union of the soul with God.

  16. Few will be disposed to endorse Mr. Thackeray's opinion that George Cruikshank reached his apogee about 1822, at the time when he had his Slap at Slop.

  17. But though, in our eyes, Mr. Cruikshank reached his apogee some eighteen years since, it must not be imagined that such is really the case.

  18. In 1675 he died, in his forty-third year, and at the apogee of his powers.

  19. The Apogee wept saline tears Into the saline sea, To overhear two mutineers Discuss their pedigree.

  20. I haven't the slightest idea what an Apogee is.

  21. It was clearly understood that when at her apogee the moon was farthest from the earth, and when at her perigee she was nearest to our planet.

  22. At her apogee the velocity of rotation is greater, and a morsel of her eastern border appears.

  23. The Secondaire: the Perfectionnement at Reims, and its Apogee at Amiens.

  24. This is to be added to the Moon's Motion, while her Apogee passes from a Quadrature with the Sun to a Syzygy; but this is to be subtracted from it, while the Apogee moves from the Syzygy to the Quadrature.

  25. From whence the Eccentricity of the Moon, and the second Equation of her Apogee may be computed after the manner of the following (which takes place also in the Computation of any other intermediate Equations).

  26. Draw the Right Line TF, that shall be the Eccentricity of the Moon's Orbit; and the Angle BTF, is the second Equation of the Moon's Apogee required.

  27. There are the Annual Equations of the aforesaid mean Motions of the Sun and Moon, and of the Apogee and Node of the Moon.

  28. We have a perigee of six hundred twenty five miles and an apogee of twenty nine hundred miles, and .

  29. The first renaissance obtained its apogee toward the year 1500.

  30. A few years later (1595), on beholding this, the Venetian ambassador writes that "Rome has reached the apogee of its grandeur and prosperity.

  31. The first Sputnik had an apogee of one hundred miles and a perogee of one hundred twenty-five miles.

  32. I actually programmed Petra to compute the precise thrust required, orbital apogee and perigee, everything.

  33. It is in the reliefs entitled "The Seasons" that Rodin has attained the apogee of this science of luminous modeling.

  34. Accordingly he makes Aristarchus give a reason "why the sun's apogee (or place of greatest distance from the earth) must always be at the north summer solstice.

  35. The Three Ages in the Bridgewater Gallery and the so-called Sacred and Profane Love in the Borghese Gallery represent the apogee of Titian's Giorgionesque style.

  36. Certainly nowhere else have the pomp and splendour of the painter's achievement at its apogee been so consistently allied to a dignity and simplicity hardly ever overstepping the bounds of nature.

  37. The apogee of each city in its different way represented the highest point that modern Europe had reached of physical well-being and splendour, of material as distinguished from mental culture.

  38. The longest Stunnin'tun eclipses seldom went over three hours--he once knew Deacon Spiteful pray quite through one, from apogee to perigee.

  39. Graceful and stately as is many a XIV-century church, never in them do we find the unexpected entrancing touches of Apogee Gothic.

  40. The nave of Le Mans is a masterpiece of Romanesque despite its diagonals; the choir a masterpiece of Apogee Gothic.

  41. The apogee hour of Gothic was forever past.

  42. The windows are not forceful, like XIII-century medallion-mosaics, any more than the Rayonnant stonework framing them resembles hardy Apogee Gothic.

  43. Midway in the XIX century even serious students contended that this Apogee Gothic edifice was the church dedicated in 1056 by a hero of Hastings' battle, Bishop Geoffrey de Mowbray.

  44. In size, if not in name, the church that tops St. Quentin's hill is a cathedral, an achievement of the apogee hour of Gothic fitted to close this group of stately churches.

  45. Cosmopolites, as citizens of two hemispheres, we fancy ourselves at the very apogee of civilization, yet we are sure we eat too much.

  46. All languages had their birth, their apogee and decline.

  47. The power of the Emperor reached its apogee in 1870.

  48. Man grows from the early glimmerings of infancy to the apogee of his wisdom and strength; he then begins to decline and, like the magnified evening sun, ends by disappearing after his death into the depths of the soil.

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