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Example sentences for "brownest"

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browes; browght; brown; browned; browner; brownish; brownness; browns; brownstone; brows
  1. To a pound and a half of the brownest sugar put a gallon of warm water; mix it well together; then spread a hot toast thick with yest, and let it work very well about twenty-four hours.

  2. Leave it to me," she said, and the very next day she fried pancakes, and selecting the brownest and crispest she put them in a plate with a white napkin over them and bade Karl take them to his father.

  3. And he begged and begged till at last she selected the brownest and crispest cakes, and putting them in a plate with a white napkin over them she bade him take them.

  4. The door was pushed softly open; Tessa lifted her eyes to behold the rare vision of shining gray silk, and real lace, a fine face crowned with white braids and lighted by the softest and brownest of brown eyes.

  5. He is almost as dark as a gypsy, too, his eyes are the brownest and sunniest.

  6. Two of the plumpest, brownest ducks that ever tempted any one were fairly swimming in gravy.

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